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Pointless features on boats


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2 minutes ago, mrsmelly said:

I find the best use they have is for blocking any heat from the forward stove ever reaching the boatmans cupboard torture bed at the rear end thus enabling the need to fit and burn fuel in two stoves not one. also they enable the stack to be pointed out through the deckhead so to blow smoke and soot into your face when traversing a lovely long low tunnel such as the Harecastle. Even better are the ones fitted with tug decks such as my bro in laws, his boat is 67 feet long but there is actualy more living space in a 23 ft springer waterbug ;)

Ahh, tug decks!  Don't start me off on that one.  Surely the most pointless thing ever found on a boat used for leisure purposes.

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I'm not sure why a tug deck is such a bad thing. Makes a nice big space for lounging around on, and yet a load of storage underneath. We don't have one but if we did the "buying a new boat" thing again (unlikely) we might go for a tug deck. The rest of your list, I agree with. Oh and I'd add boatman's/back cabins. No use to me as normally the floor is raised so only enough headroom for me to crawl.

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4 minutes ago, Dave Payne said:


Captains hats, hanging inside the cabin, usually a trad cabin.

:clapping:and absolooooooooooootely theeeeeeeeee worst thing known to man in boating and motorcycling circles.........................

Matching waterproofs/leathers helmets and name of boat on tee shirts :o absoloooooooooootely puke worthy.

When me and the missus shop for biking/boating stuff we ensure non of it matches.

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