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  1. From memory I think anything made from 2019 onwards has to have asound emitter. I seem to recall seeing something about a date when they must be retrofitted but not toally sure on that one. The ones I've heard are are directionally focussed so you are 'supposed' to be able to tell the direction theyare coming from. The sound generator shuts off once road noise is considered high enough (about 30 mph I think).
  2. I think it was around then, though I'm afraid I can't recall any names. It was our first two weeks with 'Daydream' and my much better half went to help with the lock while I got the toilet pumped out. I've noticed she often disappears whenever that task comes around ? It was the same time that the remmenants of Huricane Bertha were arriving. I think our whole twop weeks were almost constant rain.
  3. The one that always sticks in my mind was the couple we met a Gailey Lock a few years ago. We'd just made the move from hiring to a share boat and were talking to a couple coming through the lock. They'd had the boat 25 years and had no plansd to hang up their windlasses. They just did less each day gthan they did 25 years ago. She was 88 and he was 92.
  4. Can't answer for Harecastle or the Bridgewater (although i'd be inclined to think that one is more Peel than CRT) but I suspect Anderton was because there is nobody in to run the 'walk up' booking system while the offices and visitor centre are closed. We'll have to wait and see what happens when they open up again.
  5. I believe the ship lock at Ellesmere Port falls under Peel Ports control. Not 100% sure on that though.
  6. I've had a dig into the app data. If you look in your opurchase history and go to the app info page, rather than just download them, you will see a statement that they are not compatible with an iOS version of 13.0 or later, this tells me the apps are 32 bit only which means Apple has dropped them from the store until RCR submit a 64 bit version for approval. You can indeed still download them if you have already bought them but you cannot buy them if you do not have them.
  7. Apparantly, from what was posted on another Forum I'm involved with, its working along these lines: They recommend at least 48 hours notice and you need to email your details - your boat name; date of travel and direction of travel - to: EventsNorthStaffs@canalrivertrust.org.uk. Southbound crossings are 8, 10 and 12 with northbound at 9, 11 and 1 pm. Unlike somewhere like Anderton Lift I'd expect that as PaulJ suggested, they will most likely put you through early if there are spaces.
  8. I wonder whether this is tied up in the the change to Apple iOS. The latest versions will only run 64bit apps and most older apps were written as 32bit ones. I recently moved to a new iPad and no longer get the maps, although I get the symbols. They are fine on the old one, which runs a an iOS 12 version, and I seem to recall seeing Apple annmouncing they would remove any non-64bit apps from the store, which would explain theor disappearance.
  9. I'd add to that: If you phone, select the options that lead you to the 'West Midlands' Regional Team. This way you go direct to C&RT and bypass the 3rd party call centre.
  10. Nobody in at Anderton but the North West Regional Team can book you on by phone.
  11. There is nobody in the booking office at Anderton at the moment, as they're all remotely working. I'm assumoing the issue at the moment is that its a bit hard to do a 'next available slot' when there is nobody there to put you into the booking system.
  12. Just had a quick look. website says you still need to book, although it is open seven days a week now.
  13. Unfortunately, it seems you need to get through to the regional support team to get any sense. My own experience is with the North West team who have always either helped or passed the call directly to the correct area team.
  14. I suspect the best idea is to give them an approximate area (Middlewich is North West if that helps). Once it gets to the C&RT Support Teams they will apparantly pass it to the correct one of its not right.
  15. From what I am aware of, you need to call the Customer Service Number (0303 040 4040) and select the West Midlands area. Harecastle is not on the online booking portal, as far as I can see. so this may be confusing things. FYI. Not sure about who mans Customer Service n umber but all the calls get passed to regional C&RT Support Teams (who are all C&RT staff).
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