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  1. I don't know who the son is doing it with but since he has been home from Uni Mid March his PC has been whirring away doing something similar. I dont really understand it, Im just paying for the electric 🤣
  2. My beta used to chirp at me A bit. I found out It was the Thin cable on the alternator was breaking. Over a certain revs stopped.
  3. If you get any problems give Pete Evans a try unless that's who you are using? He is based at Gloucester Narrowboats, The Black Shed, Slimbridge. Just down the road.
  4. Thanks Tony. Could be. Funny enough I checked the inspection hatch under the bed a few weeks ago and it was bone dry. But will check again next time we are there. ive got pots and cloths out to catch trace water while we are not there. won’t be back for a few weeks. it could be like a leak we have on our roof at hone only happen occasionally when the wind blows in a certain direction but we have never found it.
  5. The screws go from inside the boat. The windows have a bracket on the inside as you screw them in it pulls the frame to the side of the boat. Looked at that. It’s quite dry. Seems just condensation damp. But I’ve put some paper towel up there between the roof and insulation. When we come back in a few weeks if that’s soaking then could be it. that’s if we have any more rain 😅
  6. That’s what I’m thinking leek somewhere else. the wood is quite wet now.
  7. Thanks Tony. just looked at the photo again and it looks misleading those drips are condensation we stayed on the boat last night. Typical I took the wood frame out yesterday to watch when it rained and it didn’t leak. It’s just the wood bit where the frame screws too got wet if that makes sense. But yes I think when it’s better weather the window needs coming out cleaning and resealing.
  8. I have two windows that appear to leak. It seems Depending which way the wind blows. Ive removed the inner wooden frame but the wood seems wet on top of the wood see pic. some of the screws around the window was loose. How tight should they be. Tight as you can get it or just till it bites. The rear windows leaks more than the one at the front of the boat.
  9. Window blinds tapping in the wind. Mines does if I got the window open a bit.
  10. rustydiver


    My phone has a 3 sim unlimited data, calls etc £22 a month which works. then when we don’t want heavy usage we have a payg SIM card. I know 3 allows tethering. but one month I did get through 190gb on the phone sim and nothing was said by 3.
  11. rustydiver


    Ive got a 4G external aerial with a 4G router in the boat. Then everything connects via wifi to it. When we go there I usually put my 3 sim (unlimited data) in it out of my phone or when we are there for a day or night we just use a prepaid sim card think I've got a 40gb one that last for 2 years.
  12. We had a funny larger type smell in ours when we got it. No matter what we tried it wouldn't go. So i replaced all of the rubber pipe work and smell no more. Apparently where I got it from the man said they need replacing after 5/6 years as they start to perish and crack up on the inside, wasn't until I got mine off you noticed how bad it was.
  13. The second photo was between saul junction footbridge and Parkend bridge? As soon as I saw the two old boats on the side i noticed it, one full of reeds and one full of water. When did they do the filming there?
  14. It’s a small world We Havnt been able to get there now for a few weeks. But will say Hi if your around when we are. simon.
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