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  1. rustydiver

    Alde boiler just for heating water

    Our valve is under the bed where the hot water tank it. It will only shut off the radiators except the bathroom one like yours.
  2. rustydiver

    Alde boiler just for heating water

    We have one of the Aldi slimline boiler with a inverter tap/ valve and just use the clarifier for hot water summer and both winter time. It would be good to have a 3 way valve so in the winter when we pop up for the day we can have just the heating on and no hot water. so 1. hot water and heating 2. hot water only and 3. heating only. In winter when we stay on the boat if we have the heating running 24/7 and cooking a gas bottles last about 4 or 5 days.
  3. rustydiver

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Richard I did PM you.
  4. rustydiver

    Toilet Paper

    Hummm adds a whole new meaning after reading this, Put another log on the fire. 🤣 Paper and a macerator is ok in small amounts but when you forget to tell the children that you can be picking it out for ages.
  5. rustydiver

    Hempsted historic dry dock ltd

    Has anybody had their boat repainted here? Are there problems? Im looking to get my boat repainted next year sometime and this is one of my local yards.
  6. Its got to the stage where my boat ned a repaint, the existing paint has oxidised quite badly. Ive got a few quotes to repaint my boat from local boatyards, Gloucester area. Are there any recommendations for painters further up Tewkesbury area. One quote has been to take back to bare metal, windows out and spray with a 2 pack spray. Is 2 Pack Spray getting common on boats compare with traditional painting methods? I expect there will be loads of questions I will ask.
  7. rustydiver

    Oil and service items

    I get my oil 25ltrs a go and filters from euro car parts, usually wait for a discount code get it even more cheaper.
  8. rustydiver

    Rear hatch locking

    Im brave and very stupid. I will never learn. Plus she don't read stuff on here. I couldn't cope if she hasn't been fed for a few days. Bear and sore head springs to mind.
  9. rustydiver

    Rear hatch locking

    No matter what you put on it if they want to get in they will, putting a brick or something through the window. I have a rottweiler that stays on the boat when im on it. God help anyone if they get in when the wife is there
  10. rustydiver

    Rear hatch locking

    Thats the type we have on the front door of the boat. Thats how the front one is fitted.
  11. rustydiver

    Rear hatch locking

    Wow thanks guys you are on the ball today.
  12. rustydiver

    Rear hatch locking

    Im going to start to use the rear doors and hatch more on my semi trad, its easier to get on the boat that way, what do people do/ use to lock/ secure their doors from the outside.
  13. rustydiver

    All Two-Year Olds Need One Of These

    Why have i got this song going through my head. https://youtu.be/wmin5WkOuPw I could see the children in my old class love playing with this, they were 4 and 5 year olds.
  14. rustydiver

    Semi trad pram hood

    Thanks from £1300 is what they told me. I thought it was going to be a lot more. I expect it will be when I finished with my wish list. Ive asked for them to bust and price it up for me. Acrylic roll up front window. Thinking about a small frame to to cover the sliders. That’s where we seem to get a leak.
  15. rustydiver

    Semi trad pram hood

    I’ve just contacted kinver knowing there’s a while to wait to get the ball rolling. what sort of figure did they quote for the rear pram hood.

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