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  1. ..... plus their previous inaction on sorting out the Coombes feeder......
  2. archie57

    Ashby Canal

    I understand that Oldbury reservoir was a source of water for the Coventry canal - but it doesn't seem to exist anymore..........
  3. No. The turners boat was the ex-Seddons motor I believe, now no longer with us - although bits do survive on another boat.....
  4. The powers-that-be put in a concrete roadway some years ago, caused a lot of fuss at the time but they wouldn't be told, after all they are the experts, added to which the summit level was lowered.........
  5. It was installed, no doubt at vast expense, when the basin redevelopment took place. There was nothing there before
  6. I think you'll find that using the side ponds correctly wouldn't increase the speed of passage - I've used them myself in the past. What it needs is the centre paddles(removed a lifetime ago) would need reinstating........
  7. Longford, Coventry!
  8. Just been down there - we had no chance of mooring in Thrupp, it was totally clogged up with boats. Meeting boats anywhere was a real pain, especially where the outside vegetation hasn't been touched. To say nothing of queueing for locks.....
  9. I'm sorry to say that the gent pictured is the "Other" Tony Miles, who was apparently involved with Keay's boatyard at one time. Tony Miles of "Grace" fame was a teacher who went on to run the Coventry Waterways scheme up until his retirement in 1996. After parting with the "Grace" he had the "Capricorn" for many years.
  10. No - they came from Tony Miles who had the "Grace" at the time. They were copies made by the production company of some in the Stoke Bruerne museum, so I was told.
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