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  1. Hi, no it is all staying on the boat, will find a place for it, i can now let friends guess what it is 🙂
  2. Brilliant! Thanks so much for that H&L
  3. Morning all, So we finally got the keys and have taken ownership of zebec, we have found a great amount of items left over the years and found this. Any idea what this could be? Thanks for looking 🙂
  4. Thankyou and we most certainly will
  5. Well you are more than welcome onboard for a cuppa if you see us out and about! Yes we have lots planned for her and intend to breath some new life into this old gal!
  6. That would be great thanks
  7. Yes, zebec is booked in for the works
  8. Oh yes, will defo give u a wave 🖐
  9. True, if you see us out and about stop and say hello have another look and a cuppa 👍
  10. Thanks for your kind words, we fell in love with her. I think this will be expensive love but love all the same! We are planning to restore some of her features keeping in with the period of the boat, this is once i can get my head around this type of engine 🙈, but im sure it will come in time, its all part of a long term plan so cant wait to get stuck in 👍
  11. Hi all, Myself (lee) and partner helena would like to introduce ourselves and say hello. We are just in the process of purchasing Xebec from Glascote basin and are looking forward to becoming the new custodians of such a historic craft and cant wait to get our hands on her. We are looking forward to chatting with you and hopefully meeting members in the future. We would like to keep you posted on our adventure headaches and all! Best wishes L&H
  12. Xebec

    Saying hello,

    Thanks, yes it would be great to meet up with some of you, we cant keep it there unfortunatly as we purchased it yesterday and its mooring runs out on the 1st of october and i need to get it to alvecote. Bit of a panic going on now as i have been called into work when i need to move it! This will be headache no1! ?
  13. Xebec

    Saying hello,

    Hi, A hello to you all, myself, partner and kids and lola the greyhound! have just purchased a 25ft cabin cruiser to explore the waterways with the view of a narrowboat in the future. We wanted to say hello to you all and lookforward to speaking to some of you and maybe meeting at some point in the future.
  14. Xebec


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