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  1. I walked past the marina just this morning and had a good look at it with. A number of "imperfactions" wre noted by either SWMBO and me. Where the finger pontoons are too short for the intended boat length there is a flood pole. On the flood pole is a vertical bar for you to put your rope around. The intention is that as the river level changes the rope slides up or down the bar. It seems to me that even a single loop of rope would have a tendency to stick, especially under tension. So much better to have installed a galvanised ring on the bar. That would be better at sliding up and down. The bars in question are not welded to the flood poles but clamped to them with dirty great clamps. Loads of right angles to punch holes through things when manoeuvring in high winds and ledges to get your counter stuck under when you are away form the boat and the flood waters are rising. Not a safety ladder in sight. If you fall in you have little chance to climb out unless you can duck under the connecting walkway and scramble up the bank. I really would not like to moor there even if it was extra cheap. There were a few boats moored, including a rather down-at-heal liveaboard(?) quite close to our viewing position. His sternline was tied to the bar on the flood pole with a round turn, possibly a clove hitch. Expect a sinking if we get some heavy rain. Nick
  2. When Margaret painted Theodora in 2008 she covered up the old all over maroon job. I was commissioned with keying up the surface and, since the maroon was in good condition this I did. Only spot treating the very few rust spots. Ten years later Theodora was still looking presentable but tired so we decided to get a proffessional paint jobe done. Margaret didn't want to do the bulk of the boring bit of painting but decided to do the fancy bits herself. So we asked the painters to leave the gas locker hatch and its surrounding deck, along with the top bends just undercoated. The cabin slide was left with the raddle coat that was used for the roof. She painted the bits mentioned. The photos show how the paint is pealing of. In fact you can rub it off with your fingers. What is the most likely explanation?
  3. Just one last question: the od of the rubber tube is 11.5mm will the 10-12mm clamp be right. Here is a link to the one that I am looking at. N
  4. Gorrit. There are other alternatives to Ebay.
  5. Is there another name for a double eared clench ring? Ebay hasn' heard of such a thing. N
  6. Yes indeed! I was beguiled by the like for like replacement promise. I know that the MX40 had a bad name bu our served us well for many years. N That sounds good advice. Thanks Tracy. N
  7. I am replacing my MX40 with an MX50. I have the plumbing for the water side all connected up. (Don't be fooled by the blandishments of the sales people. It's not a drop in replacement for the MX40. It does fit on the same backplate but pretty well everything else is different: water inlet outlet sizes and positions are different. Exhaust position is different. Electrical connections have one plug which has no mate and the installation guide is no help.) My current problem, ignoring the electrical one for the time being, is getting a leak free fuel connection. I have, as far as I can ascertain with a metric/imperial vernier, a 3/16" copper pipe from the fuel tank. The internet tells me in numerous places that 3/16" is equivalent to 5mm reninforced rubber. I find that 5mm is very slightly bigger. I tested it by clamping it over the plain end of the copper. It leaked. Question: compressing an olive on to the end of the copper makes a tight fit but will this be safe? Thanks in advance for the continiung help that I have had with no end of questions ove the past 16 years. Nick
  8. I got that filter or one that looks very like it. There are no arrows on it. Does it matter which side I use for inlet? TIA N
  9. Thanks all. Ordered what I need. N
  10. That looks very suitable, Tony. Do you have a brand name or a link for something like that? I imagine that I can get the correct unions for that. It will mean that I can avoid the compromise with flexible hoses and fit it into the copper pipe. I had a message from Inline Filters who, after my enquiry said that a suitable one would be £141!! Not that one. I thought. Nick
  11. Got that. Thanks. N
  12. Thanks, Tony. And thanks for all the help that you have given me over the past fifteen years! They didn't supply a filter this time. The pic that I sent is the inlet to the Mikun's fuel pump. The filter was supplied with the old Mikuni when it was returned in 2006 so now I need to get a new one. I will have a Google about and see what there is on the market. I'll be back with a possible or two for opinions from helpful CWF people. Thanks to David Mack too. It seems to me that the easiest way will be to get two short lengths of suitable hose to couple to each side of the filter. I don't know how old the original copper pipe is and if has been bent back and forth a few times. I am wanting to avoid any further work hardening so flexible tubing could well be the answer. Next question: I am left with a plaind pipe end on the original copper. What's the best way to couple the rubber hose to it? Will a tight jubilee clip do the job? N
