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X Alan W

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    Midi Pyrenees FRANCE
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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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    Retired Areo Engineer
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  1. X Alan W

    Difficulty in choosing a hire company

    If you turn right at the Ashby /Coventry Jcn it's not far to the locks & then turn left at Fradley & continue up the T&M theres enough locks to keep you busy a while
  2. It seems a shame that C&RT feel the need to diversify in seemingly every direction other than keeping the waterways up together they spend vast amounts of money on things that will yield very little in return whilst ignoring the parts they derive income from, the average person from a run down area that a canal passes through has little or no thought or interest for it other than it's an easy bike ride/walk along the towpath & has no thoughts if the water is drained or full to the normal level (if ever) & junk filled We have trod this path before in the 50's/70's when in general Joe Public wanted the rubbish filled ditches filled in, they were revived once I'm not so sure it would/could happen again So come on C&RT get your act together & concentrate on the job you are tasked with (Keeping the waterways viable ) not among other things however laudable of trying to solve the folk who live in depressed canal side area's mental /depression problems whilst the waterways deteriorate
  3. X Alan W

    Today's Catch

    The difference between the names used for places by the working boaters in their time & modern day place names used by today's boaters are similar to Welsh & English persons trying to have a conversation if you like me ceased boating soon after the end of carrying I find I still refer to the as was then place names & am confused some what by the names used today
  4. I think the boat you are intending is a style rather than a true variation of a (Tug) as you will possibly/probably never be involved in the towing of multiple unpowered boats your requirements for a large "torquie" power unit are not really a requirement there are many modern units of small in regard to vintage units that produce equal if not more power & will almost fit under the foot board /steps should you require this configuration as said it's your boat your call
  5. X Alan W

    Water Cans and Handbowls

    Some years ago I sourced half dozen miniature water cans which I duly decorated searching in some still packed boxes I came across one I still had (thought I had sold all) It is a true representation of a full size can with working lid ,handle, spout flap, etc. & fully decorated in the trad manner it is 5" high & base is 4'dia As I'm such a "numpty computer wise (& not learned how to put up photo's) if of any interest to any one if you message me your Email & I can send photos as attachments. Thanks.
  6. X Alan W

    The New CRT Logo

    It's not a new thing I remember when BW in their wisdom decided to change all their work equipment from painted blue to green& staff issued with green coveralls rather than blue then when most or all of this had been carried out for some unknown reason it was all changed back to blue No idea of the then cost but it could have had a better effect if it had been used for maintenance
  7. X Alan W

    Large Woolwich

    My method was the same as "Tams" but as stated our boating was money making (hopefully)& had time restraints the boating of today is a different setup;
  8. X Alan W

    Wee beasties

    TCP applied liberally
  9. X Alan W

    Bargee bill prop cleaner

    If you can get one a "Pigs Tail"rail way shunters pole sharpened up on the inside curly bit
  10. X Alan W

    Modern trend or brand spefic

    The Guppy's regular run is Houghton UK to Blagnac (Toulouse ) with sets of Mainplanes (Wings) for Air Bus industries did the trip back & forth many times in my years of working for ABI
  11. X Alan W

    Due Diligence

    I think that the thrill of or(otherwise) of being a boat owner blocks out possibly the advice /info given I remember trying to help /advise a young couple on what to do to get around problem they were having all I got to me explaining was "Yea Yea" & no notice was taken so I left them to it to come across them some week or so later still having the same problem so perhaps the broker s have got tired of being paid no heed to
  12. X Alan W

    Modern trend or brand spefic

    If it's the boat with the blue top it has one full length guard The owner is entitled to do as they wish its just a easier better way ( in my opinion ) to protect the side plating from damage/wear I know that modern leisure boating is a different deal to commercial carrying so possibly the build will differ my take was it seemed a large area of possibly 6mm plate with no outer protection but as said if the boats not moving any/or much they would not be required
  13. X Alan W

    Modern trend or brand spefic

    As far as the impression I got from the program she had an overwhelming desire to live afloat but seemed to err more towards a house on water rather than boat living with the ability to properly cruise
  14. X Alan W

    An episode of the Tellygoons - The canal

    Can anyone else remember the days of the B&W "tellys " with a cabinet as big as a modern sideboard /chest of drawers & a screen so small you had to have a magnifying glass type thing to make the picture large enough to make out the details the constant "twiddling"of the vertical hold control to stop the picture rolling up + the BBC didn't have enough programs to keep transmuting so had "interludes"a windmill turning, 2 shire horses ploughing a field, & my favorite a stretch of water which I'm sure was Tixall Wide with swans swimming by & a guy slowly rowing a dingy along toward Gt Haywood

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