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Chris Williams

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    Paddle boat EARL, also worked JAGUAR, no boat now.
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  1. Chris Williams

    N/B Prince

    A very old Post, but I have a photo of the boat in question. Bert Dunkley's Ex- Barlow boat 'Prince', tied on the outside at Suttons, 1968. No idea what the middle boat was. We had hired a cruiser from Blue Line, and took it into Coventry. Bert suggested that we might like to join his clearing run, which we did. I also saw her much later, badly hogged, somewhere up the Union.
  2. Chris Williams

    How to disconnect this light!!!

    As others have said - just rip the whole lot out and wire it up properly. Before the whole dam' boat catches fire.
  3. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Ah, yes - water depth. Does that include the wet mud at the bottom of our canals? 'Jaguar' had a 3:1 reduction, fine on silted up canals, but I always felt she could have gone faster on the river with 2:1. Need a gearbox you can change. She could do a reasonable speed on the Thames, but stopping could be a problem, especially downstream when the red boards were out! The paddle-wheel effect.
  4. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Regarding 'Water Lupin' / 'Gorse', when she was 'Lupin', she had an Enfield horizontal twin diesel, which I was familiar with, since they were also fitted to Lansing Bagnall tractors. Air cooled and somewhat noisy., The hull had a flat swim end.
  5. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Seem to have gone way off topic! Ships get lengthened in the same way and because the length/width ratio changes, they often go a bit faster with the same engines. One assumes the same happens with narrow boats. Has anyone noticed this effect? Presumably shortening a boat would make it go slower, or need more power.
  6. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    One wonders if the Insurers are happy with these 'Cut and Shut' boats. A friend had a car which said 'Jaguar' on the front, but the rear said 'Daimler'. He crashed it and it fell apart.
  7. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    A bit like Grandad's hammer that has had two new heads and three new handles, but it's a hundred years old. I did some work on BWB's 'Water Lupin', which was the front half of 'Gorse', I understand that there are now two boats called 'Gorse', one made from 'Lupin' and the other from the back half.
  8. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Eileen - certainly had and still has an eventful life. After she was with UCC she was owned by 'Canalware Supplies', based in Chester. I believe she has now got a normal cabin/engine ole set-up. BMC engine? Just realised that in my pic of her you can see the engine's water outlet right at the stern.
  9. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Quite right Darren. Hyperion is a star! Brain going. Amended.
  10. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Two more UCC campers: 'Hawkesbury' at Reading in 1971 and 'Eileen' at Aynho Weir in April 1972. Lifejackets are noticeable for their absence.
  11. Chris Williams

    Brass head lamp

    I assume tunnels are not dark 🙂 . To go back to the original query, the headlamp that I had on my own boat was an old car headlamp, which had been chrome plated, but I sent it to our platers, who returned it with all the chrome removed, and the brass underneath nicely polished. As long as the body of the lamp is brass, it can be restored. You will, of course, have to keep polishing it.
  12. Chris Williams

    Brass head lamp

    My mistake, I thought night travel had been banned by the Safety 'Elf.
  13. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    Dave - We got 'Jubilee' to pull her back into the cut. Her steerer had seen it happen and was highly amused. He got stuck again around Barton. A passing hire boat told me "Your mate is stuck back there". Off on the bike to the rescue. Get all the kids on one side and off she came. Frahkn - 'Jaguar', the Paper-dasher, belonged to Nick Hill when I was steerer. Later with South Midland.
  14. Chris Williams

    Help with this location please

    I did three Camping runs with Jaguar, operating out of Swarkstone, 1975. Two trips were fine and enjoyable. The other was with Tadworth, primary schoolkids from Bristol. Total shambles. I had 12 boys, Tadworth had 12 girls. Somehow I usually ended up with rather more than the legal 12 passengers. It got to the stage where I told the teachers to sort things out, or they would all be thrown off. To be fair, the kids were too young and got bored. It was before these I-pads and things. Tadworth's steerer managed to put her up in the field at Great Haywood Junction - came out too fast and she wouldn't turn. I did have one young lad who was quite interested and I let him have a go at steering. Today, it would only work for Scout groups, who are more used to 'roughing it', but I think the Safety 'Elf has killed it. Photo of Kimberley with UCC at Napton.
  15. Chris Williams

    Canal Boat or Narrowboat

    George Smith only used the word 'narrow' in reference to the size of the cabin. There is a previous thread on here 'Monkey Boat', by Hobbler, 2009, discussing these various terms for 'Narrow Beam Craft'. (Another term to cloud the waters). When I was boating, I was a 'Boatman' as opposed to a 'Bargee'. I certainly was not a 'Narrow boatman'. 🙂

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