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  1. so, who watched George Clarke's Amazing Spaces this evening then? I would love to know more about that boat bote!!
  2. There are normally moorings available at Engineers Wharf in Northolt. It's not too far from Northolt Tube Station.
  3. Given my job I don't have a lot of choice if I want the work lads to unnerstan' me. I had to learn a whole new language (boilerspeke) to be accepted!
  4. * sings badly * I so luckee! luckee, luckee, luckee! I was woken up this morning by ducks pecking the side of the boat bote. How amazing is that. (or at least I hope that was what was happening!) I woke up laughing. I tried to feed the ducks but they swam off with disdainful looks! Obviously my offerings were sub-optimal. Hi Scrabble, I knew that people would try to put me off so I simply didn't tell most of them until the day I moved on. The look on my sons face was classic! He was very shocked and worried as I have some mobility problems but as long as I keep active by moving/walking I'm ok. He's now happy, because I am happy. Though I had a long lecture about falling in, over etc. :-D I hope you get your boat soon - this truly has been the best thing I've done. Life is an adventure, a journey - so go for it!
  5. The unpacking went really well - there is so much storage in my new home. I had a break from 'chores' to have a glass of wine and a picnic whilst watching the sun go down. There are a few things that I really do need from the Lock up, but not a lot! The rest shall be re-distributed ASAP as I don't really want to pay monthly fees for storing 'stuff'. Am cooking brekkie and watching the ducks at the moment! what more could I want?
  6. I've had an awesome day. I've had swans sedately swimming by, noisy ducks flapping around, a toad on the towpath, a fisher person catching a fish right next to my boat, a picnic as the sun went down but the highlight has to be the cyclist who nearly fell off as he tried to get around some Ramblers! He nearly went SPLOSH! I was vaguely disappointed when he didn't. The excitment was ... thrilling!!! I'm moored opposite a bike gate thingie so my new hobby is watching the cyclists trying to get through it. Small things make me happy!
  7. Well, thank you all for your lovely replies! I slept extremely well amongst the piles of clothes that I'm probably not going to need. It was beautiful to wake up this morning and watch the ducks, sit out on deck and I even managed to make breakfast on the range cooker! :-) I do now realise that I really do not need any of the stuff that I carefully put into a Storage Locker, so I reckon a carboot sale might have to feature in my future. The sun is shining and I am truly happy. Edit to fix typo - I'm a bit strange about things like that
  8. Oh my goodness, thank you all for the responses. Doors and hatches safely closed (hence no finger nails). I'm still furtling with the heating :-D but I've got a blankie ready cos I'd rather be too cold than too hot! and I am very much happier about waking up tomorrow morning. Even though I have a load of boxes to empty, and it's a bloody long walk to the car :-D #grins
  9. Here I am ... first night on my boat. Listening to the strange noises and drinking a large gin. Feeling like I've come home. All finger nails broken. Probably lost a least a stone in weight YAY. Worked out you can't push a trolley thingie. You have to pull It rained. But mostly the sun shone. I saw a bloody HUGE fish, many cats, some chickens (??) several ducks and quite a few swans Already blown a light fuse (thank goodness for mobile phone lighting - must get torches out of storage). It's too warm (that's what hatches and doors are for?). The TV and broadband work. At the moment. Haven't managed to unpack much (apart from the Gin obvs) Happy, but tired.
  10. Seer Green is a lovely spot! the Hedgerley pub is called The White Horse - they do a Beer Festival every bank holiday weekend! Head for the Beaconsfield services, when on the Services roundabout veer off left, follow the road, turn right at the end and it's not far to the village. Watch out for the wildlife though - they don't understand cars :-D
  11. More off topic ... I just drove past that Burial ground on my way back from hunting wild damsons. It's a lovely spot! And there's a fantastic real Ale pub not far away in Hedgerley.
  12. oh my. Wow. I can do that. I reckon. *wanders off to think* I've got quite a few spanner thingies, some of them seem to be adjustable. I've got a greaser tube, but maybe I need to check that it's the right kinda thing for boats ....
  13. Yup, am hoping *fingers crossed* to move aboard soon :-)
  14. dun't need it - I shit rainbows, sparkles and glitter! * quickly packs loo roll *
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