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  1. But what sort of job have they done - who's going to be the first to take a properly loaded boat through there..........
  2. Why do they need a roadway when there is a dredging tip a few hundred yards along the canal........
  3. I believe the "Birdswood" is electrically powered.......
  4. As a result of this breach the Coventry council boats were left on the bottom in the basin. As there were trip bookings to fulfil they were craned out and taken to Sutton Stop which became our base for a while . As we had the crane already in the basin we attempted to lift out the "Grace" but with the slings then available, together with a lack of a spreader bar this was a non-starter so there it stayed. We did recover no end of coal from the canal bed however!
  5. Sam and Vi Minton lived on the "Edna Grace" before their move onto a Simolda boat "Mavis"
  6. Probably the Scorpio, Sagitta or Sculptor!
  7. I identified another RCHS picture there.......
  8. - and the fence is still the same today (- or was the last time I was along there)
  9. I've got a bit of the "Camborne" on my boat - the exhaust collar from when it had a PD2 in it!
  10. I believe it is this boat that ended up a house boat at Tardebigge and was sadly destroyed by fire many years ago
  11. Motor's cabin back appears painted back to front - I can only think of one Waterways boat I've seen like this.........
  12. John Henry Meese with wife and daughter Elizabeth on the Evenlode, motor Azalea I believe
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