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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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  1. Don't know never gave "em" time to find out I was very naughty strapping "em" shut & pushing with the boat or thumb linning
  2. X Alan W

    Greasing nipples

    If you don"t have a grease gun look on Ebay & buy a "Wanner" almost the RR of grease guns
  3. As far as i under stood new gates balance beams were left long & when fitted cut to length also the "angle of dangle" of the heel post was also a factor I suppose the advent of steel gates & balance beams made the job harder also there was no mechanical handling set of sheer legs & chain block & tackle & fitted in a day or less no lengthy stoppages
  4. X Alan W

    Samuel Barlows Iona

    It could have been at Marple in 66 but think it"s home base was Norbury for the 68 season it failed its BOT test the fore end was held on by not much more than expanding foam.Norbury bought "Bellearophon" from BW & I went from Norbury to Hillmorton to tow it back for them it was fitted out & renamed "Iona" The girl who took over the steering of "Iona 2 wanted some where to live with her boyfriend I don't know the details of the deal but on a trip for Coronation Street filming I towed Iona 2 to Preston Brook & at the same time towed Iona 1 to Shebdon winding hole it was there for a time but during Hotel Boating passing Shebdon it had gone could have been 69 or 70 but could be wrong no idea were it went just some time later it had sunk /re floated but on lifting out for repairs/renovation several essential bits broke off IIRC Bnny Bunford (ex Gifford was some how involved) but no idea how although he & his wife were friends with the lass that worked the trip boat & as far as I know it was abandoned & broken up From other posts it seems it lived somewhat longer as Pete says long time past Nope that's the renamed Little Woolwich Iona 2
  5. Which all adds to the pollution along with military bases & the ports & thousands of trucks traversing the roads of the UK the size of the fuel bill used by UK's favorite trucking company covered in a tv program +they have ships & aircraft just seems if you are a fringe user you get the might of legislation fall on you while the BIG polluters get watered down restrictions
  6. X Alan W

    Canoes in Chirk Tunnel

    The horse would need several canoes for him/her self for tunnels with no towpaths😎
  7. Double gates in the days of commercial boating had replaceable wooden strips at the mitre joint if these wore causing leaks & the rest of the gates were OK or needed little work it was a quick & easy fix don't know if they are still fitted shame if not, cannot remember handrails having to be replaced/fixed because of thumb lining & single top gates had slam/push boards fitted single gate in some cases had an upstand opposite to the heel post to act as a strapping post & paddles can be dropped if braked by a hand on the windlass spindle Ham Baker paddle gear was designed to be dropped lack of maintenance of the rubber bump stops is the only reason damage occurs on this gear the past ways of lock working caused probably lees damage than present ways of working I think it is the lack of knowledge/ blow you Jack attitude by some present day boaters that causes damage Back in he working days God help you jf the other boaters found a stoppage had been caused by you damaging canal kit through knowingly doing something to cause it
  8. Back in the working era lock paddles were dropped (or left fully up)& boats were used to open /close gates either pushing or thumb lining gates open or strapping shut I did this fo 10 years & can't remember there being much or any damage caused to the lock gates etc difference I suppose was the users knew what did & what caused what + there were boots on the ground the un or little used canals were in a sorry state though but to get along was a "tirfor" pieces of ply wood or"wriggley tin "& ash for gate racking unless it was major problem it was a diy job & no thought of calling out BW difference guess was users were enthusiasts not casual users
  9. If what happens in your third paragraph & the mains "Leccy" goes "Phut" due to over demand your "leccy" motor vehicle on charge becomes a liability
  10. X Alan W

    Heartbreak Hill Duplicate Locks

    As said interconnecting the 2 locks the paddle gear was mainly half way width wise between the locks when it was 2 locks in use it was unwritten to use half a lockfull from the adjoining lock if it was set full & your lock was empty
  11. Granted it needs to include all polluters be they large or small but my "beef" legislation will be inflicted on the small groups & followed up to implement same the restrictions will be conveyed to air & sea travel & then the "Can't implement that, it will take X #of years to implement this, we can't do any thing it's a problem for the engine manufacturer, & the sloping shoulder big business loads of clout swings into action so the requirement of the biggies is watered down, but the small group have to conform to the original requirements mean while air travel & big business carry on polluting ,& small Joe Public has to foot his own bill to incorporate the required changes Joe Biggie company gets Gov grants to incorporate their watered down requirements if they do indeed bring them in at all other than on paper as an aside we live in an area that has a valley used by the French Air Force for training & the streams of black smoke, unburnt fuel coming from the jet pipe is OTT there is a strip of grass that is affected by the unburnt fuel falls on it as the height of the passes is twixt 100/200ft
  12. This is possibly so but the sheer numbers are the contributing factor with on average between 1250/1300 take offs & landings at Heath row as to fuel consumption not sure of gallon-age as fuel on aircraft is measured in LBS but as each gallon weighs 8 lbs it could be workout
  13. X Alan W

    Off there head really

    Reported as being 1980 construction which makes the price even more way out
  14. The exhaust out put of the 747 & the airbus A320 taking off from Heathrow & Gatwick at this moment possibly pollutes more than the fires/engine exhaust from the boats in the London area for the whole day but it's much easier to take boater to task than try to sort Airlines look how long the noise reduction took

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