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  1. Thanks a million Pete! This is ace, I was promised some copies of shots of her from the guy who converted her but never received them. This is the first time I have properly managed to see her unconverted. I can see why they overplayed the counter even from this photograph :'P
  2. Your story is incredible and many many thanks for posting this. I am really looking forward to finding your site and learning. There is so much to learn and enjoy. I have no historical connection to workboats but every time I see a town, star or royalty boat or pair go past I get emotional. Nothing in my blood that I know of, to me they just represent the good parts of a past that I long for: a slower pace more methodical but thorough, designed to last and with that good type of graft that makes beer taste even better at the end of it. Many many thanks for your comment.
  3. Would anybody happen to have any photographs of Cambourne prior to conversion? It would have had a BW back cabin later on in its working life and I think hailed round the Tring area for some time...
  4. Great pic Dav and Pen! I wonder, does anyone know of any photographs of Cambourne prior to conversion? It would have been privately owned but still carrying with a new BW back cabin.
  5. George, even though I'm *new* I'd love to understand the humour! What worries me slightly is that there is an extraordinary amount of knowledge out there held in the old fashioned way: memory. I get so much useful information from kind, generous and passionate people with treasure chests full of the stuff that it worries me that most of this will not be able to be passed on and the world is at risk of slowly losing it. How can we pass this information into a more modern realm, like a book say?! :'P
  6. You got me there. What do you mean?!
  7. How much would a fully laden pair of big woolwichs have weighed?
  8. I bought a boat years ago with my girlfriend at the time. We have since split up and I am now the sole owner. We need to change the bill of sale so that it is only in one name. What is the best way to do this so that it is legitimate? She is happy signing etc but I don't know what paperwork is required.
  9. Zenataomm, thank you very very much for this. I will try this over the weekend. This is the first time I have been given a real detailed explanation. I hope I can get it going as I've had this engine for 5 years and never have done so. I will keep you posted as to how I get on. Cheers!
  10. Zenataomm that would be amazing if you can find it. Thanks!
  11. I have a Lister HR2 in my boat. I have only managed to hand start it after it has already been warmed up. i.e. start using starter motor, run it until its warm, shut it down, then hand start it using decompression levers one after t'other and voila. Am I just too weedy to hand start it cold or am i doing something wrong? Also, if you are to hand start, would you switch on the starter or not bother as it isn't being used? Hands up, I am not an expert. When I start my engine using the starter motor it fires up almost instantly. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated and I am tempted to try every evening next week until I manage to get the 'knack' or whatever it is I need... Cheers
  12. Hi Alan, Yes I am the current owner and we did speak a little while ago over Facebook if I remember correctly. We bought Cambourne from Mike (another Mike who is not your brother) who converted it into a liveaboard about 10 years ago. I have seen some images of Cambourne when it was privately owned but still carrying however not seen much else. I will try and get some digital versions of these photographs sent over so that I can post them up on another thread. Many thanks for your help. I shall carry on looking! Cheers!
  13. Does anyone have any more photos or details of Cambourne town class motor? Been following this thread and have seen one or two images but not much else. Absolutely love this thread by the way!
  14. I am thinking of getting a Victron Centaur 60amp 12v charger for a battery bank which has 6no Trojan 6v batteries arranged so that they are producing 12v and have 675AH at 12v. Will my 1Kw gennie be able to handle the loads required to run the charger? I am not entirely sure how to work out the loading....and I could not find this info on Victron website. I have solar power as well but want to make sure that if I get stuck and batteries need topping up, then I can with current generator... Thanks in advance!
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