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  1. Deeper than me! I'd put a smiley after that if I were you!
  2. Not the first. I must have seen dozens of pictures like that in the local paper over the past 70 years! First horsebox, though. If you're a pilgrim, there's a separate pedestrian route staked out across the sands. This is from the island end.
  3. In fact this is entirely logical. The next station may not be a stop, and the train may stop other than at a station. Only if it is both may you alight.
  4. You shouldn't let these things anger you.........
  5. Don't worry. It was a farm shop's apostrophe, since greengrocers are hard to find these days.
  6. can a fly fly a fly fly a fly fly a fly can fly yes
  7. So has it changed since this thread was started 10 years ago?
  8. They temporarily had to shift to Kildwick last Summer because of the drought closures, but presumably are back now.
  9. Well done! And you even identify your house and boat in your avatar. The Fenland criminals will be rubbing their hands, providing the webs don't get in the way.
  10. Yes, 2007 was quite a summer. Stuck on the Chesterfield for a month with the Trent going up & down with the tide but always flowing the same way. Could have got back down to Keadby very quickly! Eventually towed by a much more powerful boat up to Torksey, where it was a wait outside the lock of another week with the floodgates closed.
  11. I've moored overnight there. Wasn't impressed, but surely safe enough with a major security firm on the doorstep?
  12. I certainly don't. I spent the summer traversing the L&L faster than I would have liked, pursued by drought restrictions and closures.
  13. But Worksop........ I always thought the Chesterfield canal would be absolutely great if only Worksop could be moved.
  14. I spent a month on the Middle Level 3 or 4 years ago, and loved it. Whittlesea is good to stop at - there are some good pubs, including the best Wetherspoons I've encountered (at the risk of incurring the wrath of those who would never darken the doors). Don't forget you will need a special windlass and key, which you can get from Tina at Stanground. I don't suppose the licensing system will have started, as the Bill has only recently passed through Parliament.
  15. 'cept you can't ATM. Closed at Burnley until May.
  16. Well, yes but. Spring, like all the seasons is our word for a natural process involving daylength, temperature, geography, plant growth and animal behaviour. Defining it by rigid dates has little purpose, AFAICS.
  17. According to the Met Office, Spring started on March 1st.
  18. After the February 'heatwave', this came as a bit of a surprise this morning (although I don't know why, having over 70 years experience of British weather).
  19. What kind is it? Mine's a Volvo, and also came with boat 15 years ago. Bought a tube of the special lubricating grease 10 years ago, but never got round to using it..........
  20. You'd be surprised how difficult this is. The only reference I can find is in the previous linked UD definition of BOTE. However, I have a vivid enough imagination. BTW, bote is one of the Spanish words for............... boat. It also means a storage box, which some of course are.
  21. Yes, the ones that people say I missed, I have generally have visited, but on trips before I started scoring and commenting on pubs in these pages.
  22. I'm surprised Environmental Health haven't banned these. The pub in the next village was using them until recently (landlord is from Yorkshire - I'd never seen them in Scotland). Theoretically, they are OK if the staff are trained not to allow the beer to overflow their fingers before it enters the drip tray to be returned to the line, but this is often not the case. They should be banned.
  23. So which are the good pubs in Ashton u/Lyne? I've stopped there a few times, but all the pubs seem a bit of a trek from any decent moorings.
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