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  1. Good morning on this fine sunny day. We are going to be changing our leisure batteries for 12v 220 ah. Will I need to change our connectors cables as the current batteries are only 110ah??
  2. This is our home. 59f X 13ft. She is called Monkey And Dragon.
  3. £150. My boat is unforgettable. Bit like herpes.
  4. Same bloke who did it last time so he knows the boat.
  5. We passed with no issues. Took about 20minutes. He did comment on the high standard of work with the gas oven installation...I almost felt proud.
  6. We have booked the same guy that did our boat 4 years ago. Unfortunately due to Covid we have to vacate the boat whilst he does his stuff. It was raining earlier. Now stopped.
  7. Good day. We have our BSC inspection today. As a rough guide how long should I expect to be standing in the rain for whilst the inspector does his stuff. No sarcastic replies such as " it depends on this that and the other. Just a rough figure will suffice.
  8. Just checked behind the existing cooker and Flexi fittings are used. It is gas. Freestanding. We are arranging fitment.
  9. We are in the process of changing our cooker as it is rubbish. Should we expect to do a straight swap or will we have to change stuff to fit??
  10. As per my last post. I believe that I have calculated correctly and it would appear that we are at about 90AH per day. We are not going to be using the kettle, microwave or toaster. We have had a quote for a 12V 640W Complete Boat Solar Kit With Mono Panels. Works out at £750 for everything.
  11. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I can see that I was over reaching my expectations of solar power. We will make the necessary adjustments and we will go for panels in the near future. For those of you that said I had no clue and needed to understand solar power/electricity....guess what? That is why I asked the question. Not the first time that certain people on here have spouted their superior views. Never known a forum quite this bad for shooting people down.
  12. There is a mistake. TV is on for about 5 hours.
  13. I am proper confused. We used their calculator in order to work out what we would need. None the wiser.
  14. We are heading towards Ely from Stretham on the old West River.
  15. We are currently going up the Ouse towards Ely. Can someone please advise me if there is a wide enough area to turn a 59ftX13ft widebeam. We know we can turn at fish and duck but we want to go a bit further.
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