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  1. sbainbridge

    Fly control

    Vax rechargeable vacuum cleaner. It's my new passion, chasing flies round the boat armed with the vacuum cleaner. It works and is very effective.
  2. sbainbridge

    Rookie questions...

    Seconded, and no oily residues to contaminate clothing
  3. sbainbridge

    How much gas does a pilot light use?

    Our Paloma pilot light doubles our gas consumption if left on 24/7. We now only have it on when in use
  4. sbainbridge

    Grand Union advice

    Warwick is fine, the cape or saltisford. Some of Leaminginton on the approach not so good
  5. sbainbridge

    Coughs and sneezes

    No it's not, I have to keep telling the other half that man flu is worse than bird flue
  6. sbainbridge

    42 feet of pure prettiness

    The snap on multimeter is old, I suggest that you get a more modern digital meter when you can afford one as they are more accurate and have a higher resolution more suitable for measuring battery voltages (£10 - £20). Google using a multimeter for some excellent tutorials. Some Blue Peter sticky back plastic and vinyl transfers will transform your fridge Never drink tea with a spoon in the cup as it can lead to blindness
  7. sbainbridge

    Our 1st boat....

    I believe they are the old e-canalmapp, very good but with the following reservations Not updated regularly You can't see your tablet or mobile screen in bright sunlight whilst your underway Unless your mobile/tablet is on charge you will soon drain their internal batteries A bit of a faff scrolling, panning and zooming to identify local points of interest
  8. Act quick before it goes up to £127k http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Narrowboat-New-Build-2015-Canal-River-Project-Narrow-boat-Live-Aboard-/121811544122?hash=item1c5c88a83a:g:yiMAAOSwo6lWQaUb European Lady back on Ebay! Steve
  9. sbainbridge



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