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  1. Don't know your location, but RAF 617 Squadron are flying special out of hours practices priorto embarking on HMS Queen Eizabeth for FOST tests of seaborne Squadron operations. The USAF also have a big exercise in progress over East Anglia, North Sea etc.
  2. Chris Clegg publishes a 'timemap' howing the cruising times from point to point on the canal system. Not lock miles just total time point to point at an 'normal' speed. He only piblishes for times for waterways he has done in his slightlyover 60ft boat. His map includes Ripon. He has also done the Calder and Hebble in her. Locking is not straight-forwards and you will have to 'shuffle' the boat behind gates or lock on the diagonal, or both. So great care needed with overhangs, cills etc.
  3. Should the Mutford Lock at Oulton Broad be considered? Between Oulton Broad and Lake Lothing it is tidal at either side. As well as allowing navigation it also prevents the North Sea, via Lake Lothing flooding into Oulton Broads and the Southern Rivers. water is tidal at both sides, but HW at the Inland side is about 5 hours before HW at the Seaward side.
  4. I'd be looking for £1000 peer foot if selling. £45000 looks like wriggle room to me. We got just over the £1000 ratio when we sold.
  5. When they first started doing 30/31 footers (we were offered the first one) they had a tri-axle trailer built and therir Discovery had an uprated braking system fitted by a specialist converter in London. I think it included an exhauster and servo system, but never had a close look. The outfi exceded 3.5 tonnes and had a tachograph fitted. Later they used a Toyota Land Cruiser on the work. They used that set-up to move our 26 footer and the outfit flew along.
  6. It's the centre line wot dun it. I reckon most complaints about speeding past moored boats are because of centre lines 'whipping' followed by poor mooring line techniques and no springs.
  7. We got that information 2012/2013 time when SWMBO was publishing the South Yorkshire guide. I recall Princess being moored near you when you were at Aldwarke Lock. Can't recall if it was a late arrival or early departure.
  8. When the tankers were Whitakers we once spent some time with Humber Princess working the Don section from Sprtoborough to Rotherham. We had the C&RT Harbourmaster with us. Yes they have a Harbourmaster as they are a port authority, just like the big boys, port of London, ABP etc. They have their own regulations (not col-regs but mostly similar) etc. Barges normally work 0600 - 2100 but not in the dark. You can feel the disturbance 15 to 20 minutes before she arrives. On the main lines where they run always moor to bollards or rings and use spring lines. Centre ropes should never be used. The tankers have a GPS recorder fitted and can verify their speed at any location if a claim is made.
  9. Our village chippy re-opened on Tuesday. Having discussed this with neighbours during the Thursday clapping we're having a 'drive end' fish and chip street party at 1400hrs. Flags and bunting are up.
  10. The Chesterfield canal has a flood gate at the start of the remote section at Tapton in Chesterfield. The original plan was to have an aqueduct across the River Rother to reach a terminal basin on the west side of the river. In the event the canal was put into the river and the basin opened on to the river. Still doing its job.
  11. Mike, Thanks for the reminder of a dear dear friend. John always had a plan - postcode of nearest road - names of landmarks - grid reference etc. For regular appointments Fi was collected/returned by medicar volunteers. Towards the end I helped them get to Rufford so she could be near Preston for radiotherapy. They also suppoeted SWMBO when I was 'on the brink'. Magictime, good luck and best wishes.
  12. We went extravagant yesterday. It was our 41st Wedding Anniversary, so we had a small glass of sherry before lunch. Otherwise DDSS. p.s. is this a sign of a habit forming? I had a couple of beers and a couple of glasses of sparkling wine back in late October.
  13. I'm still here bungalow land. Lifeh as been going on much as described in post 189. Nasic rules of the house state be up and ready by 0900 at the latest. Mainly we beat this by a good margin and are out for our essential walk to the shops before 0830. Days are spent tinkering with research, gardening and reading CWF members exploits especially Sydney the dog. I went to the Royal Hallamshire for a CT scan on Wednesday this week. A very quick drive in and a very quick transit through radiology, there being very few out-patient appointments. I've just trecieived a formal Shielding letter, advising me to be very careful for 12 weeks. Keep the updates and banter going please.
  14. I told you Peter Earley would have a good answer. Nice to know your out there Peter. Thanks for asking about us, yes we are both fine. We are having a modifed lockdown despite Chris being over 70 and me being in the extremely vulnerable group.
  15. Hopefully Pearley of this parish will be along soon. I seem to recall he has a Vetus bow-thruster and the problem with his was the big relay that sits on top of the Bow-thruster motor.
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