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Chris Williams

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  1. My dog got on the wrong boat and wouldn't let anyone aboard it.
  2. That is what the Lock-keeper told us at St. Johns, when we suggested taking Jaguar to Inglesham. "If the water level drops, you could be stuck".
  3. Sheer laziness? They wouldn't get away with it on the Thames.
  4. "Oh, hello, going for a nice trip are we?"
  5. Surely the dog would have raised hell and woken everyone up.
  6. The original 'Queen Elizabeth' is at the bottom of Hong Kong Harbour. Renamed 'Seawise University'.
  7. Oh Dear - railways again. Maybe the LMS were thinking of hiring boats.
  8. I can't understand all the fuss about the 'Titanic', which never finished a voyage, while the 'Queen Mary' rots away in America.
  9. I don't understand your point: altruistic definition: showing a wish to help or bring advantages to others, even if it results in disadvantage for yourself:
  10. Quite agree, I can't understand why so many people seem to think they are wonderful. Heavy-arsed, can't take a decent load. etc.
  11. This one, hired from Salters, had a Stuart Turner petrol engine. The gear handle doubled as starting handle.
  12. Forklift trucks and Combine Harvesters have rear wheel steering, which is much the same effect. There are also many ships which have the bridge near the bows. I guess you just get used to it. A bit different to hiring a Carribean for a week. I once hired a small motor boat which had a steering wheel mounted sideways. It was interesting. I will stick to standing on the counter with a proper tiller.
  13. My fault for mentioning a certain Scotsman that doesn't have much puff. Sorry. Now someone has mentioned 'LMS Crimson lake'...…...
  14. I'm just glad that I am too old to care anymore.
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