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  1. The PDs may have been unreliable in later Willow Wren days - Leslie Morton hated them - but properly maintained, as in BTW days, I'm told they performed ok. I had one for 27 years which, apart from a broken oil pipe, never let me down.
  2. I'm sure Pete can tell us when eg Arthur Goddard had the Callisto…….
  3. Is it related to the 4 cylinder one in this?.... http://www.kerrstuart4415.org.uk/historyrestoration.html
  4. The article in the latest HNBC newsletter prompted me to contact his nephew just before Christmas who gave me the news. I miss his interesting contributions to the Forum, I wish I'd made contact with him....
  5. I'm sorry to have to report that Alan died last March.
  6. Claytons boat at Cropredy - Albert Beechey perhaps?
  7. Ross at the time was owned by the late Bill Brookes, together with the Erebus.
  8. The site of the junction at Longford is where boats used to wind before going stern first up to the loading shutes 1/2 mile further on towards Coventry. Tight for a full length boat, you probable couldn't do it now because of the moored boats.
  9. This was the ex-boating Sammy Lawton, moved there from Denham lock
  10. Beverley, Bordesley and Bedworth, on hire from BW - at least to begin with
  11. Any connection to Sammy Lawton, latterly boating in the SE division, who came from northern parts, married an Atkins IIRC?
  12. If you look at the DVD you will see scenes in the trailer filmed at the Gauging lock at Buckby which don't appear in the film.....
  13. Part two does exist, just needs publishing...……!
  14. Why were you "Bumping" down the canal - was it short of water?
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