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  1. Ah, yes, I forgot the headlight and the hooter. Thank you.
  2. What is the difference between diesel, gas oil and heating oil and is there any effect on the engine ? We had some cheap 'diesel' once and it clogged up the injectors.
  3. This must be what they call progress. All I had was a charge/discharge ammeter, an engine hours counter and a fuse box on a piece of plywood. Jaguar had an oil pressure gauge that always read 25 lbs, even without the engine running.
  4. Try it in the dark, gets more exciting. Especially after some Parsnip wine from the old boy who used to live at the Doles.
  5. I can beat that - even though there was a war on, everyone pulled together and got on with life. (Psst, wanna buy some nylons?)
  6. This seems to happen everywhere now. The railways had to put barriers on bridges to stop things being thrown at train drivers. We have become a failed society. Stop the world, I want to get off.
  7. How was it for stopping? Without a counter. Serious question.
  8. The tunnel was 1,138 yards long, 12′ high and 9′ wide. There were wooden blocks with rings every 12′ on both sides and every so often passing points 16′ wide. The tunnel, however, was a source of delay, but in 1838 the opportunity arose to purchase part of the land over the tunnel. Over the next two years £3964 was spent opening up part of the tunnel at both ends and in the middle, leaving two detached sections of 336 yards and 452 yards. Finally in 1865 the company started opening up the rest, the work being completed in 1870.
  9. So will you be, when the poor little darlings go crying to the Plod.
  10. That would depend on how many aqueducts and how many and how long tunnels. It would be almost lock-free if it didn't have to climb up to Fenny, then back down. But at what cost ? It got as far as Banbury before the money ran out. The Banbury - Oxford section was built 'on the cheap' and it still shows.
  11. They are grounding because there are not enough deep draughted boats to keep any sort of channel. Plus they don't know where the channel should be. I only used those muddy ditches to get the coal down to the River. A lot of people are frightened of rivers - they have currents and big weirs, and big wide boats that go on the sea.
  12. What is this all about ? I used to take a fully loaded coal boat over the Oxford regularly. Nowhere did I have any real trouble. Too many boats these days don't have the draught to stir the mud up, and have toy propellors.
  13. Surely that is what happens with a Bollinger when you try to reverse it.
  14. I think the 'British Transport Waterways' is the winner for a working boat. Anyone used it recently ?
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