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Canal World

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  1. Canal World

    About Canal World

    SITE INFORMATION About the site Canal World Discussion Forums aka CWDF has been active since March 2001 since it was founded by former owner Jon. Today, it has over 20,000 members globally who contribute to lively discussions about all things canal and boat related, making it one of the largest online waterways communities. The site also has a photo gallery, a links directory, private messaging, and live chat facilities. Although predominantly UK based we have members from around the globe. Throughout its time CWDF has remained privately owned, moderated by volunteers and run by our members for our members, in 2009 the ownership of the forum was handed on to DHutch the assistant administrator at the time, who remains the owner at present. The site is operated on a not-for-profit basis and is funded entirely by voluntary donations from our loyal and valued members. So how does it work? In order to participate in discussions and use the advanced facilities such as private messaging users first need to register, this is free and all we ask is that members provide a genuine e-mail address, which will be validated as part of the registration process. Your email address will not be displayed publicly, and details will not be passed on to any other organisation or agency, and you will only receive e-mails that you elect to receive from the forum system. Members also need to agree to the forum rules and guidelines which are displayed during registration and on the forum. Once registered, you simply click on the topic that you wish to reply to, and then simply click 'add reply' to add your comments to the discussion. If you wish to start a new topic, simply click 'new topic' in the relevant forum, and follow the instructions on screen. Why should I register? In short, a free registration opens up full access the whole of the site. You will be able to: Reply to existing topics and conversations Create new topics and ask questions Access and contribute to the photo gallery Access the Private Messaging Facilities E-mail other members (where allowed by individuals) Become a part of the community, make new friends and contacts. Who are the Site Staff? The site staff are members of the forum community who assist in running the site. They have the ability to edit/close/delete posts that are disruptive and don't follow the forum rules & guidelines. They also assist in dealing with member queries and technical support issues and have admin roles such as running the sites accounts. Each member of the site staff can be identified by the blue 'Site Staff' badge next to their posts. You may view our crew members by clicking here. Who can I contact? If you are having difficulties with the forum in general or with specific issues you can contact any of the other members including the sitestaff via the forum systems or by posting in the 'Technical & Account Support' section of the forum. If you have any questions of comments about the site and are unable to register or sign in to use the forum system please contact the sitestaff using the email address: support@canalworld.net If you have any questions of comments relating to the ownership or management of the forum, contact the site owner using the email address : support@canalworld.net How do I make a donation? Thank you! The site is funded exclusively by voluntary donations from our loyal forums members and run as a not-for-profit entity. Click the below below if you wish to make a donation.
  2. Canal World

    Barging brits in the sun

    I watched it and thought it was great, very entertaining. It's of little educational value but a bit of fun. Rich
  3. I am issues with various email notifications for threads on the forum, which have suddenly appeared. Is their a glitch in the matrix again

  4. Canal World

    NEW: Forum Rules & Guidelines

    Hello! We have updated our Forum Rules & Guidelines. We decided to do this as a measure to further help ensure Canal World is a safe and enjoyable community for all of our members. If you have not viewed the new Forum Rules & Guidelines yet, please kindly check them out. You may do this by clicking here or by clicking the Forum Rules and Guidelines link located at the bottom right-hand side of the page. We welcome the views of our members. Therefore, we invite you to provide us with any constructive feedback which you may have. If you have anything to share, please kindly respond in this topic. Remember, please keep it constructive. Equally, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you all and happy boating!

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