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  1. Like forcing a boatload of coal through a load of silt - very calming.
  2. If the windlass causes injury or not, it is just plain bad practice or ignorance to leave it on the paddle.
  3. Surely he is free to swim away. My dog was seldom on the boat, unless we were tied up. That's why she hated rivers - no towpath.
  4. Not to mention all those cows on the non-towpath side, relieving themselves in the cut.
  5. I once worked for a cold calling company. Sometimes I would call an old lady, who obviously hadn't spoken to anyone for days, and here I was trying to sell her windows. Against company rules, I would talk to her about the weather or something. It can be an uncomfortable job. being told to "Go back to your drugs" is not pleasent.
  6. I would never leave the boat unattended, until the lock was completely full or empty. Then you can go and fill your water cans or whatever.
  7. Take their windlass away and throw it over the lock. "Mum, the nasty man took my toy"
  8. I first went to Coventry Basin in 1968. Helped Bert Dunkley on one of his rubbish clearing trips. Ended up in 'The Greyhound' with Rose and Joe.
  9. Anyone who actually wants to go to Slough has never heard his opinion of it.
  10. So glad that I did my boating before these 'Blue Shirts' arrived. No-one ever touched MY paddles, except Sue, who knew how to work them properly. Oh yes, and a few REAL lock-keepers.
  11. If there is no-one on board (single handing maybe) then you do use the ropes. A bow line through some part of the gate so you can keep the boat forward. As for boats with no front deck, they are putting comfort or whatever, before safety. Personally I wouldn't have one. Accident waiting to happen.
  12. Yes, When lock is ready the boat pushes the gates open (gently). Sue was ready at the paddles - she never found one that she couldn't open. So, there was one of us on the paddles and one on the boat - just in case something went wrong. Going down, again always in ahead gear to keep off the cill. Just make sure that you don't fall off into the blades.
  13. I always had the boat on the gates, in ahead, or is that wrong now?
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