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  1. Mines due now and it works out at £10 per foot, plus a dry dock charge of 325.00 all plus vat. Thats on the G&S canal. Which don't sound a lot but for a 58fter its near £1100 Thats 2 coats and in for a week
  2. Good call just done that and it slots into gear now when it’s supposed to. Fingers crossed it stays like it for a while.
  3. When you say gearbox fault. Its ok in reverse but it’s forward it’s not liking it only by a cm.
  4. Thanks it’s the leaver end. Its in the inner one in the gearbox
  5. Forget to say reverse it goes in no problem it’s forward gear that it don’t like.
  6. Looks like it’s on the outer one. Trunnion not worn replaced a few years ago along with the one on the gearbox.
  7. I can’t seem to adjust it any more it just isn’t going in gear when it should it takes takes an extra tweak on the handle to get it in gear before the throttle kicks in. Assuming I may need a new one. I only replaced it a few years ago. Now looking online at different lengths is the measurement the who cable thread to thread or the sheath. I’m measureing 1.8m from thread to thread. Its s Teleflex unit. Mist as it needs to be a cm shorter. Both ends are adjusted to make the cable the shortest if that makes sense. I know it’s a daft question but just want to double check before I order a new one or not missing something daft.
  8. Our munch cruncher macerator used to smell a bit. Quite a bit at times. Then we changed the rubber pipe work between the macerator and toilet with a new valve before the tank. It wasn’t until I took it apart I didn’t realise how bad the pipe work. The smell was permeating through it where it was breaking up on the inside. I use the green no smell stuff which since they changed it I think to jabasco? It don’t seem as good. The only smell we get now is when the tank is quite full like it is now you get a larger whiff smell when flushing the toilet. And no it’s not me as I don’t drink and her indoors is a Prosecco drinker 😂. I cnat for the life of me think where I got the pipe from cos I want to buy a spare one for when it needs changing again.
  9. From a recommendation from another user on here I made up my own jollop which works very well. The recipe is a good squirt of Sikaflex (black), an egg-cupful of White Spirit and the same amount of any black gloss paint. This makes it very watery and allows it to soak deep into the ply edges. This dries to a watertight seal and makes the edges feel slightly "rubbery", as well as looking pretty smart. After 2 years its still on there and watertight.
  10. To be honest I refitted the old one. I didn’t want to take the chance. The smaller bit on the plate was a lot bigger and looking at the part number it was for the bigger gearbox. 160/260. The problem is now I can’t get into gear. Goes into reverse all ok. But forward it don’t. It does when I fully adjust the cable. I’ve had to adjust it a lot. It was a new cable a few years ago. I did fit a doing shim between the two big washers to take the rattle out. I borrowed the one from the spare plate.
  11. Yay I got the gearbox and old plate off. It still looks in semi decent condition nothing fell apart on it. It Is a r&d 22 B 60. These big washers on the back do rattle a bit.
  12. Thanks everyone. Ive found a selection of everything spanner wise and my angle grinder to take back up with me when I can make it, I was hoping this weekend but have to go the wrong way down to plymouth on a drone job.
  13. Thanks Tony. Ive just picked up my alternator, I've had a phase tap put in. Lets hope it works and they haven't just stuck a yellow wire in there.
  14. Thanks I’m at Saul junction so beta are just down the road. I will give them a call next week.
  15. Well at least the alternator came off very easy. Going to take it to someone in town to have a look at it.
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