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  1. I've got a bit of the "Camborne" on my boat - the exhaust collar from when it had a PD2 in it!
  2. I believe it is this boat that ended up a house boat at Tardebigge and was sadly destroyed by fire many years ago
  3. Motor's cabin back appears painted back to front - I can only think of one Waterways boat I've seen like this.........
  4. John Henry Meese with wife and daughter Elizabeth on the Evenlode, motor Azalea I believe
  5. Replaced during the last war I understand.....
  6. The bracket is for attaching the chain , used at one time for stopping the boat in locks . must have caused a lot of wear on the stumps!
  7. - but it wasn't really that good then........!
  8. My late friend Hannah Boyes, who was boating 1896 - 1953 on the Grand Junction and connected canals, always talked of a pair as being a Motor and boat........!
  9. Makes me think of Shipley lock on the Erewash.....
  10. Not a good idea to alter the A45 bridge leaving Braunston - being a blind bridge you need to be able to pass an oncoming boat there - which I've done many times.
  11. I didn't mean to suggest it was still a steamer! It was 1970 when I travelled with him from the bottom of Wolverhampton to Warwick via Norton Canes
  12. No - Mr Bush's boat was a composite (I'm guessing it still was then) FMC steamer on which I travelled on one occasion! Don't think it would do a chainsaw much good trying to cut up a wooden boat........!
  13. Yes, Definitely Ron and E lizabeth
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