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  1. Come the warmer weather we will re painting our widebeam. The boat was re blacked in August of last year so I really don't want the extra expense of having the boat out of the water. Has anybody painted a boat whilst still in the water?
  2. We used a couple of the bags and clothes come out looking like crinkle cut chips.
  3. A small heater will be ordered. Piece of mind is a valuable thing.
  4. We are not indeed on board all year. We will be looking at ways to extract vapour
  5. A couple of pics of where we are currently.
  6. We have a shore line. I was thinking of getting a 400watt heater with a timer for the master bedroom.
  7. Cheers for the great replays. Would a small electric heater help cure the problem?
  8. We made the mistake of getting cheap ones.
  9. We have a bit of an issue with stuff stored under beds getting a bit damp. We do not have radiators and our sole source of heat is the wood burner. Any good prevention ideas??
  10. At the moment we have 3 leisure batteries hooked up. The boat came with 2 spare batteries. Would it be beneficial to get them hooked up as well?
  11. That is the plan. We are going from Green to Black.
  12. How much undercoat/ paint would I roughly need for a 59x13 steel widebeam. Not going for perfection but a nice finish. The roof will be being done.
  13. We are going to be changing the colour scheme on our widebeam come spring time. It is all metal construction. Is there a special paint that people use??
  14. What is the best way to reduce condensation on the boat?
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