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    Including foals we have 20 ponies( 10 Mares, 9 Foals and 1 Stallion) and 1 horse. SWMBO 'drives' (horse & carriage) and we were discussing recently if we could use the driving horse to pull the boat, our Daughter-In-Law ( a real 'townie') was listening in a asked "what would you do with the horse at night, how would you get it out of the canal, don't its feet go soft and wrinkly ?"
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    This particular aircraft has a Pratt & Whitney PT 6a turboprop engine and therefore has no carburetter to ice up.
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    I suspect that there are many people, boaters and car owners, who would find purchasing an electric car or boat financially challenging.
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    No it's one of the forums nicer features that threads sometimes come back to life after many years. Who knows - we may even find "Que Sera Sera" some day! (Only tjose who have been on here a very long while will understand that without a bit of searching).
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    Nobody ever needs to know the price of Doom Bar. When I have been I think they have generally had Wye Valley HPA on. JP
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    Thank you for your replies, especially the humorous ones ... Pumpout with spare porta potti I think is the way to go 😄
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    Absolutely not a problem. Nobody was suggesting 100% renewable electricity for 100% of the time -- any sensible energy policy has a 'mix' of sources in case one dries up or becomes too expensive. At present the UK has over 30% renewables and the proportion is growing steadily. ETA: according to Gridwatch it's 26% renewables at this moment, but over 30% if you add in biomass generation. It isn't very windy. That's still a huge amount of emissions 'saved'.
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    I learned some time ago to stop wondering why when it comes to boats. That way, madness lies Richard
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    Actualy, in reality he is Pig ugly!!.
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