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Hire Boat Base, Welford Arm

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I don't 'really' know - but to get the 'discussion' going -

No - it was a basin for working boats to load / unload,

then whe there was no working traffic - somebody (ABC ?)  saw a business oportunity.


Now I wait an inrush of locals to disagree....


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Roger Jeffries was involved with a hirebase there many years ago. I will try and find out more. It was over 40 years ago, soon after the arm was reopened.

More info. Welford Canal Boats in the 1970's   Tit Willow was bought for a hire boat. The partners were Phil Gardner; Bob Atkins and John Phillips and Roger. All dead now.

It was taken over by Black prince in the 1980's


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Nicholsons Guide no 1 - South East lists "Welford Canal Boats" who offer "Steel narrow boats for hire, also built for private customers (and fitted out), gas, diesel, water (petrol station 300 yards way), moorings" - it's not the first edition guide as it's priced at £1.50 on the front cover. By 1989 (Guide no. 2 Central - 4th edition) the yard is listed as Black Prince

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The arm was reopened in I think 1969 after the restoration work carried out by the Old Union Canal society and I did some shoveling there. The understanding was that the Society would manage the arm and its boat owning members would have priority. In fact I left a little cruiser for a winter .

the society had an annual rally and dinner dance at The Wharf pub and one of the most memorable things was seeing Joe and Rose Skinner waltzing . 

BWB renaged on the deal and leased it to the boat company.




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