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  1. Some of you may remember that Ive had an annoying rattle on tickover and low revs, drive plate was checked a few months ago all ok. It went into the dry dock a few weeks ago for blackening so they had a look. Engine mounts was knackered. All new mounts and a few other things fetteled and It sounds like a new boat, even engages its gear smoothly, I can poodle along on tickover now. Im one happy bunny.
  2. Ive never had a gauge on my boat, you just get used to the sounds it makes when you move around on the boat. When its emptyish it don't make any sounds as it gets fuller and it slurps around in the tank it starts to make a Dumpff noise the deeper the sound the fuller it gets when it completely stops making that noise you know it aint going to flush away 🤣🤣.
  3. My pump out has a big plug on one side where the pump out suction hose goes. on the other side of the boat there is another smaller bung you undo to stop the vacuum.
  4. 😂😂 They probably had a good laugh. Will be interesting to see if they ask me about it when I collect the boat.
  5. Ive coppie this off a local facebook page for the Bridgwater and Taunton Canal. Its a vessel called Bertha which was a chain dredger in our docks. Thanks
  6. That made me laugh. Did they say anything when you went in? Good to see you are checking up on them. Theres all sort of stuff in their yard. Have a journey down to sharpness.
  7. She is in at RW Davis at Saul Junction about the half way point to Sharpness. You can’t miss it they have the big crane in their yard. Don’t think I’ll be getting it back till next Wednesday. So sadly won’t be able to say hi and eat no I mean photo the noodle.
  8. I see she is in at Gloucester docks. Sadly we missed her. Our Boat is now in the dry dock having its bottom blackened.
  9. Stockinette is cheap as chips off eBay. I bought mine on there. I had some dacron used that apron the foam with stockinette. looked a semi decent job.
  10. I used these when I bought new foam for the cushions. https://www.thefoamshop.co.uk/contactus/ They took ages to dispatch. Nearly 10 days. When I went to put the new foam in it was a bit large for the zipped hole so I wrapped it in some thin polythene cut a hole in the poly stuck the Hoover nozzle in and sucked the air out causing a vacuum. Managed to get the foam in the hole ripped the polythene out. It now is a nice snug fit.
  11. Sounds a plan. Let me know the dates your passing and if I’m around count me in. Shame I’m just off tomorrow to spend a week on it. Then it’s going into the dry dock. Should be out on the 29th.
  12. Ive got a tub off noodles just like that and my boat, can I cheat any say it traveled there to. 😉😂
  13. Mines an Aldi comfort tall one on a 2003 boat. It heats both the radiators and hot water. The cauliflower (ever how you spell it), is under the bed. It always heats that but we can isolate the radiator system by turning and tap valve on and off under the bed to.
  14. I’ve got my tv aerial and 4g aerial mounted on a telescopic decorators pole. I used the old aerial pole to mount it so I can pull the pin and pivot it down to get it out of the way. Being telescopic I can double the height of it.
  15. Mind you my paint was so bad that anything was an improvement.
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