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  1. David - I could be wrong, of course, but that's what two separate people who'd been there told me. No doubt we'll hear more later.
  2. The Audlem flight (Shropshire Union Canal) is closed at lock 2, as the bumper on the cill was lifted out of position this morning by a boat going uphill. CRT have inspected, and will report more tomorrow. By late pm, there was a total of 21 boats waiting to go through.
  3. Not as far as I know - and we live next door to it, and were involved in some discussions with CRT.
  4. Having carried out more research in Audlem, I can now confirm that the crane erected on Audlem Wharf in the early 1970s is definitely a Great Western Railway crane that came from inside the goods shed at Audlem station (which was on the Wellington to Nantwich double tracked secondary main line). I have spoken to two people involved in its renoval after their firm bought the site after closure. I found this out just in time to include the information in my new book "Audlem Locks - A Walk Through History", from www.canalbookshop.co.uk
  5. Hi Sorry it's off, but I' sure you can understand why. I'll check our Facebook and web pages! Peter
  6. As you will know, the Government has postponed the removal of COVID restrictions until 19 July – at the earliest. The Downing Street briefing last night also particularly highlighted the significant, and growing, number of cases of COVID in the north west, which Audlem is in. In these circumstances, it is impractical to go ahead with this year’s Gathering of Historic Boats at Audlem on 24/25 July. Beside the work and expense that would need to be committed over the next few weeks, there can be no guarantee that the date will not be put back again. We are also very concerned about the significant growth in COVID cases anticipated in the north west over the next few weeks. We are therefore sorry to announce that we must cancel this year’s event, and we are sure you will understand the reasons. But please accept our apologies. Hopefully we should be ok for next year! The event will be on 30/31 July 2022, and we hope to see you then. Peter and Christine Silvester Audlem Mill
  7. I'm nearly 75, and I went to the Pictures regularly in my teens - the 1950s-1960s. I lived in a Thames-side town in Buckinghamshire, and going to the cinema was universally known as "going to the Pictures". The Flicks was hardly used, and was a slang term.
  8. Correction to the quoted website - it's canalbookshop.co.uk (with a co before the uk)
  9. MECCA is on the left (taken some years ago in Braunston)
  10. By that I presume you mean BILSTER, EDGEWARE and GLOSSOR to name but a few.
  11. As you know, we're at Audlem. If you're going north, you're a bit short of destinations. North of Nantwich, there's normally three ways you can go, but ... Llangollen closed from Monday near its start due to a culvert problem (possibly for a few days, but could be a month or two); Chester Canal closed near Beeston till early summer probably; and the New Cut (Middlewich Arm) closed at Stanthorne for a week or two from Monday. Why not just stay in Audlem and enjoy all the pubs, cafes and shops. No point trying to go anywhere!
  12. True, David, I forgot Delhi, and I shouldn't have, especially as it's now spelt correctly again!
  13. The boat in LMS colours is Tebay, built in 1929 - and it was one of the boats converted to be a long distance butty. But it's now about 52'
  14. Sorry, but we can only reserve places within the three pounds we use for the event, so we have no control over who moors around the Weaver aqueduct. It will be first come, first served. Best of luck! Peter
  15. I'm not trying to defend the shelf, but I believe that much of the Shroppie was in any case built as a V section, with a flat bottom, so sides were not vertical, and mooring would always have been difficult. This ties in with the fact that this canal (Birmingham & Liverpool Junction, from Cut End at Autherley to Nantwich) was built for fly-boating, where boats would only stop at wharves - which of course still have vertical sides. There was then no need to stop anywhere else.
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