  13. Thanks for all that. Sorry that I haven't been back before this. Life got very busy! I am installling a replacement for my old Mikuni MX40. Space is tight and for that reason I have decided on the new MX50. Years and years ago (in 2006) I sent the old MX40 down to Eastliegh, where Mikuni live in the UK, and they returned it with a little disposable paper filter in a plastic housing with rubber tube connections and little jubilee clips. Will that sort of arrangement still be OK? Will it pass the BSS? I have the new boiler at home with me. IN the image of the inlet pipe you can see that the tube has been shaped to take an olive which, I suppose will fit over the widest bit and then compress down to mae the seal. It seems odd that it should have been shaped like this. Having measured it really carefully I find that the greatest diameter is 6.00mm but the OD of the rest of the tube is 5.10mm. At the moment I can tell you the exact diameter of the pipe from the tank. Thanks in advance. Nick
  14. I need to fit a filter in line. The pipe OD measures 5.30mm with my vernier gauge. Will 1/4" compression fittings work? If not what will? TIA Nick
  15. Yes. I remember the discussion but not the details. I was the happy recipient of date expired backup batteries but that source has dried up due to retirement. 😒
  16. Thanks, Nick. What about 2nd hand lead acid? Does anyone have any recommendations as to suppliers? N
  17. I am sure that this subject has been discussed before but I can't track it down using the search function. Can anyone give me a lnk to a supplier? LA is sensitive to misuse and degrade in proper use anyway. If I get second hand, are they going to be any better value than new since they are bound to have lost some capacity. What about 2nd hand lithium? I know that there are lots of issues to be addressed if I go for lithium but is it likely at this state that 2nd had will be better than new. I look forward to reading more... TIA Nick
  18. Theo


    But if you go the PortaPotti route then you might not be able to buy a spare tank. We have a PP 365. We had to replace the supeerstructure bacause the flush pump wwent wrong. Faced with the awful dilemma of having to buy two complete PPs to get a secont tank we dedided to get a replacement 365 from EBay and get a tank from the old one so now we have three tanks. The bigger tanks last us about 3 bottom-days so we have plenty of flexibility regarding elsan emptying. Please try to avoid using blue chemicals to kill the bacteria and reduce smells. We use nothing most of the time and get no smell. When we decide that we need to use something we use Odourlos which is biodegradable. Nick
  19. Theo


    And they are free to empty... Usually. # N
  20. Just add a little pedantry to the discussion is not every lift bidge mechanical. Some have mechanisms which derive their energy from the operator's body, some have mechanisms that are energised by electricity. Perhaps I will get beck into my box now...
  21. Just come to the thread. IMHO a very boring boat the fitout of which reminds me of a cheap hotel room. Not at all the sort of thing that floats my boat. N
  22. Just rereading the thread, I noticed that I had not replied to this post from nicknorman. The 14.4V is read off the SmartGuage which is connected directly to the battery terminals. I believe the batteries to be pretty well knackered. I have had them living aboard for 3 years and 4 years not living aboard being looked after by the solar panels but for a period they were abused at the boatyard by being left without the solar panels connected. So they don't owe me much and I should really be thinking of replacing them.
  23. It's not working at the moment so I have unshipped it, taken it home and am investigating. I think that it's the flame sensor plus some stiffness of the air blower from lack of use over a lengthy period. I can't buy any more gaskets. Mikuni have stopped making spares and MV Heating in Eastliegh have none left. Not necessarily a problem I can create my own from some 2mm gasket paper. I got this news from the nice man at MV Heating who told me that the replacement for the MX40 is an MV MX50 which they will mount on the same plate that the MX40 was mounted on if I send it off to them, cost £595 + VAT plus carriage. Question: is the MV MX50 a good buy? My inclination is to have a go with the old one and see if I can get it going for a few more years (months? weeks? not at all?) Opinions/advice will be gratefully read. N
  24. Please be aware that one of the lasting benefits of this forum is the fact that there are many and various tangents that have been explored. The advice offered is usually good, often brilliant and always free. If you understand and can work with this you will have a very rewarding experience. Nick
  25. Coming late to the discussion: Blue hydrogen is made from natural gas and is effectively a fossil fuel. Hydrogen made using elecricity from renewable energy of whatever variety is Green.
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