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  2. twbm

    HR Joint

    This was a cross threaded and thus not tight 12v connection on my brand new car last year. The bit thats missing is a melted, but not blown, 200amp fuse and the other post. About two minutes away from the plastic catching fire when we found the problem.
  3. Five families have had a cash-only monopoly for over a hundred years. I suspect they could swap the fleet out for electric boats quite easily, but would have to explain where the money came from.
  4. One way to simplify the computer side of things is to get a 12v screen, which may end up being a 12v telly with HDMi input, to work with a laptop that is also powered by 12v.
  5. I wouldn't press too hard with the brush, that stern is waffer thin.
  6. Righto - don't forget to count yourselves in the load.
  7. On a side note, that's 230kg of liquid if they're both full, probably enough to take you over the vehicles safe / legal weight. With impeccable timing, we acquired a motorhome last year .... you can maximise the time the cassette lasts by not putting any water in when you charge it, just the 'blue'liquid (ideally the green stuff, so you're cesspit friendly). It's also not unknown for the chaps to take advantage of darkness and not necessarily use it. Grey water can be just as much of an issue, dropping it in to surface water drains or just letting it run into the verge is getting Motorhomers a bad name.
  8. A couple of things spring to mind: Typically the hull depth of a boat built for carrying will be more than one built for cruising, so do some guesstimates of what it will carry safely and if that's a commercially viable amount. When empty, it's going to be high at the front end - is that going to be an issue for the wheelchair user?
  9. If you've got a wetvac and need to adapt the nozzle, why not just suck the water out?
  10. Just about .. it was certainly well cooked.
  11. I have developed a theory that yellow weather warnings are sent out by the folks who manage our county's gritters. If you see one the weather's not going to be too bad.
  12. Whoa there ... a number of contributors on Thunderboat expressing an opinion doesn't mean we all agree with them any more than it does here.
  13. Proably worth taking the fronts off all the sockets. I had this, admittedly in the garden shed, - a particularly fat slug had managed to bridge the live and earth on it's travels. Also it's not unheard of for wires to work loose, I've no idea how.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Be fair, almost everything except coloured sand has to come across from the mainland.
  16. An epic case of 'Brain to Bollocks, you have control'.
  17. Yep, freely available at camping / caravan suppliers like Go Outdoors, recently swapped out a 12v TV and signal booster to work with them.
  18. £700m of that wil be swallowed up by consutants and project managers.
  19. You're in an area where you'll be using hard water most of the time. Given how much you're affected I can't think of a good reason why you shouldn't fit a small domestic water softener into the system once you've done the hard work cleaning it out, and stop the problem before it starts. If you don't want to fill the entire shower with soap bubbles, fit it where it just serves the toilet supply. Viakal is good stuff, works on all our porcelain in the bar in Southampton where the water is very hard. Phos is another one, but needs to be used carefully.
  20. Aye, so accepting it's grey and black water, point taken .... emptying grey only from a boat into surface water drain such as you'd get at the side of a road or on pedestrian area is a no-no. Much of the urban canal systems go through older urban areas. I think we agree with each other.
  21. In modern developments, surface water and domestic grey water are separated and the water authorities get quite animated if grey water goes down the wrong one. This probably isn't an issue in a lot of canal side locations, but you'd have to pick your spot and maybe avoid some recently 'gentrified' wharves where they don't like boats.
  22. Having recently purchased a motorhome, I started using it with an 'I've been boating so I get the 12v / limited water etc style of living' approach. It's different, mostly because of the limited capacities, exacerbated by the low but real risk of being taken to a weighbridge - a full fresh water and waste tank can take you way over the max vehicle weight, changes the vehicle handling enough to be a nuisance, as well as not being usable without dumping grey water somewhere you shouldn't, so water management is a daily consideration. Motorhomes have one big advantage - gravity empties the tank. Thinking of any boat I've ever hired / owned / had a ride on, there's going to be some expensive re-working required to get a grey water capability that can cope with the fresh water capacity. The obvious place might be where the fresh water is, replacing a single tank with two - but even then there would be a lot of extra waste pipe work, and maybe pumps, to get through bilges / bulkeads etc., and an obvious drop in capacity. If the tank is a structural part of the boat that wonlt help either. Another option for those with pumpouts would be to go to cassette toilet and convert the pump out tank, or just route grey water to it and pay to have it emptied more often - but again more waste pipes to route, and noting the comments re septic tanks.
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