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    I was 'that boat behind' and perhaps the original poster won't see this as he obviously has some problems with a serious and sedate conversation due to the daily problems of boating. First off, I'd like to set some truths in the situations and locations. I first met the boat in question while I was waiting for my delivery next to the water point near the Ash Tree. If I saw him the previous day, I don't recall. He went past the water point, and then decided to reverse back to it (bumping my boat and causing a following boat to stop after coming around the bend from the bridge). Eventually my gas turned up, loaded, and as I went to pay the calorman the OP decided to set off again. By the time I dropped my lines I could see I was going to catch them up shortly, and did so as I passed the Plum Tree. The tunnel/narrows there isn't a first come first served tunnel, if there is a boat in it coming the opposite direction you let it through, but even though there was a boat waiting at the other end (didn't know that BTW, you can't see) I continued to follow the OP into the narrows as normal operation dictates. The OP had several places he could have pulled into the bank safely and easily but decided not to do so. I followed at about 70-90 foot, about my stopping distance at tick-over but we were going faster, maybe about 3.4 mph. A boat came the other direction in the narrow section before the sharp turn before Armitage Shanks, and the OP went to close to the bank hitting the bottom. He slammed it in reverse, and not having the space to maneuver due to the oncoming boat shouted for him to keep going. It's hard to communicate verbally over distance without it sounding angry, but if I swore I didn't mean too, and at worse would have been a 'bloody' just to push home how important it was otherwise I'd bump the boat up the backside. He obviously heard, and started moving forwards again. I wasn't expecting to be able to overtake until reaching the deeper and wider bit near Shank's, so hung back. However the OP cut the corning into the bridge, and went straight on. I couldn't see that he hadn't made the corner, and again he was in reverse. Again I shouted, probably very likely with swear words this time, as I was already committed to going around the outside of the bend, and going astern would beach me on the shallow hard bottom on the outside of the bend. I continued my corner, and the OP put power on to complete the turn and move out of my way. He pulled over once through the bridge, and I shouted (as it's all you can do to communicate over engines) that none of this would have happened if he'd let me in front when he first noticed me, and not to bloody cut corners especially into blind bridge holes (as seems to be the want these days). People, please line up for bridges as soon as possible to make it far easier to get through, and even more important to get a good sightline! I stopped to do diesel to a boat at Kings Bromley, and the OP passed again. I caught him back up at Wood End, as there is a paddle out queues were building quickly. I had lunch while waiting, but it seemed like there was no rush from anyone and went back to the lock to get it ready for myself. The OP left the lock, and I lifted the single gate paddle expecting the people from that boat to pull the gates shut. I had walked down to the other end of the lock before they made a move, but were quite happy to shout and scream that this CRT lady was counting boats for water usage, I explained that water was quite happily running down the bywash, and it would speed things up as the queue was now 4 boats, with room for two on the moorings as someone else decided it would be a good place to moor up. The gates did not bang about as the flow was not great, though appeared impressive from the gate. Again, if I swore I apologise, but you really didn't help matters at all. Mike
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    Or you could have a little common decency, realise the boat behind is going faster and make due allowance in the manner in which you drive your boat by getting out of the way? You wouldn't do 30 mph in lane 3 of the motorway would you?
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    Not confirmation bias, simply putting another possible perspective since the other party can't. You were not going " too slow" - you go at whatever speed you like. You were however obstructing someone who wanted to go faster, unnecessarily at least some of the time, it seems. If you expect your every post to be met with full agreement and condolences then it is best that you are off, since that is never going to happen either on here on in the real world. And it makes you seem incredibly arrogant.
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    A boat comes up behind I move over let him pass. I catch a boat up and if he fails to invite me to pass I will if frustrated (rare) stop and put the kettle on or just reduce speed. What a fuss this all is. Life's to short folks it really is.
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    To my newbie eyes, it defo looks like the boat was first and then the earth cooled and the seas turned to rivers hence the bridge being built afterwards You chaps have to bare in mind that everyone and everything was shorter in Noah's days, so two elephants,tigers and Man U supporters could actually fit inside a narrow boat back then. Official Internet fact (starting from today)
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    the guy is presumably making a living out of providing a service to other boaters. it is hardly surprising that he wants to get on with it; it's easier for you and the rest of the world just to let him get on with it. he probably believes he is a professional full-time boatman, while you and your ilk are just 'leisure boaters'.
