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  1. archie57

    Historic Boats for sale online

    This was only rebuilt in the 1980s, pretty well unaltered until then, sold off fairly soon afterwards. Notable for having had the last Petter PD2 in Waterways ownership.
  2. He does appear in the film, disguised, in long distance shots eg when leaving the lay by, Harry H. bumps the boats before it quickly cuts to Ron steering them round towards Brentford
  3. archie57

    Mystery Wide Tug

    EX - Manchester ship canal I believe
  4. archie57

    electra and marfak

    I believe it is the "Electra" which is the cabin-less hulk at Charity dock...….
  5. archie57

    Boat break in(s) Shebdon

    … but don't these moorings extend all the way from the Wharf to Lily Pascall's………..
  6. archie57

    Smethwick Engine restored

    Well said - engineers don't get their hands dirty.....!
  7. archie57


    I remember Erebus in Gas St. basin when Bill Brookes first had it - 40ish years ago......
  8. archie57

    DM2 vs DM3

    ISTR the "Chiltern" had a DM3 in it's latter day Leicester Canal Transport life. Also short boat "Irwell" had one.....
  9. archie57

    Ribbon - Lace Plates

    Older generations of boaters also called them "hanging up" plates......
  10. archie57

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    Unless I'm mistaken the motor appears to have been trimmed early on in the trip so that it is more level - certainly down at the stern at the start!
  11. archie57

    Autumn failures

    Hope his warranty hasn't run out, might have a heart attack....!
  12. archie57

    Autumn failures

    Has the warranty on the engine run out...……..!
  13. archie57

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    That's an accepted way to slow the boat, easier to climb the steps than climb out of the lock. While we're boating on the southern GU, if you haven't seen this look out for the Pisces, and Jim Collins at 1.36 - https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-summer-outing-1966-1966-online
  14. archie57

    Jam Ole Run 1995 - the first one!

    Plenty of old boaters to be seen, most of whom now all gone - I think Ron ( plus Brenda and Alice) is the only older one seen who is still with us.....
  15. archie57

    Samuel Barlows Iona

    It only came to Marple for the rally there. ISTR having a ride on it behind the "Hyperion", - which may have brought it there - and it went away soon afterwards.

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