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  1. Connecting an alternator directly to lithium is something that needs a lot of care. I decided against it by using an Orion from the Lead Acid. Someone who knows more than me will hopefully be along to give some help. I dont think the Orion, (DC to DC), is the thing, but I'm no expert. Some use a longer cable to induce some voltage drop..... in fact Heidi uses this technique to fit a 200Ah lithium here:
  2. The idea behind the DC to DC charger is that your alternator charges one battery bank, (in your case, your Lead Acid starter battery), then the DC to DC charger is connected between the starter battery and your lithium bank. I'm pretty sure this is the video that made me decide to buy one, and I followed what he did when fitting it. It gets very hot in use, so it's a good idea to fit some kind of heat sink behind it.
  3. So... in reality, no trvs, and a thermostat to control the boiler. That's what I have on my Truma gas warm air heating.
  4. Having said that, presumably she actually sold it in the end, and bought the boat?? So she either took the low offers that were available, or got her inflated market value?
  5. I've been looking at our home system recently, so I could suggest that, for your questions, YouTube is your friend. Double rads just mean you can have half the width, but a bit more depth, (double?), for the same BTUs. I like trvs, as long as you set them and dont keep messing with them: Balancing: lots of videos, with "guesswork" solutions, which can improve things, and "temperature drop across the rad" solutions - just one example, you can search for many more:
  6. I subconsciously know that dry powder makes a real mess... I did a Merchant Navy firefighting course in about 1978, where we were shown loads of stuff to fight fires mid ocean on a ship, with the gear that would be available. My favourite was the spray gun on the end of a proper firefighters hose. In a steel room, we were able to put out a huge fire in a tray of burning oil. I wonder if a dry powdered boat can be hoovered, brushed, wiped etc.? Or whether it becomes a project that needs ripping out and refitting? I also wonder whether its worth getting a few foam and spray extinguishers?
  7. As above, having a boat painted costs many thousands. You could do it yourself, albeit DIY can take years, whereas professional takes a few weeks. Watch John barnards videos and see whether you think you could do it. https://www.johnbarnard.biz/tips-tricks-videos/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIh6-vlsu-9QIVmJftCh2Y_wAHEAAYASAEEgJ7p_D_BwE
  8. I think it was my BSS inspector who said that if there is a fire, just get out. He added that, if there is an extinguisher just inside the exit you have come out of, get it, ( if safe to do so), and let it off into the space. He said it would fill the boat with dry powder, expel all the air, and the fire would most likely be extinguished. "Have you ever seen a dry powder extinguisher go off?" He asked, suggesting that it was quite powerful and explosive to a degree. I don't know if he is correct, but I would probably give it a go if safe to do so. Better a boat full of dry powder than completely burnt out, (I think?).
  9. With hindsight, Ever Given should have cancelled that particular transit, or the canal authority should have cancelled it. Even before she entered the canal she was having difficulty and had to "go around", rejoining the convoy further back.
  10. I used to be like that. Didn't like the fact that they take the piss on tax. However, the service is so good, particularly once the pandemic started, that I've used them for most online stuff since March 2020. On the tax thing I think a law lord once said that it is up to us to minimise the tax we pay, legally, and my view is that it is for the government to stop firms like Amazon taking the piss. In fact, if its legal, its not taking the piss.
  11. I have no doubt that you are correct, but where/how did you find that out?
  12. From the manual: "The models listed below are designed for domestic premises, caravans, motor caravans & boats in accordance with EN 50291-1:2010+A1:2012 & EN 50291-2:2010"
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. We dont "all" know, because I didnt. Ive seen the word used many times without any reference to the particular product. I always assumed Owatrol was the product, or they only made one product. Clearly, had i ever considered using it, i would have discovered the reality.
  16. Blimey! I've been believing the single product stuff for years! Presumably this is what they are talking about..... can it be mixed with water based paints? https://www.owatroldirect.co.uk/product/marine-oil/
  17. So did I. What made you think I didn't? I was merely asking what he thought. Alan* often finds information that others cant/don't find, so there was always a chance that he might have known, so worth asking. * de Enfield
  18. Which one do think the LIDL alarm is?
  19. Well worth a listen.......
  20. That would be me, on guitar about a decade ago, alto saxophone for a few years up to 3 or 4 years ago, ( our new dog heard me blow a few notes and, if she could have smashed her way through the back doors on the boat, she would have - needless to say, I decided it wasn't fair on her, so it's been consigned to it's case ever since). I subsequently got a Yamaha Digital Piano, ( P121B 73 keys), which I can play a few tunes on, but not well enough to go public One of the problems is that, in order to become good at a tune, including remembering the notes, you have to practice to the point where you are fed up with it. Kind of defeats the object, but I persevere.
  21. Given that they have a picture of the Victron 12/3000/120 on their leisure inverter repair page, you would hope they have an intimate knowledge of them Even though they dont list Victron as one of their supported manufacturers.
  22. Deta 185 2a plug https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123219959109?epid=1505588163&hash=item1cb07b5d45:g:aLwAAOSwUSZZlWXK You can buy a bit cheaper elsewhere, but when you add postage of £5.95 or whatever, it mounts up.
  23. Here's the Wikipedia where I discovered the size differences etc. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AC_power_plugs_and_sockets:_British_and_related_types There is a section on 3 round pin plugs
  24. When I neded one I just searched for round pin plugs uk. Discovered there are 3 different physical sizes for 2A, 5A and 15A. https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Wiring_Accessories_Menu_Index/Plug_Tops_2/index.html?ad_position=&source=adwords&ad_id=209453821400&placement=&kw=round plugs&network=g&matchtype=b&ad_type=&product_id=&product_partition_id=&campaign=ROAS_Wiring_Accessories&version=finalurl_v3&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0a6u8O-l9QIViZntCh07bwrtEAAYAiAAEgLHk_D_BwE
  25. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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