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  1. Just seen this The dangers of overplating Posted on March 17, 2017 by News Hound Surveyors take note – overplating does not constitute a repair on a steel hull Feature article written by Alan Broomfield MIIMS, who tackles the thorny subject of overplating on steel hulled vessels, in particular Dutch barges and Narrowboats. It is common practice when in the field surveying steel vessels to find mild steel plates welded to the hull, a practice regularly carried out on leisure vessels as a permanent repair. If any defects are found on the shell of a metal bo
  2. DISTANCE NOT IMPORTANT IN CONTINUOUS CRUISING: THE COURT JUDGEMENT CRT TRIED TO HIDE December 8, 2014 nick_theboatman A recent judgement in a Section 8 case confirms that it would be unlawful for Canal & River Trust (CRT) to set a minimum distance that continuous cruisers must travel to comply with the law. The judgement in the case of CRT v Mayers states that repeated journeys between the same two places would be “bona fide navigation” if the boater had specific reason for making repeated journeys over the same stretch of canal. HHJ Halbert also stated that any requir
  3. Hi all Thanx for your thoughts and ideas food for thought one thing's for sure it won't be straight forward lol life never is though colin
  4. Hi has anyone or is anyone using a stair lift on a WB / nb regarding disabled access Hi any thoughts about a stairlift ie .. stanna type colin
  5. Hi has anyone thought about a stairlift .Second hand one would be good colin
  6. thanx your a buzz oh im a secret agent for the crt and we dont like quiet canals we need more holiday companies ill pass these names on
  7. hi anyone considered which are the uks least used quietest canals? look foward to your replies
  8. Hi my wife is disabled could we claim vat back on a new boat narrow or otherwise colin
  9. thanx for answers hi i did think that would might b an option cheers colin
  10. hi other than marina hookup what other way can u run a w/m t/d cheers
  11. hi cheers for answers . ive seen something called a power lift and same thing but cheaper motor lift but they only lift to a height of 24" 600mm ... generally would that be high enough to get up to the deck from inside floor?
  12. hi i realise that this thread is an old one but does anyone know is it easy to get a lift fitted bow and stern to a narrowboat these days also any suppliers out there it seems hard to flush em out colin
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