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    We were just talking about this. This is our first week as CCs; we picked our boat up at Longport on the Trent last Saturday, and started cruising Sunday morning, we had to reach the Ashby by this weekend. We did it in 4 wonderful exhilarating days and have never slept so much! We've discovered muscles we never knew we had, we're sunburnt, chilled, and very happy. Last night we went to bed at 8.30pm, and didn't wake until 7 this morning! Never been this early to bed for yonks! We're sleeping like babies - and long may this continue as we're both looking really fit and healthy. Years have dropped off!
  2. 2 points
    If Whilton was the only place in the universe selling boats, I would stay on land. Do a search and find out the number of boaters who have purchased from Whilton, had a survey, and then the boat sank 'on the way home'. Do a search and find out some of the sharp practices that Whilton partake of.
  3. 2 points
    she was probably a bit miffed about something else & it was a 'valid' (to her) reason to grump, we all have bad days. I think it's good you went & explained, well done eta, i think it's fine to move under the circumstances. if you'd moved just because you wanted to moor next to a mate say then perhaps not
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    Enterprise has recently been re-bottomed at Brinklow using Opepe planks. A boat full of character, currently carrying my lettering. Dave
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    Apologies for the sound, my JP was quite a bit more noisey than the 5L2...
  6. 1 point
    I love 'em. The more that stay in marinas, and the more marinas, the better. It's them that come out that get in the way Rog
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    I reckon the manufacturers of the less efficient fridges have a vested interest in quoting misleading figures so that their fridges look more efficient than the others. Of cuorse that then propmpts the other manufacturers to come up with a different set of misleading figures (using made-up units if necessary) to make theirs look more efficient again. And so it goes on ... It seems that there are lies, damn lies, statistics, and manufacturers figures
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    North - the Macc is lovely and Bosley locks are not difficult.
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    A narrowboat is incomplete without a dog.
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    That is why its called wireless :-)

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