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  1. Fore end done by Charles Watts in Rugby
  2. and I dare say different paints would fade to different degrees.....
  3. Capitals B and W 6inch : ritish and aterways 5 inch: Motorboats names 4 inch. All shaded light green and black to RHS. ( As transfers when applied)
  4. I might still have one - I'll have to investigate......
  5. archie57

    Lister JP2?

    I had a B-type out of a road roller similar to that pictured. Although it looked like a D-type, everything was a different size and I don't think anything was interchangeable with a D-type.
  6. archie57

    Lister JP2?

    I think it's a B-type National
  7. Steel bars for Tyseley. That's why, in the last picture , he's having to use the notched end of the beam to force the sides apart so his wife can knock the beam into place.
  8. As far as I know, Hostelcraft, running the "Pamela", ended up in the ownership of a gentleman called Neville New who I believed lived in Slough.
  9. Thanks for this. We all know that navigation is at the bottom of the priority list for CRT, they seem incapable of maintaining water levels anywhere, clearly they don't appreciate how critical this is. As regards dredging generally they seem to want to use any excuse not to do any, I dare say the budget for the PFC has been spent on the aqueduct railings at Marple (- as well as the locks!). I'm beginning to wonder why we bothered 50 years ago...…….
  10. The stern wasn't cut off, the counter round was removed and the sternpost extended upwards, two new plates fitted to raise the height of the swim, making a not-very-attractive stern end, it has to be said! Close inspection should reveal the boss for the stern tube still present. When it's sister boat "Dory" was rebuilt, these plates were removed and the swim restored, and the stern tube hole used again!
  11. I was thinking along those lines too, but I was wondering what sort of state the lower Peak Forest ( don't think it was ever very good for a deep draught boat!) is in after the lengthy period of closure at Marple and the lack of through traffic - I wonder if billh of this forum could shed some light on this?
  12. archie57


    The "Dace" I believe...…... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/canal-narrow-boat-project/202588068964?hash=item2f2b309c64:g:eqkAAOSwLKhcVbVg:rk:4:pf:1&frcectupt=true
  13. When BTW started fitting Armstrongs and Petters, they experimented with gear change levers mounted on the footboard, the linkage dropping down and passing under the cabin floor. The Armstrong in the "Foxglove" was so fitted, and the PD2 in the "Bexhill" as I recall.
  14. I have a donkey jacket with "BTW" on the back...…..
  15. Only heard them called that in the Gloucester/Sharpness area, perhaps a west country thing?
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