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Peter Reed

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  1. The grammar twits are worse than Piers Morgan.
  2. Are you still obsessed or are you an extractor fan.
  3. Very astute of you to deduce that the rubble bag belonged to a vintage builder.
  4. "With props in all the right places" How many props does a narrowboat need and in how many places? I think one, maybe two if you have a girly button.
  5. Sellotape? Luxury! You were rich,I had to use a paste made out of flour and water and then wait a day for it to dry before the kite could be flown.
  6. Shirley this photo is not of a UK canal,there are no bicycles,shopping trolleys or some such detritus on view.
  7. The barge was bought a few years ago,by the community and a huge grant from the lottery fund,but I seem to remember it went belly up with huge debts after a while. Eta http://www.marlboroughnewsonline.co.uk/news/news-in-brief/1168-lottery-backed-barge-inn-community-project-collapses-in-debt
  8. "Fine pair of shoulders, show em off".
  9. Not any more, if the Guardian is to be believed.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/aug/08/ruddy-ducks-cull-invasive-species
  10. How many pieces in the fair collection died?
  11. The householder should be given a medal and a large financial reward from the public purse for ridding the country of the scumbag.
  12. Does diesel not float on water?
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