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  1. Yes, this. If you haven't got a Google account they are very easy to set up. You'll end up with a .gmail.com email address which you can then use to log in to Google on your PC or any other Google friendly device. Once you've done that any photo you take will be uploaded to a cloud based server and be accessible via the Google photo App from any device you log in to, including a future new phone or tablet as long as it's Android based. Having just set up a new laptop for my 84 cyr old cyber-grannie mother-in-law I noted that Microsoft have introduced an 'S' Mode for Windows 10 which dresses itself as a security measure, but seems more about keeping Google Apps and Google Chrome off it. You'll have to use the Edge browser, but set Google as your home page and log in, or you can switch S Mode off and load Chrome. I'm not sure how wise that is to do, so chose not to.
  2. Oh - it was Fosters then ..
  3. I'm with Morrisons - Tesco take the risk of accepting back recapped bottles of cold tea.
  4. The black line indicates the pole. The one at the bottom is correct, with the pole sticking up. The one at the top is wrong as the broad white band should be on top against the pole, in this instance supported by skyhooks.
  5. A few years ago I wound the stern rope on to the prop of a historic boat whilst reversing, and was keen to avoid hours with a hook or a dip in the River Wey in November. I'd seen it happening so was holding the rope with the engine running, having managed to get it into neutral. Fully expecting to be dragged off the boat, I put it in forward - and was astounded to see the rope unwind again as if it was coming off a reel. Was there anyone around to be impressed? 'Course not.
  6. Possibly only dead for tax purposes? It's been done before. Or possibly will have been done before.
  7. That would have been Paul (I think) the Australian? She was lucky not leave wearing her food!
  8. Umm ... no, never used it. Not bovvered.
  9. I think the answer's in the title. Spend the money on a really good shower and if you want a bath, get out of the floating box, and go to a spa.
  10. I use Rental Cars .com and usually find a very good rate from one of the less well known suppliers (who are often connected with one of the bigger ones anyway). The other thing I do is buy my own annual car hire excess insurance for about £50 per annum so I don't need to pay the extra £30-odd a time for full cover. Working in Glasgow next week for two days - got a car rented at the airport for £45, which will be cheaper than using taxis. (Just looked, Skoda Octavia for three days in Southampton is £70). The downside is the companies do ask for a lot of paperwork i.e. License + Passport + Utility bill(s) before they let you take the car
  11. Our beer glasses are toughened, and are prone to spontaneously self destruct on occasions, usually when empty and often when stacked with other glasses. I'm reliably informed that glass is technically a liquid, and what happens is 'supercyrstallisation', which can be triggered by contact, stress, a gentle tap with the right shaped tool (escape windows on buses) or even certain sound frequencies.
  12. This wil maybe give you some help with which test pots to start with .... but it's all influenced by your screen, or printer. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/RAL_Colourchart.asp Having had two windows open side by side I'm stuck between Gentian Blue or Cobalt Blue.
  13. If you like Indian food it's worth considering the Black Horse / Essence of India just up the road in Marton. Unless things have changed they will come and pick you up.
  14. Many years ago I used to steer an ex-Amsterdam waterbus on the Bridgewater. Steering position was about 12 feet back from the bow of a 48ft boat. Spent about 60% of my time watching the back end.
  15. Would the shape be anything to do with the technology available the time the first metal boats were made - i.e. rivets, big hammers and forges? The S shape would have been relatively easy to create, and avoids the weak spot that a simple right angle would introduce as the stress is distributed around the bend to the substantial square 'ole where it joins the rudder that I can't remember the name of.
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