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    A whole lot heavier too.
  2. 1 point
    Really? Most people are really bad at risk assessments. Some mandatory aids and laws do help.
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    Crash helmets on motorbike riders and seat belts worn in vehicles had to be made legal requirements because people wrongly assessed the risks.
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    No it is not the same. You are jeopardising the 3rd party if you produce CO, by having your own alarm it tells you to stop / switch off the offending appliance. By your logic you shouldn't need to have fire extinguishers - if you set light to another boat you'd rely on them to have their own extinguishers. What a selfish attitude and not one I would have expected from a member of this forum.
  5. 1 point
    That is probably because whoever installed it or repaired it know putting them (and heater plug cables) is asking for problems.
  6. 1 point
    Must be something wrong with ours then as the 170hp diesel in there doesn't shake it at all! As the chap at Burton Waters found out last year when his petrol boat exploded when refuelling taking out the fuel berth and another boat!
  7. 1 point
    I think he may of had to turn the gas off at the bottle, removed his manometer and then searched his pocket for the test nipple plug, screwed it in and turned the bottle back on, during which time gas will leave the pipework to be replaced with air, His subsequent test that the nipple is gas tight will be fine with air in the pipes. Yes? It was only a suggestion not a declaration of war.
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    As an example of compliance with the BSS statement......... If a CO alarm prevents a death it also prevents potential harm to the rescue and emergency services and to surviving relatives dealing with the deceased and who will be exposed to potential harm in the form of stress related issues . This could include members of the waterways workforce . There have been deaths in recent years due to CO on petrol engined boats . I recall one was when an engine was left running and the exhaust fumes were blown int the boat. Another where a faulty exhaust from a fitted generator caused CO inside the boat killing a woman an a child. These deaths could potentially have been prevented by a CO alarm alerting the victims. Bear in mind a petrol engined boat or generator could be run near your diesel engined boat and cause a CO build up. Also a faulty gas appliance or blocked ventilation plus use of a gas appliance or use of any fuel burning appliance could cause a CO build up. I think a smoke alarm and a CO alarm should be mandatory as being functional at the time of the BSS test and maintained at all times as with all other BSS requirements . The appropriate standard for the alarm should be indicated in the BSS requirement. These alarms are not particularly expensive items costing about £20 for a CO alarm and lasting 7 years and smoke alarms costing less than £10 . The alarm in each case may be tested by pressing a test button and also often by observing for an occasional blinking green diode. This takes a minute to do and should not be a reason to add a charge to the BSS examination fee. It is easy to test the alarms yourself once in a while. Among other boating costs I suggest the expense should not be considered a barrier. Fitting a CO alarm takes no work at all - it may sit on a shelf. Smoke alarms come with self adhesive pads to stick them to the ceiling. I do feel the British Standard for CO alarms lacks clarity as some alarms suitable on motorhomes and caravans may not be certified as suitable on boats despite all falling under the same standard. The boat certified alarms do not seem to be any more costly - more a matter that the maker has not sought boat certification. I have a smoke alarm and a CO alarm in my house too. I am guessing the objectors to such alarms do not? As for life jackets ................................ let's leave that for some other time .
  9. 1 point
    Does your narrowboat not have any bulkheads?
  10. 1 point
    I find that difficult to accept. I can think of many instances where the siting of an alarm might be considered an eyesore by the owners, but not that they can not be fitted. (Still think it shouldn't be added to the BSS though.)

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