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  1. Alan was a great character! I often tried to talk to him about his career on the railway but he didn't really want to know - he would be quite happy to talk for hours on canals and boats however!
  2. As you know, the centre paddles on the top gates at Marple aren't as originally fitted, there then being two off-centre. Those single new ones are I feel are not ideal and rather vulnerable and exposed to boat fore-ends, although some canals did have paddles like that, eg T&M (with long spindles under the balance beam)
  3. looks like a Lister part number....
  4. 3' 6" - only if there's 6" of water running weir! Trouble is, they seem unable/unwilling to maintain the levels.......... It reminds me of a certain Mr Smith from Hillmorton yard - the first sign of a cloud in the sky and up would go the flood paddles - shame they weren't so prompt at dropping them!
  5. ISTR they "Temporarily" reduced the canal draught at the Minworth Embankment repairs some years ago, they might have subsequently tinkered with it ( many thanks due to Nicknorman for spotting this) although I'm sure they wouldn't have bothered if they weren't caught out......
  6. I was referring to the northernmost one - both these bridges are the same width.....
  7. I don't agree with this at all - this is a blind bridge, to be approached at caution, but wide enough for two boats to pass easily , something I've had to do many times over the years. Any restriction in width would cause chaos!
  8. I was referring to the main picture - the spindles have been removed.....
  9. - but it has been modernised (in this picture) - centre paddles removed........
  10. I know the copyright holders would not want to see it shared without their permission.....
  11. "The Boat People" is a very good film, if a little romanticised! It features real boaters, even if their names are changed! It would be good to see this restored and made available to all.
  12. I don't know who is responsible for maintaining this section, but the nicely cut towpath hedge puts those of many "navigable" canals to shame, CRT seems to have given up hedge cutting. (and seemingly most vegetation work......)
  13. Defo Kinver - tug "Usworth" I rather think, with "Jupiter" and "Byfield" beyond.....
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