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  1. Many years ago I used to steer an ex-Amsterdam waterbus on the Bridgewater. Steering position was about 12 feet back from the bow of a 48ft boat. Spent about 60% of my time watching the back end.
  2. Would the shape be anything to do with the technology available the time the first metal boats were made - i.e. rivets, big hammers and forges? The S shape would have been relatively easy to create, and avoids the weak spot that a simple right angle would introduce as the stress is distributed around the bend to the substantial square 'ole where it joins the rudder that I can't remember the name of.
  3. twbm

    Six Nations

    Aye. back in the day, about a hundred of us for football at Burnden Park when Bolton were at home. Four for occasions when it was used for Rugby.
  4. One more variable - the exact location of the Kettle. Is Mrs Bob positioning it to heat the flame cut out more efficiently?
  5. Done a bit of Googling on this. It MAY be that if you unplug the appliance for a full three minutes it will reset. Can't do any harm, might do some good.
  6. A company I know of locally has set their system up so they can transfer 'unreasonable' callers to a looped recording of screaming monkeys.
  7. I stopped my small donations to CWDF after the 'cull' referred to above. At the time I thought the moderation inconsistent and formed the opinion that the suggestions of an 'inner circle' were not unfounded, so went elsewhere. Having dropped back in for a bit longer than normal I'm not seeing any notable changes. Meanwhile the other place has evolved from what was an undeniably a coarse and immature beginning into a forum with much good humour and useful information to be had, with the odd 'no need for that' posts being a very small and easily avoidable minority. There may in fact be some lessons to be learned from that.
  8. The apps that you can't uninstall can be disabled which stops them affecting the phone too much. If you're prepared to spend a few quid, as well as antivirus, AVG do a cleaner app that will recommend which apps to hibernate, remove etc.
  9. From a local paper ... The name Sandy Balls dates back to the reign of King Henry VII when "sandyballas", domed sand and gravel outcrops on the site's western boundary first appeared on historic maps. .. not far from Deadmans Bottom.
  10. Nah mate, you haven't been anywhere near insulted. If you'd like to subscribe to a site where you can experience being properly insulted by experts, PM me for details.
  11. I used floor paint on a boat roof some years ago. It didn't last long - basically it's just not the right stuff for the job as alluded to above.
  12. I have met a a few doctors who do not drink in moderation.
  13. I bought a similarly cheap and cheerful own brand random orbital sander from B&Q years ago (unnamed grey thing), and have had lot of success with it. I tend to go for medium to coarse disc initially and then a finer one to finish but it saves so much time it's no big deal doing things twice. It is worth avoiding the suspiciously cheap discs as suggested.
  14. Cells in cities are plentiful, covering small geographic areas, but for a reason. It could simply be the sheer volume of others users on the same cell as you all competing for a finite amount of bandwidth. If your'e near flats, a lot of folk don't bother with broadband in rented accommodation and rely on mobile service. You may find it's better on weekdays during the day when at least some will be out at work. What you absolutely shouldn't do is see if you can see someone's unprotected WiFi and use that.
  15. twbm

    Visa meltdown.

    If only the wedding hadn't been arranged at such short notice and with so little publicity - you might have been able to rearrange things. ?
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