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  1. Location - May 1970

    Unlike in this picture, when in the ownership of Kim McGavin it had a little woolwich Rams Head - as in the picture at Gopsall wharf
  2. Is Oxford canal south of Rugby on target to open on 16 mar

    Looks as though this may be the case! Of course, we may not be able to get through when re-opened - contractors being notorious for dumping materials in the canal and waterways authorities being notorious for not checking it has been cleaned out.......
  3. Is Oxford canal south of Rugby on target to open on 16 mar

    Don't we normally get snow and ice at this time of year........... half expected this kind of lame excuse!
  4. Location - May 1970

    Ian Kemp with the "Comet" and "Ash"
  5. Location - May 1970

    Didn't have a conveyor latterly, it was a case of the lorry backing on to the concrete pad and tipping it straight in - slowly under control, moving the boat along as necessary!
  6. BW drop in cabins

    One of the plywood removable cabins ended up for some reason on the bank at Market Bosworth wharf - it was there 40 years ago but long since gone!
  7. Cardboard Boats

    I have one of Neville News' as you describe - I believe he was a director of Hostelcraft ( ie horse drawn Pamela) and a member of the Newcomen society in the 1960s
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/35mm-SLIDES-BYGONE-BRITAIN-WEST-MIDLANDS-CANAL-NARROWBOATS-IN-CLOSE-UP-1960s/391982346408?hash=item5b43f7f0a8:g:ku8AAOSw2pNahoiE
  9. RIP Trevor Maggs

    Here's Trevor's boat again, loaded this time - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PHOTO-1974-NORTHAMPTONSHIRE-NARROW-BOATS-AT-STOKE-BRUERNE-THIS-VILLAGE-IS-SOMET/362235191731?hash=item5456e661b3:g:dxYAAOSwiYlZ9baO
  10. North Stratford

    I brought my deep-draughted (3ft) boat along the N. Stratford in October last, and it was awful (as was the W and B). The level was only a couple of inches down, but the leaf fall made the going difficult, and I stopped at various places - the stop gate before Shirley drawbridge, that bridge itself, opposite Earlswood clubhouse, by the drawbridge nearest Hockley Heath - and more besides. Yes, it has been dredged Kings Norton to Yardley Wood, but the rest is no better than it was 45 years ago. By contrast, I brought another deepish boat round there after Christmas, the canal was running weir, and I had no problems, 6hours Gas St - Top Lapworth
  11. - covered some time ago!
  12. I think Barlow's put it in, their "Beatty" had one also (still has) - any others in Barlow's boats?
  13. Tonks Family - Traded on canal boat "Italy" ?

    I knew Jack Tonks, knocked off boating 1955 ("Banstead" and "Uttoxeter" his last pair IIRC) died fairly recently in Hillmorton. To confuse matters, there was another Jack Tonks who worked on the maintenance, not sure if he'd been boating, lived in Atherstone when I met him.
  14. RIP Trevor Maggs

    You should do shortly!
  15. I suspect they just got too hot - no ducting ever fitted AFAIK - when pair boating on long hot summer days. They seemed to do better "down the north". And in my limited experience of them not easy to start in the depths of winter. An acquaintance of mine reckoned he had on occasion drained the sump and heated the oil in a pan on the range to stand a chance of starting it!