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  1. I've got an Einhell 36v one (it uses 2 x 18v LI-Ion batteries) It's not a Stihl by any stretch, but for the amount I use it it's much less hassle than storing a petrol one, never fails to start, and the batteries last longer than I have ever needed to use it for. Keep an eye on Toolstation - they often have the 4A/h batteries on offer at two for £59.
  2. There are photo's of two boats in that gallery one of which is a Springer, but not the one that is now yours.
  3. I don't think it is - the RY-131 and RY135s had no lift to the counter, and were basically transom sterned with (generally) a cut out for the rudder and the corners rounded off - that looks more like the back end of a conventional narrowboat to me.
  4. If a flight of steps is now really regarded as major investment, I genuinely fear for the future upkeep of the canal network.
  5. There's one on the CRT archive of her at Bascote in 1967 with the rear tank removed, but the forward part of the hold still decked over, so I'd guess that's just prior to the conversion going on?
  6. The conversion was put on by John Henderson, who was the BWB Hillmorton section carpenter. I believe he bought her direct from TCO and sold her around 1975. I have seen a picture of her with the conversion on moored below Hillmorton Bottom Lock, but I can't think where at the moment....
  7. 2) is the tricky bit and as a result my mother has the unlikely distinction of having worked a horse through a lock to a place where the nag could be got out after she'd fallen in.
  8. 46624 was originally fitted to big woolwich "Aber". Almost all the GU Nationals started in the 46xxx series (a few were 45xxx), so no idea where 71147 came from.
  9. Saisons was around long before they appeared at Whilton. They ran a couple out of the arm at Hillmorton around 92/93 when I worked there and I think it was just Mr Saillet then - I don't remember anyone else not maintaining them. He also had a post office at (I think) East Haddon. Saisons did have a converted ex-working boat in the fleet at one point (late 90s?) called Blue Nun. It was the back of a little woolwich butty going forwards with the conversion (motor back end, back cabin, engine room "under cloth" style steel cabin done by Keith Ball. It had a 2-pot Ruston in I think, b
  10. As were the railmotors. https://didcotrailwaycentre.org.uk/article.php/84/93-steam-railmotor
  11. We've done a boat called Lion in GWR lined green several times for a customer(a driver on a preserved line). Another one we repaint for a retired professional railwayman is in GWR crimson (but otherwise conventionally decorated as a boat) and there used to be a boat round here in an approximation of BR blue with yellow ends and BR 1980s style nameplates on the side called Merlin.
  12. Some of the hedges round here are full of them - but as soon as they get to a size where the bark is thick enough for the beetle, game over.
  13. To answer the OPS original question re. MC vs EXL, EXL are a "heavy duty" version. The MC version will be fine for your application and as others have said, Gates belts are worth the money. We avoid using anything else.
  14. I copied all mine using Handbrake, and watch them via a Windows computer with either VLC media player or Windows Media Player.
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