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  1. One way to simplify the computer side of things is to get a 12v screen, which may end up being a 12v telly with HDMi input, to work with a laptop that is also powered by 12v.
  2. The referendum was in 2016 ...
  3. I wouldn't press too hard with the brush, that stern is waffer thin.
  4. Righto - don't forget to count yourselves in the load.
  5. On a side note, that's 230kg of liquid if they're both full, probably enough to take you over the vehicles safe / legal weight. With impeccable timing, we acquired a motorhome last year .... you can maximise the time the cassette lasts by not putting any water in when you charge it, just the 'blue'liquid (ideally the green stuff, so you're cesspit friendly). It's also not unknown for the chaps to take advantage of darkness and not necessarily use it. Grey water can be just as much of an issue, dropping it in to surface water drains or just letting it run into the verge is getting Motorhomers a bad name.
  6. A couple of things spring to mind: Typically the hull depth of a boat built for carrying will be more than one built for cruising, so do some guesstimates of what it will carry safely and if that's a commercially viable amount. When empty, it's going to be high at the front end - is that going to be an issue for the wheelchair user?
  7. If you've got a wetvac and need to adapt the nozzle, why not just suck the water out?
  8. Just about .. it was certainly well cooked.
  9. I have developed a theory that yellow weather warnings are sent out by the folks who manage our county's gritters. If you see one the weather's not going to be too bad.
  10. Whoa there ... a number of contributors on Thunderboat expressing an opinion doesn't mean we all agree with them any more than it does here.
  11. Proably worth taking the fronts off all the sockets. I had this, admittedly in the garden shed, - a particularly fat slug had managed to bridge the live and earth on it's travels. Also it's not unheard of for wires to work loose, I've no idea how.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Don't go half measures ...
  14. Be fair, almost everything except coloured sand has to come across from the mainland.
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