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  1. Absolutely superb, nice one. Tim
  2. Found it ! , goes on to say when tied up there he visited the local ' Flea pit ' . I heard that expression a few times as a boy.. THANKS AGAIN Tim.
  3. Thank you . I've managed to find a ref in Maidens trip, putting it on the Bottom road which confirms the same, I'll go look in Tom foxon's Tim
  4. Hi, could somebody Kindly tell me where abouts the stopping place Known as ' the Pictures' on the BCN is situated, thanks Tim
  5. Hi I was wondering if anything has happened with the Belmont as yet, i have a few bit and pieces I bought a long time ago, but they are in poor repair Tim
  6. Yes the pound that runs along by the side of the allotments , but also one towards the bottom of flight. Spoke to the guys this morning working on piling at Rawnhill, they wern't aware, but i never went that way to see if it was still empty.
  7. The paddles have been lifted and left up.
  8. Two pounds drained on the Atherstone flight when I walked by this morning, Allotment pound, and one above lock 7, no notices posted, so not sure if its Kids or suchlike.
  9. Glenngoozler


  10. Thanks For your reply, in that case one area has turned into a pick nick area, the other is rather less obvious. Tim
  11. Hi could you say which No locks these were on please thanks Tim.
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