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  1. Possibly a victim of it's own success. Did good work in the days of Double Diamond, Stones Bitter and Red Barrel.
  2. twbm

    New member, first post tommorow

    I wondered the same. Apparently real eggs were used to celebrate spring, new life and so-on in pagan times and like many such rituals the Church modified / capitalised on / stole them for their own purposes, the resurrection being a neat fit for that particular one. Some time later, marketing was invented.
  3. twbm

    Falling in.

    If that was between 1989 and 1993, that local bobby was me ....
  4. twbm

    Falling in.

    I recommend the Royal Oak at Fritham, 16th Century, real ale from cask to glass and excellent ploughmans lunches. Being a BH it will be busy. If you fancy a scenic route around the Forest from where you are, pm me.
  5. twbm

    Full monty

    I watched the programme last night and was left full of admiration for the women who were clearly doing something way, way outside their comfort zone for a good cause. I asked Mrs twbm is she'd do the same, her not being averse to topless sunbathing when on the south coast of France and she was adamant that in such circumstances she absolutely would not. She too was full of admiration. I think the Mirror's reporting style has cheapened the event by writing in the style of a 13 yr old ('no boobies were seen by home viewers'). No surprises there. The male version is just being re-run on one of our cable channels, so off to watch that.
  6. You are unfortunately looking in two of the most expensive counties in the UK. You may be better looking for farm / industrial land away from the water with good access for the sort of wagon that would be needed to shift the finished boat. And remember to add enough to the estimated costs to cover inflation over the far-more-than-you-expected time to complete.
  7. twbm

    Moving on red flags

    The answer is surely in the small print of the individual policy.
  8. To be fair the number of trains that Southern actually manage to run probably means that's OK.
  9. Can you not get enough grip for the required tweak with some long nosed pliers?
  10. twbm

    Short height steerer

    It's been said but to reiterate, this is as much about learning to gauge what the boats doing in the water and where the front is in relation to other stuff. When approaching locks uphill, ask the crew to leave the gates shut and practice motoring up slowly* until your just touching them, or a foot short if you prefer. When you steer the boat around bends note where the pivot point is - usually just back from the half way point. Use a lifebelt or similar to mark the spot until you're sure you've found it. Between the two you should then be able to build a picture in your minds eye of what the boats up to in relation to the banks, bridges and other boats. All the above is relevant in clear water. The advance course is about learning to notice when the boat tells you you're moving into shallows, cutting the corner too much or going too fast for the available depth: veering away from the shallows / refusing to turn into the corner despite your best efforts, breaking wave going out from the stern on the shallow side(s) or just being an awkward bastard to steer. Get all that about right and you'll be standing pretty much in the same place all the time, reminiscent of being stood in the hatch on a trad back end. * I would hope slowly is obvious but didn't want to be accused of encouraging ramming the gates.
  11. twbm


    Les Dawson I think.
  12. twbm


    We have about half an inch in my part of Hants. Having checked the webcams the populace seems to have used that as an excuse to stay at home and bunkered down. Perhaps foolishly we're off in to town so I can test drive my one week old new left hip on the level floor in the probably mostly empty shopping centre. What could possibly go wrong.
  13. twbm

    Audlem Gathering of Historic Boats 2018

    There are those who would say Sankey Canal, 1757.
  14. Here you go. http://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Beaded-MDF-Panel-6-x-607-x-1220mm/p/190140
  15. Wickes do what I think is very similar in MDF but it's a painted finish. If I've understood right, Search 'beadboard'.