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    I think the point is that you have given your version of events, the other chap isn't in a position to do likewise, and things are often different according to the perspective. So yes it is annoying / irritating / upsetting to have someone up your chuff ranting at you, opening top paddles before the bottom gates are closed etc. But equally it is annoying to have the "slow boat to China" ahead of you, slowing right down every time there is a bit of a bend etc and not offering an overtake. So the way you tell it, yes he was an arse. But I wonder how he would tell it? Bottom line is that it does take 2 to have an argument. As you have told it, he was 80% the arse for being hard up your backside but you were 20% ditto for not letting him past until he made a big point of it. I wonder if it would be the same ratio if he told it?
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    yawnnn..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Just to add, you weren't there - so being quite so judgemental without being in possession of all the facts has no value at all. Thanks for your contribution! Oh, and it wasn't just us, as the boat in front of me had the same issue! Just thought I say hello by the way. My third post on here..... , and not quite the response I was expecting!!!
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    No need for the sermon - I'm moored in Skipton because I want to be here. I know he has a disabled wife that's why I've had the boat closed up all evening (fumes get in through vents too - unless you suggest I tape them up) and that's why before I spoke to him I walked half a mile down the moorings to see if there was a space and why I left it until 9.45 when we were thinking about going to bed to ask him how long he would be engine running. I know his problems, I sympathise, but he knows he has a smokey engine because he told me earlier in the day. He too could have moored somewhere that might have been less of an issue.
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    I'm watching this program called "Tattoo Fixers" where embarrassed people bare all and cringe over things they were daft enough to get done, usually in tandem with alcohol. I want to go on the show and tell them when I was 30 I had a lifesize tatto done of me, however now I'm in my 60s it needs to be 2" shorter. Fix that one!
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    Anyone seen this? - from 8.40 on http://player.bfi.org.uk/film/watch-bewdley-fireman-at-practice-1940/
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    Last week we (a crew of 6) moved our 62' semi-trad from Cheshire down to Braunston (around the top via Middlewich), via the Trent and Mersey, Coventry Canal and finally the Oxford Canal. A great trip that was largely uneventful, apart from the odd grumpy so and so at couple of locks who didn't want the help we offered! Anyway, we were happily cruising between Great Haywood and Fradley Junction, and hadn’t long gone through Colwich Lock when I noticed a large Trad behind me – one of those that sell gas and fuel etc. The reason it caught my interest was that a few hours previously, it had been moored up, with a queue of boats waiting for gas/fuel, and it looked like the same boat. I thought to myself at the time, it must have made good progress. By the time it got to just east of Rugely it was less than a boat length away from me, and to be quite honest, felt quite intimidating. I started to slow down a little as I approached a tight right hand bend, which was met with a tirade of abuse by the chap driving the boat behind.. “ Don’t f’ing slow down!, stop slowing down you f’ing idiot! Don’t you know I can’t stop this….. plus lots more expletives, as the bow of his boat came level and perhaps just past the stern of mine on the sharp bend. I responded in the heat of the moment with something along the lines of “ well don’t drive so close you idiot” , while at the same time trying to dig myself out of an over-cooked bend! More ranting from the boat behind, “if you can’t drive your boat properly, f’ing pull over and let me past” At this point the hackles were up, but I did the right thing and pulled over and let him past…. (He did say ‘thank you’, followed by some other mutterings as he disappeared into the distance). We settled back into our journey, all calmed down, and he clearly disappeared into the distance at great speed, and for a while all was well….. We then spotted the boat ahead drifting around, centre rope only, as he had stopped to refill another boat. Slowing to pass, we passed him again, hoping to make reasonable progress so as not to have him up so close behind us again. By the time we got to the narrow section which was the former Armitage Tunnel, the boat was a couple of boat lengths behind us again, and he came steaming through without any regard for the fact that there were boats waiting to come through. We are not sure if he stopped shortly after that, as he disappeared for a bit. When we got to Woodend Lock, there was a bit of a queue and we had been sitting waiting when ‘Jaws’ (which we had nicknamed him by then) came into view. There was a bit of a delay at the lock as there was a CRT volunteer doing a water survey for boats on the way up and down. We eventually got into the lock and had literally just cleared the bottom gates when the top paddles were cranked fully open in quick succession by Jaws (bottom gates still open at this point!) who then proceeded to close each of the bottom gates with an almighty crash against the flow of water, followed by shouts from us, the CRT volunteer and other boaters who were waiting to go up/come down, about the right way to fill a lock. (I am really surprised that the gates were not damaged). We proceeded on, hoping not to have him on our back again. He caught up with us as we turned onto the Coventry Canal (having stopped for an ice cream), and we made the deliberate decision to moor up and let him past. Personally, I found his very aggressive and intimidating and arrogant attitude very out of character with most other people I have met on the cut over the past 25 years…. In fact, this almost stands out as the worst case of canal; rage I had met (up to that point – It has since been exceeded, but that’s for another time). Surely, if somebody operates a boat that cannot be controlled as easily as another (ie the one in front), then it is their responsibility to ensure that they keep a safe separation - isn't it?
