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  1. I read this forum - yes and I love crochet too. I am currently using all my 'leftovers' to make granny squares that will be made into a blanket. They fit neatly under the seat of my chair. Your blanket will be much more coordinated than mine, which is currently purple, burgundy and shades of brown. Not sure what colour I will be using next.
  2. This has been such a nightmare and I am so glad it is finally concluded. As your sister I have to say that I am so proud of the way you have constantly supported your youngest through this ordeal, and immensely in awe of the courage shown by them in reporting the crime and carrying it through to give evidence in court. Well done and much love to the both of you. Time to start the journey forward now.
  3. Congratulations! Hope you are both very happy
  4. On our first winter we were so hot we had all doors and windows open in the snow. We are much better at managing the fire now and only have the windows open for ventilation. Don't mind the cold - hate the mud!
  5. Our neighbours have bought air conditioners to keep their dogs cool while they are at work.
  6. I don't know for sure, because we decided to look for a residential mooring from the start. I think that your son's address might be alright, but suspect that a bank or post office address would make things difficult. However I am only guessing here - have you tried asking the DWP? Also there is a facebook group called 'Benefits for boaters (liveaboards)'. Some of the members on there seem very knowledgeable and can give good advice.
  7. I receive DLA and my husband has carers allowance to look after me. We live successfully and happily on a narrowboat. However we early made the decision that it was essential for us to have a residential mooring because of this. The benefits continued without a problem once we informed the appropriate departments of our change of address. To us it was the life on a narrowboat that was important so we would have moved anywhere in the country for the right mooring. We were very fortunate and found a residential mooring in an area close to friends without any difficulty. It has not always been an easy life, but my husband took a helmsman course and was advised on how to single-hand our boat, which has proved invaluable over the past four and a half years. Also we read extensively (mostly on this forum) and were very careful on choosing our boat to buy one that was suitable for me to live-aboard on. It is possible, but for us the need for such things as a permanent address and a doctor who has got to know me and my difficulties, meant that we could not consider continuous cruising as an option. We had to think very hard about how we would work around problems well in advance. Good luck. We are very happy with our life now.
  8. Our old girl also hates being on the boat. She is fine when now (after 5 years) when we are on our home mooring and not moving, but hates being inside the boat on the move. We only have a very small trad stern so she has to come inside when locking and then I stay with her but try to avoid reinforcing her fears by being very calm when she is getting worked up but still being there for her. When she can go on the stern she will settle down and sleep quite happily and does not fuss, but we are very careful to keep away from the bank in bridge-holes etc, or she will jump off to land. I don't think we will ever cure her of this so we plan for short days with frequent breaks when she can get off for a walk. Our other dog, on the other hand, is just fine and tends to curl up to sleep as we travel. I wish you good luck with your dog.
  9. Feeling sleepy at this time is quite usual and part of our body’s circadian rhythm. (https://sleepfoundation.org/sleep-topics/food-and-sleep) It can be made worse by eating a high carbohydrate meal for lunch time.
  10. Happy Birthday - hopefully as sunny as it is for us in Market Drayton!
  11. I got an email last Thursday saying the stoppage was extended until Friday the 11th March. "Notice AlertShropshire Union Canal Starts At: Tyrley Lock 1, Tyrley Top Lock Ends At: Tyrley Lock 5, Tyrley Bottom Lock Up Stream Winding Hole: Park Heath Winding Hole, between bridges 49 and 48. Down Stream Winding Hole: Market Drayton Turning Point Friday 19 February 2016 08:00 until Friday 11 March 2016 16:00 Type: Navigation Closure Reason: (Re)Construction This is an extension to the original published stoppage works at this location in order to complete gate replacement works and various other repairs across the flight to resolve leakage and operational issues. In addition to essential customer safety related works to lock ladders through the flight of locks."
  12. What sort of area are you based - or is that not important to you? I bought a re-upholstered chair from someone in Nantwich who might be able to help, but I only know how to contact her through facebook.
  13. Welcome - I can't sleep well off the boat any more - love the movement and boaty noises. Gets better as you learn to recognise your own boat noises.
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