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  1. I have seen the recent discussions regarding previous owners of White Heather, your son being one of those owners. The last owner provided a lot of history and documentation which was much appreciated. Steve
  2. Only just returned to this thread and noticed the comments and old photos of Progress. I knew some of its history and when i spotted it on the GU and I managed to get a picture of the stern. That was in 1972! A bit blurred I am afraid, but the colours are still correct. My goodness, nearly half a century ago.
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  4. I have another photo of the same butty which shows more of the grey and orange paintwork. This was Foxton Boat Services livery and my photo has "Virginis and another butty" recorded on it.
  5. Good evening. This my first rather nervous post. I thought that you all may find another picture of an early Jaguar of interest. I took this photo in 1971 at Foxton on my very first canal trip.
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