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  1. It most likely is the "Birmingham" , I think he had the Camborne 1955/6 time.
  2. This is another one of Bob Grantham. I knew him well, a great character, liked his darts, a champion player within the BTW social competitions! This is one of the pictures he gave me at the time. He appeared as A (Arthur) Grantham on the fleet lists, but was Bob to his friends. He worked for Barlows as well, swopping between the two in the 1950s/60s. Not sure if this is the "Birmingham", he had the "Camborne" at one time
  3. ISTR having somewhere a newspaper cutting from the 1930s with a FMC wideboat in Leamington - but until I can locate it......
  4. being pedantic, aren't they bricks rather than stones...…… - and as for Coronation Street "Cobbles"...……!
  5. Further to this, here he is again, when boating...... http://collections.canalrivertrust.org.uk/bw197.2.26.15
  6. Probably the "Pipit" . Afraid he's no longer with us.
  7. I believe the "Arthur" got no further than bridge 103, between Flecknoe and Shuckburgh
  8. Did a camping trip with him and a group in 1973, by which time he'd finished with the "William" I seem to remember.
  9. Was this in the days of Dennis Jewiss?
  10. There was the LMS warehouse in Kidderminster - GW territory!
  11. I like the ariel photo, complete with Canal Co. offices , not much left beside the warehouses and (former) "Admiral Codrington"!
  12. One of the warehouses in Coventry basin used to carry the lettering "Grand Union Canal Warehouse" - it was changed to the present lettering perhaps 30 years ago
  13. Two motors, Chertsey and an ailing Dipper
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