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    Thanks for posting the other side of this story. If you were at one end of the lock and you had time to walk to the other 'before they had made a move', I'm assuming to close the gates, and there was a queue of boats waiting, then this crew were just faffing about and wasting everyones time. I'm sure i would have been pizzed orf had I been waiting to come through. I like to think when we're out boating we work efficiently, there is much satisfaction in doing so. Pity the OP seems to have flounced, I'd be interested in the details of the other incident he mentions. OK CWDFers. Your starter for ten is to underline the part of the above that fits the following words........pot, kettle and black. And............If there was a queue of boats why wasn't the CaRT lady helping at the lock as well as counting boats?
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    I disagree......if you are boating on your own I've had to do this many times as the gates have swung fully open before you can get to draw a paddle...... I also find your reply a little sanctimonious to say the least. Gareth
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    Thanks for your take Mike. Earlier on I mentioned the balance of "arsiness". I will change it a bit, however by your own words you are condemned a bit. You need to remember that you are a "full time boater" and presumably, with your daily exposure, you have become reasonably good at it. However you should remember that these days the canals are primarily for leisure use and, more importantly, many people have less exposure and experience and are thus may not be as good at it as you are. That they are somewhat incompetent by your standards, is nevertheless no good reason to get arsey. On the overtaking thing, there is no point in being up someone's arse when there is no immediate prospect of overtaking due to sharp bends etc. and yes, lots of folk aren't very good at steering a boat - but get over it! As to the lock it does seem that you opened the top paddle fully with the bottom gates open and this can never be the right thing to do, even though we know that the paddle is fairly small on that lock. That is not the point, it is the impression generated that is the point. In summary, you came across as a bit of an arse. So take that as a gift since it's not often that people really say what they think about you. Use the gift to improve your public's perception in the future. I've been boating since the late 60s, am routinely gobsmacked by the incompetence of some, but know that if I let that show it only reflects badly on me. Not on them.
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    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Jaws 2 aka William
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    hi foks, Im not sure whether to post on this thread or create a new one so will start here first. Im in the market for a full length BCN joey hull, ideally a bantock simply because I love the balance of shapelyness and ruggedness they generally seem to have. I used to own a harris brothers shortened bantock 'Kerbau' which I loved, (even with its ugly stern) but, wanting to be fully on the canal I now need something longer in which to fit my workshop and studio. sooo.. does anyone happen to know know of an un-cut joey hull going cheap? alongside this, I just happen to be moored by croxton flash on the T & M by Middlewich and I spotted (and kayaked out to) a sunk joey hull there, it has an odd stern made of plate the same thickness as the hull rather than the heavy duty and more pleasantly shaped ones i normally associate with hulls like this. does anyone know anything about it at all? I think Lawrence mentioned it in his very interesting sunken boats list. I shall try to get a shot, I didnt take the camera in case I fell out of the kayak! many thanks, and apologies if I should have started a new thread for this.. s
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    Some people are arses and some people do go faster than others, maybe even too fast. But the OP notes that he slowed down for a bend, and this was the cause of the boat behind shouting at him - and in that aspect at least I have some sympathy for the fuel boat. A loaded boat can't slow down as quickly as a little leisure boat, and, more importantly, wouldn't want to slow down for a bend as a. they would already have planned in their head how to take it at their current speed (and would have little margin for error) and b. would want to keep up the speed in order to steer more effectively and actually get round the bend. By 'tailgating' he probably was indicating his readiness to come by - if he'd stayed well back the other boat would never have known and yes, if you have a big prop it can be hard to go as slowly as some people like to. It is just as much a matter of courtesy to let a faster boat by as it is not to intimidate a slower one.
