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  1. No, it wasn't that photo or even a GW prairie, but was taken, if I can remember right, in the nineteenth century when railway branch lines were being built. But I have no idea where it was, or where I saw it. It was probably like the photo of the prairie - photo taken during a flood, or photoshopped (except there weren't such things when I saw the photo).
  2. There was one canal (but I can't remember which) where they laid railway track along the canal bed and ran trains in the canal, but I don't think this experiment lasted long. The bow wave must have done some damage, and there might have been some rust problems?
  3. Absolutely right Dave. I recently talked to Harry Arnold's widow and daughter about this, but I suspect that it might be a slow process. There were rather a lot of photos! Peter
  4. You can get all the Working Waterways series (and hundreds of other canal books and guides) at canalbookshop.co.uk, or call at Audlem Mill on the Shroppie.
  5. John I'd love to get John to record his canal related experieces, as it would make fascinating reading, but I fear it won't happen. I've known John for nearly 40 years on and off, and I have heard lots of experiences. I gather that his first canal related role was as office boy in about 1948 or 1949 in the IWA office in Robert Aickman's house in Gower Street, WC1. Perhaps his memories on that might be interesting!
  6. To clarify the rights to books. The first eight of the ten books in the Working Waterways series were published by Mark Baldwin in the 1980s-1990s with permission of the copyright owners, though some had (due to having been written often much earlier) been previously put out by other publishers. John Lawes published the final two, again with permission, after having acquired the rights to the first eight books from Mark Baldwin. Hence there is another edition of "Maidens' Trip" available, and possibly of another title. We at CanalBookShop at Audlem Mill are now the sole distributor to the
  7. We at Audlem Mill (CanalBookShop) still buy books wholesale from John Lawes at Belmont in Harrow, and in fact we are now the sole trade distributors for the ten books in the Working Waterways series to which he has the publishing rights (e.g. Idle Women, Maidens' Trip, Troubled Waters) - which we have listed on Amazon - and the Robert Wilson series (e.g. FMC, The George & The Mary) - most of which we have on Amazon. He still operates Belmont (1948) from his house in Harrow, where he has lived for decades. (Note that he has traded as The Belmont Press, also for decades, but is not connect
  8. We're planning the annual gathering of historic boats at Audlem, which will be held on 24/25 July 2021 (Boris permitting). Already, 20 boats have booked in. Please email info@audlemmill.co.uk with any enquiries or to book a boat in, or phone Peter on 01270 811059 (applications can only be accepted for ex-working boats built up to 1962). Please note that we do not have commercial stands at this event.
  9. CRT advised yesterday that Hack Green Lock will be closed for repair from Wednesday 21 October; repairs likely to take one week. Last passage through for the week will be Tuesday 20th, up to 2.30pm
  10. CanalBookShop has the widest selection of canal books and guides in Britain, and we've been selling them for 10 years or more. We post anywhere in the world. But we have the same problem at the moment - several Nicholsons guides have been out of print for quite a while; currently, four are awaited. Check our website at https://canalbookshop.co.uk/nicholsons.html for the latest availability.
  11. Just in case you're interested, we are publishing a new edition of John Knill's Navy, with some original photos, plus many others. It should be available by late summer/early autumn. Peter, CanalBookShop
  12. The Audlem gathering on 25/26 July has just been cancelled, and we're planning for the 2021 event on 24/25 July
  13. Various pounds at Audlem have been low or empty over the last week, due, as has been said, to virtually no flow coming down through Adderley, where the canal is still closed until a dam round the repair site can be removed (the dam men might be busy somewhere else with floods?). So it's pretty academic whether the Audlem flight is open or not. If going up, you reach Adderley locks - closed, and no winding hole when you get there. If going down, you can get to Barbridge, where again there's a closure awaiting dam removal, and nowhere to turn. And Hurleston bottom lock (where at l
  14. You can also get Richard Dean's historic map of Birmingham canals from CanalBookShop
  15. We definittely have a couple of copies of Ray Shill's book "The Industrial Canal, The Railway Interchange Trade" at CanalBookShop. This is the standard (and perhaps only) work devoted to railway interchange basins, and it's required reading if you want to know about them. We also have "The Other Sixty Miles". These books are of course secondhand. We may have a copy of the Blue Book, correctly known as "Birmingham Canal Navigations, A Cruising and Walking Guide", but I can't check tonight.
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