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    I ahd one of those once. It gave two or three years of good service then one evening I smelled burning. A quick dash to the engine room found it pouring out smoke. I couldn't do a post mortem as I unplugged it in a screaming hurry and chucked it in the cut. Probably a slight over-reaction in hindsight.
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    If I didn't use a spill sucker you wood never reed my posts
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    I’d guess that was partially aimed towards me . I have a life and being dyslexic really can’t spell without spellcheck so would never correct anyone . We all learn new things every day , MrOss who’s picture looks more like Mr Ed has taught me that whisky can come from Canada , something I didn’t know until today , I thought it was exclusively a Scottish thing with whiskey coming from the rest of the world . I shall try Turf Mor when I get the chance .
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    That will be fine from the point of view of the batteries. Just bear in mind that attaching jump leads to batteries is potentially a bit dangerous. If the positive lead were to come off the starter battery and touch the hull, you could generate a massive short circuit. You might then for example try to grasp the lead to pull it away from the hull or battery, to find that not only is it welded in situ but also it is red hot and burning through your hand.
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    You said "we wouldn't have been driven to leaving", and your reason for your personal vote is no evidence either way. "Possibly millions of others" is speculation. You signally fail to address my central point, which is the complete shitstorm Cameron blithely led the country into, purely to maintain the power base of the establishment. He failed and he ran away to the comfort of his millions, knowing that it would not affect him personally. We now have the utterly laughable position where his successor is not prepared to let our sovereign parliament vote on the issue to save us from final disaster because it might lead to a fall of the government. Why else are the Tory whips threatening legal action against the "rebels" among their ranks -- those who at least still have some principles?
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    The ONLY thing you ever add to Whiskey is another.
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    Of course, everybody should have turned a blind eye to you speeding round Bayford Pool, look the other way.... like...
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    I would be knocking on his door at 6 am see how big he is then , more than likely wouldn't want to know beer makes some people very tough not so when sober, you probably did the right thing though
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    We haven't seen a set of accounts for about three years now, have we? Surely they aren't that complicated and they only need publishing once a year, following the (previously chosen) year end date. The opaqueness of the forum finances is another reason I'm reluctant to re-start my monthly support of the site. I've no idea if my contributions are actually needed or if they just line Dan's pocket. And nor has anyone else without any published figures. The last set of figures published by Ange showed the forum coffer awash with spare cash IIRC, which lead to the decision to splurge money on better hosting.
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