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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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  1. Metric stupidity

    Could it be that in recent years the UK has manufactured less & less & bought in complete & part units that are/were produced in countries using metric measurements as they probably export to many countries & the UK being the odd bod out using imperial units so I would think it's a buy a metric unit or have a one model built just for the UK at extra cost which would put UK suppliers & consumers at a disadvantage
  2. Metric stupidity

    Are they related to Tournesol (Sunflowers)hats why they get confused when it's raining
  3. Metric stupidity

    If there's 2mm/3/32 "of ice outside he's probably stuck to the ground or "fros" in the cut
  4. Direct Line

    But dear old Harvey usually played hit man, cleaner upper, for the CIA & generally shady side of life parts in the films he had parts in
  5. Thames Moorings/Maid of Oak

    M of O is a Jem Bates build is it not? I seem to remember seeing a video of a side slip launch & with a frozon cut the bare hull being worked up to Bulbourne to the dock with "Severn"powered with the "Seffle" that came out of the "josher' I had "Lily" Thinking M of O is not to old a boat I presume the eye watering price is due to the mooring Have no idea of the layout power unit etc. Wonder the asking price without the mooring
  6. Just a thought could buying a boat in France more suitable for the Euro canal/river systems be less hassle than the UK buy /start route?
  7. Is that due to regular "Blacking " or just leaving as is? "Bum Bum"
  8. Moving on red flags

    Thanks for that Info nothing of that nature in my boating days 1958/1972 some times in the flood you would get through Derwent mouth & Sawley flood lock & Bert the Sawley lockkeeper wouldn't let you through from Sawley cut onto the bit of the Trent down to Trent lock/Cranfleet cut /River Soar
  9. Moving on red flags

    Can I ask what year was the Red boards,Lights etc.installed at Shardlow,River Soar, Trent, etc.
  10. Tunnel light

    It seems that the working boatmen managed to traverse darkness/tunnels with a lot less hassle than today' s leisure boater I'd guess eyesight doesn't come into it in the majority of cases so it's down to doing some thing more or less all day every day so Knowledge seems to be the difference they knew every twist/turn problem area etc. so darkness made no or little difference with lamp or otherwise Different "Gismo's" are thought to be the be all/end all but after a time the old well tried way is often as good if not better so ways are reverted back with much out cry on as if something new has been come up with the problem is the original working boatman is an ever decreasing number & modern day boaters in a lot of cases have had little or no contact with them. Shame; all would i'm sure benefit Although in the past their sight must of been considered as I remember Charlie Atkins Snr say of a fellow Anderton boatman "He doesn't need a headlamp as he comes out of the lift he could a see what was a happening in Middlewich Big Lock"
  11. Suggestions for storing boat May–July?

    The T&M above Stoke has the Cheshire locks the Llangollen i would think busy South end of the Maccky would be OK regarding few locks
  12. Tunnel light

    I remember being tied near Woodend lock with a single motor load of piles for Huddlesford in the mid 60's there was an horrendous& thunder storm & between the lightning flashes it really was pitch black around 9.45 pm i heard the sound of a boat coming I stood on the counter as it had stopped raining in time to see a loaded "Josher" motor slide by with no light at all followed by a butty at snubber length again no light at all a curt nod to both steerers & they were gone how they saw the cut ahead as I could just about see my fore end I will never know I could not see the names of the boats such was the darkness
  13. Tunnel light

    Switching on all the cabin lights with curtains/blinds open the light illuminates the tunnel walls no problem the headlamp is really not necessary so any std power spot/driving lamp is Ok set to shine up on the tunnel roof so as not to blind oncoming boats
  14. Archimedes & Ara photos

    I understood the guy convicted only worked the pair he didn't actually own them Stand corrected if I got it wrong
  15. My elder brother and I

    Dzus repair fasteners same company that made the cowling quarter turn fasteners On servicing the area was cut out "joggled" & an insertion patch fitted & riveted in still the same procedure in the early 50's when on detachment to Coastal Command during my required service in the RAF.