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Atherstone - what is notable about this picture?!


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Images side by side:



Obviously the gate paddles. Presence of then, lack of now, hence they are such slow fillers.

Mmmmmm, the gate paddles are sorely missed. Nobody has mentioned the lock ladder, or cilly square bollards yet I don't think...?



In many ways the most notable thing is how little its changed.


Very nice house.




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I bet there wasn't an ill-positioned water point on the lock landing when the first picture was taken either!


(We worked out when we worked down the flight the other day that stopping for a fill up would just about equal the time that some of the crew needed to go shopping - we were spot on with our estimation!)

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Bottom Lock gates left open.


Did the bridge carry a railway? As there appears to be a level indicator on the LHS of photo by wall. Also one of the telegraphic poles is not in line with the others and it has too many cross arms for a sub or carrier pole off the main route.


Looking at Google Earth it doesn't appear to be Atherstone Top Lock, as on GE there's no lock cottage and no bridge at the tail. I believe it is Lock No 5.


ETA no railway but the WCML is very close, pole must be a trunk route on the Watling Street as in its day it was a major trunk road..


Also I'll go with the earlier suggestion, no side pond. In the 1944 image on GE there appears to be no side pond.

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