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    Interesting, We had some character of a similar nature follow us out of Braunston tunnel the other year. I had gone ahead to take over from the people leaving the lock and as their boats were leaving I watched this boat try to pull into the side. He executed a "superb cock up" with the boat going all over the place. I was rather worried at that point about how we would would get down the locks together. BUT NO he held back and would not come with us. Later Kathy told me he had, in fact, tried to sideswipe us into the shrubbery, presumably out of his way. It didn't work however! our boat is deep and heavy... He then played the same tricks with the lock paddles as you describe, no worry to us and we soon left him to play on his own. He passed us much later after we had tied up and I was doing the chimney brasses. Earlier in the day we went up the Buckby Locks with a nice couple with a smallish boat and they were still shaken up from a similar sideswiping incident with a fuel boat------ |This boater?,when asked said he took exception too their notice about speeding boats and had done it on purpose. I'll leave that story for your judgment.
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    I always do that when I meet a young lady. (I hope Athy is right about you having a sense of humour.)
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    Us what is the Riff Raff as as much writes as what you have Sunshine !
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    So, you don't like riding on roads where the traffic is a danger to you, but you are happy to ride on paths where you are equally a danger to others?
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    Snipped all the other stuff as TLDR 40 years? I think most folk were happy with the thought of the common market. The negative waves didnt start till the CM morphed into the EU which was in contrast to what the people voted for. Any way, Have a little faith baby, have a little faith.
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    Well, slap my arse with a red-eared terrapin - my mail box was indeed 100% full. I simply had not deleted old conversations and it had crept up on me unawares. I have had a small but savage purge, so the box should now be usable. Thank you, Cassandra, for pointing this out.
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    Well, maybe this isn't the worst example we've ever seen, but there is a rather odd propensity for some folk to moor close to bridge holes, bends, right up to short lock landings, opposite obstructions or overhanging trees, thick reeds or bushes creating pinch points when there's plenty of room around to avoid doing so. Sometimes its just how moorings are, but in the middle of nowhere, you do have to wonder why you're having to negotiate a blind bend of their making, duck under that hawthorn, come alongside before them for the lock, or generally struggle to avoid them. We'll not sort it though, cos it clearly doesn't even cross their minds.
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    The figure working in finance in Central London given by the Daily Torygraph (must be right) is about 700,000, which by my reckoning is somewhere above 8% of the London Population (1 in 12). How many other people are employed in the peripheral jobs (catering,transport,etc) to support this number is anyone's guess. Oddly enough I don't see any reason that Government should remain there since they can operate wherever they are (internet,telephone and other wonderful technology). The Palace of Westminster is due for refurbishment (before it all falls down) so why not move Government, lock stock and barrel to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool, then we wouldn't need to bother with HST2. Perhaps Government then wouldn't be so Londoncentric. But then I wake up and realise that it'll never happen
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    Alan Taylor “You can criticise the Brexit team for a) an utterly mendacious campaign and not expecting that they would really win, so never having a plan. I mean the whole thing is literally unbelievable. It is extraordinary how we have ended up where we are.” https://www.theguard...-richard-buxton One of the leading money managers in the City of London has said the fallout from Britain’s vote to leave the EU will be “horrible” and that the Square Mile is still “slightly stunned” by the result. Richard Buxton, the chief executive and head of UK equities at Old Mutual Global Investors (OMGI), which manages £26bn of funds on behalf of individual investors and institutions, said warnings from the pro-EU campaign about the impact of Brexit before the referendum were well placed. “I don’t think there was doom-mongering, because it is absolutely going to be horrible,” he said. “Mark Carney’s speech [in which he warned of dangers of Brexit] was absolutely spot on. This is just really bad news. Edited by Alan Taylor, Today, 03:08 PM. Well whilst rather childish one might certainly argue I for one am happy that those in the square mile may suffer the uncertainty and concern for the future that they created for millions of us mere mortals who will get up tomorrow and toil just to feed and cloth our family
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    My porthole covers are from the other end of the scale. Equally unique though I should think. JP
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    I find myself wondering if it failed because the K&A doesn't pass through Andover!
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    Or you could use plastic curtain track, comes in a roll and cheap as chips Phil
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    More of this turkey stuff. Don't you think you should be gnawing your liver in private? Your continued blanket insult to all whose opinion differs from yours is not debate and is offensive.
