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  1. I think the concrete roadway was laid throughout to assist in the works at the time. The summit level was lowered as well to increase headroom in the tunnel
  2. Don't recall seeing this elsewhere! Does anyone realise it's only 4ft 6" deep, most people could probably walk out..... https://www.stokesentinel.co.uk/news/stoke-on-trent-news/midnight-kayakers-rescued-after-getting-4191708
  3. At Armitage on the T and M the canal was affected by subsidence from the nearby pit, hence the raised concrete banks. The powers-that-be decided the canal was too deep so tipped in material - trouble is they rather overdid it.....
  4. I well remember the Hollins Mill arm, and the demolition of the mill chimney, for which spectacle many locals turned out, on 1st October 1957 ( - having just looked it up!)
  5. Of course we mustn't forget that BTW started the trend of replacing wooden bottoms with steel...….(eg Asterope, Achilles)
  6. Very interesting! The Thin Lizzie at Old Ford I rather think is a 4 wheel mobile generator, and the unknown James Jones tractor is a Planet tractor from F C Hibberd. The Cob tractor is at the second lock down Tardebigge.
  7. Wasn't that the wooden Fox, ex - Seddons, with Lister SR3?
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-Letterhead-British-Transport-Commission-British-Waterways-Canals-1963/164177791829?hash=item2639c24b55:g:VrgAAOSwlNpeqCcL
  9. Thanks! - I dare say it's just a matter of time before it disappears completely. I've heard it referred to in the past as containing a million bricks - I wonder how wide of the mark that would be....!
  10. Thanks! - interesting to know they do exist...
  11. While on the subject, does anyone know the current state of the Rea aqueduct after the partial collapse of 3 years ago? And another question - do any pictures exist of the Teme aqueduct complete ie before the central arch was blown up?
  12. AFAIK Mr Sibley was 3-handed at this time, but there many two-handed boaters who would have no choice but to work the boats abreast if the locks were against them.
  13. The pair going uphill wouldn't have needed to breast up, the butty steerer would have stopped it with an uphill strap (seen on the anser pin) before looping the strap round the next stump forward to stop the boat running back into the bottom gates when the paddles were drawn. The butty steerer is no doubt in the cabin attending to something! Working the boats abreast loaded would be a lot slower, especially going into the locks going uphill when the water has got to get out past the boats.
  14. Canal bits not very exciting, regarding the bit Roland would be interested in - blink and you'd miss it!
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