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  1. Woodsy

    leeds liverpool

    The same question has been asked about you on Thunderboat - it appears they miss you.
  2. Woodsy

    Places with a bad reputation that don't deserve it

    Thunderboat . Despite some comments here the natives there are not all that bad.
  3. Woodsy

    The one, the only, Dalmuir drop lock!

    Not the day we took the Athol Brose through in Ronnies video above, the mechanism was playing up & we had to wait for an engineer to come & sort it out before we could pass through. It was such an extremely hot day (for Scotland anyway) that the swing bridge at Erskines bridge had expanded too much to open, luckily the next day was back to normal Scottish weather.
  4. Woodsy

    Cleaning water tanks.

  5. Woodsy

    Looking for VNC?

    Could the Admin team just include a VNC option / line in the default streams along with the existing five, that shows 'new content' just like the old software did? Despite numerous advise including screen dumps in the posts above, I cannot get it to work right, I either see multiply lines showing latest post of each topic, or I cannot see topics that I have looked at within the past hour.
  6. Woodsy

    Limescale in toilet pipes

    Now they are mostly FW flushed vacuum toilets, we used Unitor "Gamazyne" biological toilet products (cleaner, descaler etc) link to website below: http://wssproducts.wilhelmsen.com/marine-chemicals/cleaning-and-maintenance-1/bio-chemicals
  7. Woodsy

    Japan, International Criminals, Still.

    Extract from UNCLOS part 2 "Article 3 Breadth of the territorial sea Every State has the right to establish the breadth of its territorial sea up to a limit not exceeding 12 nautical miles, measured from baselines determined in accordance with this Convention." The "whaling grounds" are no where near Australian territorial waters, regardless of the legitimacy of the Japanese whaling fleets activities in the southern ocean, "two wrongs don't make a right"
  8. Woodsy

    Windlass advice

    What about donating, or loaning to one of the better known / popular canal museums? That way they would have maximum exposure and be of benefit to future generations
  9. Woodsy

    What was she doing?.....and why?

    There will always be a period between first touching and fully sitting on the bottom where any movement in the water will cause the boat to bounce on the bottom, if that same movement in the water will cause the boat to move (heave up & down etc) when fully afloat. At first this can be disconcerting until you get used to it, the main concern is when drying out on an unknown bottom. If the boater had already been there for a couple of tides (original report is a bit vague), I don't see how the boat would settle down on something that could damage the hull - that would have happened when first drying out. Having spend several years operating landing craft (regular drying out was part of the job) I would never intentionally dry out at a mooring or landing without having surveyed (visual check previous low tide) the area first to ensure there were no unexpected surprises once we had dried out.☺
  10. Woodsy

    Speirs Wharf

    Stayed there 2 nights in mid July before heading down to Bowling. There were a lot of empty berths all with power & water outlets available. We had been advised to stop at the Applecross St basin (SC office), however it is small and with a couple of boats already there, there was no room for us. Luckily 2 other hire boats had booked through to Spiers wharf so were able to get through the bridge with them.
  11. Woodsy

    Info on residential moorings in Edinburgh

    Yes an impressive looking marina with a great pub across the canal, unfortunately for the OP, the "Living on Water" web site reports it as fully let.
  12. Woodsy

    Info on residential moorings in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh Quay appeared to have a lot of empty berths when we visited in July, they all have electrical outlets but not water points (only at the scottish canals office near the entrance and the finger berths at the end). Its only a short walk to the castle & a bit longer to city centre /rail station. see link below for information on Lockrin Basin http://www.livingonwater.co.uk/index.php/homepage/show/home/home I have no doubt the Scottish forum members would be able to provide more pertinent information when they next log in.
  13. Woodsy

    What's Gone So Wrong?

  14. Interesting. Since there are 21,592 total members, the vast majority of which have not postedon here since the recent rule change, this must mean that they do not agree with the updated rules.
  15. Woodsy

    Clarification of a "rule"?

    So it should be Dan's Den aka Boilers Bistro?😊

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