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    We don't have a new government, we are still saddled with the old one who had more vote against them than for them.
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    Whilst I fully agree with the comments of Locksprite of how the younger generation have been royally shafted by the older generation, this was, it should be noted, as a result of UK Government policy, nothing at all to do with the EU. The imposition of punative Student Fees was done by the current Government ably assisted by the feeble Lib-Dems whose support has now evaporated in the face of such duplicity. Do we all remember how we were told that only the top Universities would be charging the full £9,000? So which universities were ever going to admit to being a bit crap and only charge lower fees?? Likewise the next round of fee increases will just price more people out of higher education, and we all know that wealth is clearly a sign of intelligence The ever increasing house prices were seen as a sign of the virility of the economy, totally ignoring the inevitable fact that as prices continue to rise for no reason other than they do, eventually the majority will be priced out of the market and will then have to rent with no prospect whatsoever of ever buying a house. (Why do we expect house prices to rise? they were pretty static between 1955 and 1968 and the world didn't come to an end). Why I should believe that anything is going to get better when these things were a direct result of UK Government policy (of all parties) I find impossible to understand, are we suddenly going to get a different form of Government? I don't think so from what I've seen of those now promoted to the various Ministries
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    As both a boater and a cyclist I think that you are slightly overplaying the hand a bit. Much the same as elsewhere in life there are some right nobs riding bikes on the towpath but are they really in the majority? The mother,father and two kids I saw pootling along the towpath today, do they deserve to be lumped in with the idiots? I always give way and walk past pedestrians, am I one of your 'majority'? Whilst travelling on the South Yorkshire canal last year year I had a boater shut the lock gate as I approached and begin to drain the lock before I got there, is this evidence that the majority of South Yorkshire boaters are ignorant oiks?? I'm all for calling out those who show ignorance but it doesn't help to lump them all together as the majority. As an aside, this idea of having a bell, well I fitted one the other year on my bike but rarely use it. Why? because people walking take it as a call to get out of the way and often take umbrage whereas all that I am saying (when I used to use it) was that I am there so that I don't make them jump as I appear behind, get off and walk past them. Now I just walk past (often with a greeting) rather ring the bell (once when I used it) and then put up with some snide comment along the lines of "You don't own the towpath you know".
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    About time we had an Athy thread - there's some much that needs to be said For a start there's his edited: Richard
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    Moan away. You won't stop us smiling. :D
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    Bespoke is the operative word, it's all very well playing at storing food safely by sticking stuff under the floor etc but if you are serious about storing food at a nominal 3c then this kit will enable you to make a fridge to fit any weird shape or corner in any shape or type of hull.Remember, living on a boat does not mean camping Phil
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    I'm not a big fan of stats - I agree to a point. However when you have a waft of negative or vaccuus fear /political based opinion then perhaps it's better to discuss numbers because opinion is too subjective.
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    You might be surprised! A "Town" class working boat like Dover has hull sides that are 4' 9" deep - massively more than any modern build leisure narrowboat, and at least 6" more even than most other carrying narrowboat types, (albeit that there are some exceptions!). So most people would be able to stand across a fair width of the conversion, as they will be many inches below the simulated "top plank" part when stood in the middle. Additionally the fact that the "top plank" has been made over-wide, (thereby marring any illusion that it is a genuine working boat!), is to increase the width across which standing height is achievable. The biggest thing you notice when entering any converted "Town" class boat is usually just how far down inside it you are, (Flamingo has 5 deep steps to enter), and, if it has conventional windows, just how high above any floor they are. "Under cloth" conversions of FMC Joshers, or the smaller "Grand Union" "Star" class boats tend to be quite claustrophobic, often with not a lot of width an average person can stand in. "Town" class boats tend to offer a lot more space. (Nick Norman would still be challenged for height, I feel sure, but he is probably the least likely person to buy a working boat conversion!)
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    You really wouldn't. You'd pay the best part of a grand, then have someone in authority on your back to remove this sunken vessel from their waterway before they do and hand you the bill Several grand and a lot of frustration later, you purchase will be in someone else's boatyard miles and miles from your house with you scratching your head about how to move it and where to put it. You will now have spent many times the cost of the hull on expenses that haven't added a single thing to the project Best bet with this one it to wait and see where it turns up for auction after it has been raised Richard
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