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  1. It’s a small world We Havnt been able to get there now for a few weeks. But will say Hi if your around when we are. simon.
  2. Always alert like a Ninja when coming into the marina. 😉😂 I go extra careful. Are you there for the winter or permanent?
  3. That’s my thinking. So I’ll go from paying in full to DD. I know they won’t be getting any interest on the money but surly it’s better in their bank early than the chance of none at all.
  4. I usually close my eye and hope for the best. it seems to work for me. 😂😂 Failing that I come in at an angle Slowly when close in and nearly stopped I point the tiller bend towards the bank I put it in reverse slowly get close enough to step off with my centre rope ( which is now shorter ) and gently pull it in. usually works but not all the time. I’m still not confident after all these years in mooring between boats, on the G&S we are lucky to have big empty stretches at times. Even though the wife is with me I treat it as single handed and so most myself.
  5. Tony this got me thinking and I don't know why I haven't tried it at all before. My set up is the same with 2 coils One for the engine to heat the hot water when going along the other for the Alde boiler when the engine is not in use. Now my Alde will heat the hot water and circulate to the radiators on the same system. There is a shut off tap valve just before the hot water tank to isolate the radiators in summer. Now my query is while I'm motoring along the hot water in the tank gets nice and hot via the engine, if i was to turn the circulating pump on would that hot water be enough to slowly heat up the water in the Alde heating system? I will have to try next time we are out on the boat, sadly which won't be for a few weeks now. It always amazes me how warm the radiators get with the small circulating pump there is on the boiler.
  6. Thanks. It’s just made me think strange place to have hook eyes but it sort of makes sense now.
  7. Something has been bugging me since we had our boat now for 4 years why would anyone put these eyes above the top step? Every time I’m sat in bed looking at them thinking why, what use are they there nothing hooks into them. They must have been there a few years now as when I removed them it showed a different colour underneath where the light hasn’t mellowed. So left them there.
  8. It was worth the hassle it’s so quiet in Gloucester Docks.
  9. Shhhh I’ve been keeping it quiet. I was my centre rope. I had the canopy up which I never do. Cos it was raining just slightly 😮 yesterday it must have been over the edge of the roof and the rain we had yesterday made it heavy and it just slipped off without me seeing and wrapped itself tightly around the prop shaft. After all these years I never noticed it was to long. 😂 I’ve got two centre ropes one for each side it just so happens it was the side I didn’t need yesterday. lessons learnt the embarrassing way. Now to cut the bugger down a bit. the rope threat went in was a soft type that soaks the water up and gets heavy. what’s the ideal length for the rear ropes? Mines a semi trad. There I’ve admitted it now. Thanks for your help last night.
  10. Thanks all. Been out this morning had had a look in the light of day and there rope tightly wrapped around it all removed now and it seems to go into and out of gear fine now. so will carry on with out journey to Gloucester. fingers crossed no lasting damage. thanks everyone again.
  11. Thanks all. I shall report back tomorrow. I think it’s just this area of the canal. move broken down here before. Overheated. And the wife has fallen in here to. 😂😂
  12. Unfortunately the water is quite merky now can just see to the centre of the prop. I will get my arm in there tomorrow and have a good feel around lower down.
  13. Foul is an understatement at the moment. 😂😂
  14. I was to afraid to try 😂. but just did and it starts and ticks over all ok. I will have a good feel around the bottom of the prop and skeg tomorrow. so it’s either that or the gearbox buggered. thanks all.
  15. We was happily pottering along on the Gloucester sharpness canal and all off a sudden the engine stops running. Tried to start but stops quickly. just before it makes a sound like I’ve hit an object. Clanking sound. Ive checked the prop can’t feel anything on it. In neutral the prop won’t turn its solid. but the engine turns by hand I can see the rockers moving when looking in the oil filler. it’s getting dark and it’s peeing it down with rain so given up till tomorrow. Any ideas please.
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