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    Years ago in the 1950', 60's and 70's vertually everyone with diesel vehicles used easystart on cold winters mornings, the air reeked of it especially Barkingside Ilford where most of the Black cabs lived with the 2.2 engines which thrived on it. It was easier than lighting bonfires under the engine and wafting lighted newspaper torches over the air intake. In my 50 years in the motor trade I honestly can't remember an engine being damaged by it, although their life may have been shortened a bit. I remember a truck with a Perkins P6 in it that started up backwards on easystart, quite frightening as the governor didn't work in that direction, Engine screaming. Exhaust poured out of the air intake and air sucked in through the exhaust pipe. Forward gears became reverse and reverse became forward. The driver managed to stall it up against a wall which burnt the clutch out, but the engine was still a goodun.
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    If you think you need to behave in a way that is close to getting banned, in order to get your point across, you are obviously not very good at getting your point across. I'm beginning to understand why you feel a need to resort to insults on a quite regular basis.
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    A whole lot heavier too.
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    Agree. And how long until there is a full closure due to the leak in the Twyford pound? Spoke with a permanent moorer in passing today. He stated the problem has been on going for eight weeks. This morning, before water was drawn down, the pound was unnavigable. It's robbing Peter to pay Paul without locating the issue re water loss.
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    Really? Most people are really bad at risk assessments. Some mandatory aids and laws do help.
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    Crash helmets on motorbike riders and seat belts worn in vehicles had to be made legal requirements because people wrongly assessed the risks.
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    No it is not the same. You are jeopardising the 3rd party if you produce CO, by having your own alarm it tells you to stop / switch off the offending appliance. By your logic you shouldn't need to have fire extinguishers - if you set light to another boat you'd rely on them to have their own extinguishers. What a selfish attitude and not one I would have expected from a member of this forum.
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    That is probably because whoever installed it or repaired it know putting them (and heater plug cables) is asking for problems.
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    Must be something wrong with ours then as the 170hp diesel in there doesn't shake it at all! As the chap at Burton Waters found out last year when his petrol boat exploded when refuelling taking out the fuel berth and another boat!
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    I find that difficult to accept. I can think of many instances where the siting of an alarm might be considered an eyesore by the owners, but not that they can not be fitted. (Still think it shouldn't be added to the BSS though.)
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