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  1. We use our keb quite a lot.Deffo a useful piece of kit !
  2. Ralph at Caggy's old yard in Tipton used to own this.
  3. Pint in each hand would= a balanced diet!
  4. Reckon that new sofa could swing it for you...πŸ˜‰
  5. Mike the Boilerman is...Victor Meldrew ! ("I don't belieeeeve it")
  6. It is as it could be such a fab place.Great position,lovely old buildings & a tourist boat destination.So sad.
  7. Paul loves his Dunton double plus,bought it him as one of his birthday pressies a few years ago.He has Jubilee clips on it just in case... PS Think he guessed what it was even though it was gift wrapped.πŸ˜„
  8. Tried that. Weirdly,the bywashes at Audlem don't bother me at all.
  9. I'm happy going down Tyrley,but I need a cork when going up.I hate those bywashes & I've never seen them not running.One in particular is reallllly evil.😑
  10. Can I just say that the folk doing flower beds & tidying by the NIA are mainly volunteers,my husband being one of them.Volunteers are not the ones to contact & update people-they are minor cogs in a very large wheel.
  11. The fish & chips at Compton are yummy.πŸ˜‹
  12. Well,I really enjoyed that !πŸ˜„
  13. I have that 45rpm in my record cupboard.😊
  14. I've seen this house loads of times as we passed by,If I could afford that sort of money-I wouldn't be bothered about spending a bit more dosh on the mooring.It would make life more convenient for the butler when he was getting the boat organised as well.πŸ˜„
  15. I'd better go & prise open my piggy bank...
  16. Another vote for Pershore,a smashing place to moor.As for Evesham,a few years ago we had a group of teenagers who decided to clamber onto our boat & pick the flowers.When asked to stop,they threatened to come back later when it was dark & do worse !That & the drunks made us decide to move on !
  17. I've been retired for 5 years & have kept well away from schools since then.πŸ˜„
  18. Primary school for 35 years.Spent the latter years sorting out year 6 kiddiwinks who needed a push to achieve decent levels for high school-my pupils did really well.Afternoons were spent teaching French,German & a spattering of Japanese.
  19. Of course he pigging does,he's a boater !!!πŸ™„
  20. Oyyyyy,what is wrong with ex teachers? I'm not a volockie but I am an absolutely lovely ex teacher,ex teachers aren't all bolshy g**s you know.😊Other half is a volly in Brum & does help boaters with the locks if they desire help.He doesn't force himself upon them...😏
  21. I recognise the moorings,a lovely area. Do I guess correctly that you are feeling over theπŸŒ›& just a teensie bit excited ?πŸ˜„
  22. It seems to be quite full at the moment.
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