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  1. He always had a pain in the diodes down his left side. But I reckon his electrolitics failed in the end. we had no end of trouble with them in the early 2000s.
  2. As NC said, they are priced accordingly and are cheap for the area they are in. We moored at Richardson's for 7 years and are familiar with their tradesmen and most of them are that proper tradesmen. Their work is to a very high standard but they have a big-big fleet. The sheds are full of overhauls all winter. You would be amazed at what customers do to and on boats. (Tony Brookes is excepted from this comment he knows all about hirers) If you look at a boat make a list of issues and tell them and they will fix it before sale. I doubt you could beat the prie down but rectification is their bred and butter.
  3. When we had the bedroom updated with fitted wadrobes the salesman pushed the credit and the PPI. We insisted tht PPI was not needed and with bad grace he completed the paperwork mountain. It was only on completion that we spotted he had added PPI afterwards. A very chastened bedroom company and finance house dropped the PPI and then settled the account interest free.
  4. Hi Rachel, hope you got the batteries sorted and had a good night on Salhouse. You may recall Grebe was on the Broads for 17 years and we had a place there for 7 years. Memory, experience plus the knowledge that a friend is taking part reminds me that it is Barton Regatta this week. In the past it was Blakes Regatta for hire yachts at the end of the season and it is still carried on. Therefore there will be lots of hire yachts competing on Barton Broad this week Plus they will all be on various quay-headings en-masse this week. There is normally a dinner and prize giving event at Sutton on the Friday. Suggest you plan accordingly.
  5. At least you have the Emporium of Tat to explore.
  6. We got a smart TV for the house. We had to open user accounts with the tv companies to get access. we did this on-line through the various websites for ITV, All4, BBC I-player etc, We then got back a code to enter to verify open the account. The code was single use for first connection and then the tv retains it. Channel/sorce takes about 30 seconds to start up. Hope this helps.
  7. We only ever had two boats. Both had wooden deck boards and both failed. Both failed mainly because of water getting into the core of the wood via holes cut for budget-lock keys, lifting eyes or lifting holes. Grebe had a modern plywood composite with a bobble finish like rubber top surface. We replaced the entire rear decks with marine ply, all epoxied and track mastr on top and sound indultion underneath. A great job but not for a restricted budget. They were still great after 10 years. Make sure the holes are sealed!!
  8. Those vent grilles look like a good idea. How are they geting aboard? Some boaters we knew in Norfolk had a mouse problem on their mooring which was on marshy/reedy ground. The mice came up the mooring lines. Ships have a similar problem with rats. We cruise regularly and the bosun always rigs rat guards when the ship moors up. Look up rat guards on a search engine and then consider making some discs for your mooring lines. It worked for our friends
  9. Is there any chance of issues with the control electronics in a new machine not liking the inverter supply?
  10. That was probably R&WBC member Ian on Dingo, with his lady Chris. We were with them on Saturday morning at 'Albert Dock' and they were planning to moor near top lock to go to The Parish Oven for Sunday lunch.
  11. This looks very much like the mink traps that EA used to set on the Broads.
  12. There's a winding hole just before the bridge hole. In the 1980s it was our half-day trip out from Stockwith with visitors. Two locks a picnic near the winding hole and then back. Lucky ones got the full-day, Stockwith to Drakeholes and back four locks and a tunnel. Pub optional.
  13. The narrow bridge is Manor Farm Bridge No 78. Sometimes called Walkeringham Bridge. This so called research quoted in the OP shows how just reading dimensions from a table can be totally misleading.
  14. Our old boat Grebe was wired as Peter describes. The caravan/motorhome charger was wired into the load/vehile side of the domestic isolator switch, so we could also run the domestics with no domestic battery fitted. The electrics gurus will have an answer (or more). My only thought is that any connection to the engine battery needs to be independant of the domestic battery to preclude any chance of draining the engine battery by domestic services. probably all taken care of by the controller but may need a diode if not.
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