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  1. Really? I thought the only rule was to give way to craft coming downstream. Downstream.
  2. Quite agree. It is patently obvious that the narrowboater was in reverse, with the tiller pointing in the correct direction, as to be doing all he can to avoid a collision. The poor bloke has had a lot of bad things said about him, on here and elsewhere, that he doesn't deserve.
  3. No rusty, I wasn't. And neither were any of the other contributors to the thread, probably. As I've said earlier, it seems that people are looking at this video and jumping to conclusions, that's all.
  4. Again, written by people that were not there... unbelievable...
  5. Thanks rusty, that made me laugh... Is it really 7 years ago since I posted that flouncing post? Blimey, time flies... I'm glad I wasn't missed though.
  6. Because it is the only evidence they can get, that's why. You know, and I know, that CCTV film is usually absolute rubbish quality. Apparently you can read a newspaper from outer space, but you can't see the little shit that robs the local shop....
  7. 'Film evidence'? A bit of cheap grainy video can be very misleading. It may have looked very different from the other boat...
  8. Really? Having watched the video a few times, I would say it's more 50/50. Load of bollocks over a nothing incident...
  9. Your wife ties fish to the side of the boat?
  10. Well done, that is brilliant work. It's great seeing enthusiastic people looking after the canals, and doing it voluntarily. Again, thank you.
  11. Anybody else trying to read the 'something' OWL on the other bit?
  12. I was moored near a lift bridge for a few months, and started counting the amount of times that some boaters used their BT's whilst waiting for the bridge to lift. For a while, the record stood at 15. Then some chap came along, and managed to use his no less than 27 (twenty seven) times. Just to try to stay still. No wonder people hate them...
  13. You just know, don't you, that he's going to smash into a pyramid...
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