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  1. Adie - You may be aware that I wrote and published two books which contain a photo and details of all known historic ex-working narrowboats (Historic Working Narrow Boats Today vols. 1 & 2). Between them, they contain not far off a thousand boats. You can see more about them at www.canalbookshop.co.uk/canalbookshop%20books.html . I didn't know about your ice boat - but do now! Although a new edition of the booksis not imminent, I try to keep the electronic copy of the book up to date, ready for the day. Might I please use your photo? If so, please PM me with your full name, as we attribute photos to whoever took them. Many thanks. Peter, CanalBookShop
  2. Hastings

    Cabin Strings

    Although our shop is closed until the end of February, we can help if you phone us on 01270 811059 - or you can order Knots for the Cut from our book website at http://www.canalbookshop.co.uk/knots.html
  3. Hastings

    Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    Merely out of curiosity you understand ...... and I fully appreciate there aren't many built after 1960 ....... but off the top of my head I can think of three ...... so why not? I seem to remember a thread on here some while ago which listed around 14 or 17 boats that have been built as cargo carrying narrow boats since the 1960s. But the key is that this is a show of historic boats, so we draw the line somewhere. 1960 saw the last boats built for carriers who had been going for decades, or a considerable number of years. Just about all boats built since then have (I believe) been one-offs for individual people, none of whom traded under the names seen prior to 1960. No doubt someone will now tell me how wrong I am - but I'm still drawing the line at 1960! And taking pedantry to the extreme, but "built up to 1960" would actually exclude those built throughout 1960! Alan, you are of course right. Can I amend that to "built up to the end of 1960"? Pedant alert over, I hope!
  4. This year's (10th) annual gathering of historic boats at Audlem on the Shroppie is on 28/29 July. Though a fair few boats are already booked in, we still have space for more. An ex-working boat built up to 1960 is invited to book in - please email info@audlemmill.co.uk.
  5. Hastings


  6. Hastings

    Book Reviewer Wanted

    We might consider stocking your new book in our shop at Audlem Mill on the Shroppie, and on our website CanalBookShop.co.uk. We stock by far the widest selection of canal books in Britain (at least 500 titles). When you know more, please contact us with details about the book, trade price etc. Best wishes Peter Silvester
  7. Hastings

    Scottish guide book(s)

    We sell both of these books at http://www.canalbookshop.co.uk/scotland.html Peter Canal Book Shop
  8. Hastings

    New Book On Towpath Tractor Driver

    Thanks Tim It worked, and I have replied! Peter
  9. Hastings

    New Book On Towpath Tractor Driver

    Hello Tim Can you please advise if we can buy this book on a trade basis for sale in our shop at Audlem Mill on the Shroppie, and our website www.canalbookshop.co.uk Thanks Peter Silvester
  10. Hastings

    Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2017

    Just four weeks to go to the Gathering at Audlem on the Shroppie on 29/30 July. We have 30 boats booked in, but can still accept entries from historic ex-working boats. Just email info@audlemmill.co.uk
  11. Hastings

    Bad news, good news on the painting front.

    That would have been Roger Wickson, and he does still paint the occasional item. We sometimes have his excellent Polesworth style work for sale at Audlem Mill. And we published the book that Dave Moore kindly mentioned - Jane Marshall's "Roses & Castles", which is full of photos of historic cans etc. Surprisingly, none was painted in China!
  12. Hastings

    Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2017

    Yes it does, in that the whole Gathering is along the towpath, with gentle slopes and no steps. And car parking is in a flattish field right by the canal - there's no parking actually at the event, but the field parking is only 100 yards from the nearest part of the event. Bring your BW toilet key, as there's a sanitary station at Audlem Wharf, next to the Shroppie Fly pub (with level access). Peter Sorry we won't see you, but hopefully at some time in the future. Peter.
  13. Hastings

    Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2017

    Well, I did attach it, but it hasn't appeared! I'll email you the form, Alan, and anyone else can email info@audlemmill.co.uk, and we'll email it. Peter
  14. This two day event is on 29/30 July, and takes place in the bottom three pounds of the Audlem flight of 15 locks on the Shropshire Union Canal. Entry is free to spectators, and there is also no charge for historic boats to take part. However, numbers are limited, so it's worth contacting us as soon as you can to secure a place. Entry is open to any ex-working narrow boat built up to 1960. Further details and booking form are attached. Please email info@audlemmill.co.uk
  15. Hastings

    R.I.P. Steve Miles

    Yes, and he wrote some under his own name, and also published others, such as boating biography A Horse, A Boat, and You

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