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X Alan W

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    Midi Pyrenees FRANCE
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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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    Retired Areo Engineer
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    Dont have one now
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    Dont need one

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  1. X Alan W

    Josher LILy

    Thanks Guys work seems very slow or non existent sort of make me a bit sad to see her like that. Gary at Bulborne swapped the "Seffle" for the "Bolinder", could never understand why losing 5 HP & reverting to blowlamp & kick start, when it was already glow plug heat & air start but owners likes & dis likes vary .Does any one know when the Charity dock conversion was removed & by whom, used to run with about 1to2inches of daylight under the counter in work days but when the full cabin was fitted Joe at Charity fitted pieces of 3" bottoms around the outside edge of the uxter plate to reduce the draft 3" for Hoteling & still having decent pull down & stopping power
  2. X Alan W

    Josher LILy

    2 things Does anyone have current or recent photo's of LILY the HNBC listing is a bit long in the tooth ? & has the owner rebuilt his burnt cabin? Just a passing interest as a past owner Any photo's appreciated, Thanks.
  3. X Alan W

    Historic Boats for sale online

    "Nah "gold chain/rope knitted fenders 👍 we diddn't like "em" to flashy
  4. X Alan W

    Historic Boats for sale online

    "Cor " on a town class,😎 Diamond studded top cloths?👍
  5. In my post #83 I advanced the theory that the UK Gov was grabbing more tax on diesel.George replied as above correcting me. My point was that in other countries the duty varies & is usually lower on Gas Oil(Diesel), but the UK charges the same rate of duty on both petrol & diesel ,making diesel in the UK more expensive than in other countries in relation to petrol price ,observations in East Europe seem to be that the rural Transport, Cultivator (Tines removed)& Trailer, usually single cyl diesel powered is a must to some degree ,but a car is a luxury so the duty rate on Gas Oil is less .
  6. X Alan W

    Historic Boats for sale online

    As Pete says "Dustbins" original metal hoops & cloths at least while " working in the NW having had limited use of both brands I preferred the North wich
  7. As you say Europe leans more to Rail /Water Transport & in the part of France I live even the most rural lines of SNCF are "Leccie"rather than diesel
  8. I have no Idea if all EU countries are, but the the ones Iv'e visited some 20 out of the 27 only the UK has road diesel at a higher price compared to petrol if the "Road white was priced at the same/similar price to other countries compared to their petrol costs it would be much the same as RED is to other fuel & roughly the same as current RED costs in the UK ,it's the Tax man in the UK that has road diesel with a bigger tax grab per litre.
  9. X Alan W

    Festina Lente

    The boat name that got to me was named "DUN ROMIN & hewas a CCing bridge hopper
  10. X Alan W

    inflatable canoe - slow puncture

    If the air chambers are contained within an outer skin, Its possible the leak to atmosphere may not be where the inner chamber leak is. would one of the cycle type inner tube "snot" compounds seal the leak. As an aside if you locate the leak would you not have to strip away/ remove the outer fabric to be able to repair if a patch is the way to go.
  11. X Alan W

    Wood Burner Advice Please

    You probably could, but some doubt if my 82 year old waiting for a cataract op eyes would pick "em" out sorry if it bothered you
  12. X Alan W

    Unusual windlass? (photos)

    The dreaded DS, = the headlamps went crosseyed going around corners.
  13. X Alan W

    Boating in Brittany

    The French laws on selling property on with all family being involved seems to have a significant bearing If you have an awkward sibling it can be a nightmare, an adjoining strip of land I wished to purchase to give better access took from 2005 /2011 to complete ,6 family members in volved 1 wouldn't agree ,as my neighbor (brother & in agreement with sale) said I guess we will have to wait for Thebout to pass before we can carry on & this is what happened Can sell under Uk law for selling on if you are ex pats no idea if it will be the same after the Dreaded Brexit
  14. X Alan W

    Unusual windlass? (photos)

    ISTR Shamus Walsh producing a similar looking one or more in the early /mid 60's one of the moorers at Norbury asked him to produce to the guys design Don't know how many he made
  15. X Alan W

    Wood Burner Advice Please

    Possibly 2 problems 1 definite & 1posible a total wood burner a No No get a multi fuel burner KW output to much I would aim for a around 5/6 Kw output I have 2 off 9Kw & 1 14Kw output "Godin wood burners in my house& the heat output from a single 9KW stove would be sauna wise in a restricted area of a boat even a "Fatty In my case the 14 heats the basement "summer kitchen & part ground floor& enclosed part of "Geange" (barn")& the other 2 the rest of the house including the heat flues to the upper story rooms

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