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  1. Makes me think of Shipley lock on the Erewash.....
  2. Not a good idea to alter the A45 bridge leaving Braunston - being a blind bridge you need to be able to pass an oncoming boat there - which I've done many times.
  3. I didn't mean to suggest it was still a steamer! It was 1970 when I travelled with him from the bottom of Wolverhampton to Warwick via Norton Canes
  4. No - Mr Bush's boat was a composite (I'm guessing it still was then) FMC steamer on which I travelled on one occasion! Don't think it would do a chainsaw much good trying to cut up a wooden boat........!
  5. Yes, Definitely Ron and E lizabeth
  6. It did have a reservoir - Oldbury, near Mancetter - seems to have disappeared though.......
  7. .........and that still hasn't been sorted out - don't suppose it ever will be, meanwhile I'll continue to bump over it, even with the pound running weir........
  8. Perhaps they will just move what is in the canal to one side so boats can pass.....
  9. Doubt if they'll dredge the rubble out of the cut because it's probably now "contaminated" which is a good excuse to leave it there......
  10. All the sandstone coping was replaced when the canal basin development took place - so it's only 30ish years old - and that ridiculous swing bridge was installed, no doubt an architects whim, and doubtless at vast expense!
  11. ....nor the Benbow ( ie Bath) once owned by the Tardebigge Boat Co......
  12. ..... plus their previous inaction on sorting out the Coombes feeder......
  13. archie57

    Ashby Canal

    I understand that Oldbury reservoir was a source of water for the Coventry canal - but it doesn't seem to exist anymore..........
  14. No. The turners boat was the ex-Seddons motor I believe, now no longer with us - although bits do survive on another boat.....
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