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  1. Fank yoo. At the end of the day...he is an a**e.😁
  2. I actually thought they'd got it on fast forward at that point...
  3. OMG-shock,horror,gasp !Did anyone think to send them a food parcel ???
  4. Go on,you know you want to tell us where...😏
  5. She was actually Violet Elizabeth Bott.Writing this,I can actually see/hear Bonnie Langford from the tv series !πŸ˜–
  6. We had an excellent Indian meal at the restaurant above The Bull's Head pub-Little India ?
  7. I keep reading it as,' ice cream ram'.🍦
  8. We've only had one problem with a volockie where he wound the paddles like a whirling Dervish without any eye contact with me on the back of the boat.P had a gentle word(1st lock of 3) & suggested that he waited til' the person on the back of the boat was happy before paddles were wound.
  9. Bats ? Owls ? Both with visual problems so clunking into things ?πŸ€“
  10. We've been there when that happened.Verrrrry quiet the next day...
  11. I'm afraid we're out cruising ourselves.
  12. Tony & Geezer were both there for the bridge ceremony.
  13. I've got a second hand blue book which I got from a canal weekend/ event.Well worth tracking down.
  14. But would folk really pay that for a 42 year old Springer ???
  15. Β£20,000 grand for a boat that old sounds like(only)a London price to me.No way would that be an asking price elsewhere ! If it was elsewhere...how much ?
  16. What Matty doesn't say/didn't know was that the boat behind us had left while we were in the pub !
  17. We're doing the link on the 16th,already excited.*Note to self-you need to get out more ...
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