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42 feet of pure prettiness


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No 'Mad-Max' didn't have a Survey.

It had a survey at the end of last year and it was a very positive report - the only thing the surveyor could find to comment on was the need for blacking, the need for external painting and maybe some work on a rudder bearing.


Metal thicknesses - 'better than the day it was built', with virtually no pitting.


Solid fuel stove with back boiler to radiators and hot water.

Immersion heater in the 'vegetable thing' (Cauliflower)

Hot water from engine.

So heating is pretty much 'failsafe'.


The lady owner's husband had died and hence the sale - they hit it off and MadMax got a good deal, although her haggling skills needs some more practice.


So - now after a day or two moving in she is off CCing.


Good Luck, well done and congratulations, but, I think you could be a little more excited - I did warn you about 'buyers remorse' and the meaning of 'BOAT'

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Congratulation Miss Max.


I've followed your search with interest and I knew you would find what you were looking for.


It's been said many times, but it's true that the boat chooses the boater. All you have to do is turn up and you'll know at once if it's right for you.





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MissMax, congratulations with your babe, I'm over the (blue) moon to read how happy you are with her.


Too bad that I can only pick up a weak 3G signal were I'm moored for the weekend, so only 3 of the photos came on my screan after and seamingly endless wait.


If I manage to pick up a better signal after the weekend, I will look at all the pictures you posted.


With all the catfood you just bought from amazon, you're not going to die of starvation (bon appetit)


I really hope that you are not too exited, and are still able to sleep while having sweet dreams of your babe.


All the best, and have fun, and thanks very much for sharing your happiness with us.



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Congratulations. Welcome to the wonderful world of boating.


The hard part now is keeping it working and looking good!


Still CWDF will give you advice on all manner of boating related things, plus many other topics.


Edited to remove a spurious worm!

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Thats the toilet, you strap yourself in during 'flush' process. Tank ,not shown, sits under.

Well there ya go then - just when you think got the measure of it all, there is a completely different & rational explanation for it all.? Edited by Woodsy
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