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  1. I have that 45rpm in my record cupboard.😊
  2. I've seen this house loads of times as we passed by,If I could afford that sort of money-I wouldn't be bothered about spending a bit more dosh on the mooring.It would make life more convenient for the butler when he was getting the boat organised as well.πŸ˜„
  3. I'd better go & prise open my piggy bank...
  4. Another vote for Pershore,a smashing place to moor.As for Evesham,a few years ago we had a group of teenagers who decided to clamber onto our boat & pick the flowers.When asked to stop,they threatened to come back later when it was dark & do worse !That & the drunks made us decide to move on !
  5. I've been retired for 5 years & have kept well away from schools since then.πŸ˜„
  6. Primary school for 35 years.Spent the latter years sorting out year 6 kiddiwinks who needed a push to achieve decent levels for high school-my pupils did really well.Afternoons were spent teaching French,German & a spattering of Japanese.
  7. Of course he pigging does,he's a boater !!!πŸ™„
  8. Oyyyyy,what is wrong with ex teachers? I'm not a volockie but I am an absolutely lovely ex teacher,ex teachers aren't all bolshy g**s you know.😊Other half is a volly in Brum & does help boaters with the locks if they desire help.He doesn't force himself upon them...😏
  9. I recognise the moorings,a lovely area. Do I guess correctly that you are feeling over theπŸŒ›& just a teensie bit excited ?πŸ˜„
  10. It seems to be quite full at the moment.
  11. Have to agree that the staff there really are boaty people & I reckon they would have tried to help.
  12. I read on Farcebook that the owner had had to be away from her boat due to family reasons/problems.Her daughter does say that her insurance will pay out(as said earlier).
  13. My husband is a volunteer but he wouldn't dream of telling others how to do a lock-unless they asked for/clearly needed help.Volunteers are there to help,not take over.Your boat(yes we are also boaters)is your responsibility & volunteers should listen to you.
  14. Just read this & had to have a look.Connie Francis-Who's Sorry Now ?
  15. The main difficulty was that they couldn't get the fire engines/appliances close to the building due to access problems.Lightweight,portable pumps had to be used instead.
  16. I know it sounds awful,but I've been expecting this to happen.Such a cracking building,but being left empty made it fair game for the local scrotes. By the way Rob,the strange man named Paul who made himself known to you on Saturday is my husband !
  17. Hopefully,only if you were in Overwater marina !
  18. Dave did ours as well,he is my signwriting hero.
  19. Wack...must have been a Scouser on his holibobs !πŸ˜„
  20. We've certainly been in with more than one other narrowboat.😊One lock is HUGE !
  21. The internal pics have given me a headache...Is that really flock wallpaper ?😳
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