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  1. I have a clock which is exactly right twice a day - gmt, bst, or whatever you like.
  2. Seems that I was born at just after midnight on July 14th. Wait a mo - that was in wartime and we had double summer time. So it was 10 o'clock - the day before. All my life I have been giving the wrong birthdate. Too late to worry now.
  3. What about the level rising or falling?
  4. Isn't that called 'Plimsoll Lines' ? Winter North Atlantic and suchlike.
  5. Surely there are spill weirs on the canal for just that event.
  6. All depends on what you want the boat for - live aboard or weekending. Trad stern or cruiser - try them both, and think cold, wet days. The ad quotes maximum speed as 5 mph, you would not get through some river bridges.
  7. We stayed at the hotel in 2008, same rough current, but nowhere near as high. Left the balcony door open so the rushing water could lull us to sleep. BTW - very reasonable prices for such a nice place. (then). We had taken our paddle-driven boat to Llangollen twice in 1973, and she went there again after I sold her.
  8. I misread the title of this thread, I thought it said 'Curry Cookers'.
  9. Years ago, I used a heavy bitumen paint, as used by the PLA for lock gates, etc. I got it from what was the National Coal Board. Can you get such stuff today? It took all sorts of bangs and grinds. What does the PLA use now?
  10. I suspect that a fork with a nice high handle would be a great temptation for those who enjoy loosing off boats. It would depend on where you were moored.
  11. Fine, as long as they are in a Marina, or elsewhere off the main line. What we don't need is long lines of boats moored on the main line, so you have to slow right down.
  12. My point of view too. The weekend cottage that doesn't move.
  13. In a blow on the Thames, going crabwise. Sailing type boat passes me - "Nice bit of tacking, old chap" he says.
  14. More than one boat waiting to go through a narrow lock, or two small boats. More than 10 waiting for a Thames lock, depending on size of boat. In the summer of 1975, it was common to be queueing for a Thames lock, and I no longer had priority as a commercial craft, even though I had to pay tolls by load.
  15. I obviously stand corrected. Not having had a boat since 1975, I am glad to know that the queueing situation has not got worse. Which goes to show that the majority of the vastly increased number of boats seldom actually go anywhere.
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