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    Midi Pyrenees FRANCE
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    Had to change user name used to be Alan W. ex owner of FMC Lily & small Woolwich Crater Ex hotel boat owner & operator

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    Retired Areo Engineer
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    Dont have one now
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    Dont need one

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  1. X Alan W

    Dog collars

    Not sure if it's a requirement or just an op extra the two passed labs & the present one all ex rescue Had a #tattooed on the inside of their right ear /along with being chipped ISTR it was a required entry on the French paper of owners details Some of the Chassz(hunt dogs are erring to wearing a sort of tabard in Orange rather than a orange collar as there have been cases of them getting caught up
  2. X Alan W


    Looks a bit long for for a milk tin could well be one of the catering size fruit/veggie cans
  3. X Alan W

    Pontcysyllte Aqueduct

    IIRC there was a panic in around 67 that some railings were rotted dislodged I remember several pieces of the rebar sheet used in concrete floors being fixed over the offending railings they disappeared after a time so assume the problem was fixed it's a shame if it becomes closed to boats as they are not reliant on the railings after all there's not much protection on the off side
  4. X Alan W

    Flu jabs

    Some years back I was nagged ito getting a jab (she gets one every year ) I ended up conforming to your parra 6 & to boot got a cold/snifflies whatever for the last however many years I have not taken part & not had a cold despite the dire doomsday predictions my take if the jab makes me feel that bad i risk the cold
  5. X Alan W

    Dog collars

    For our labs we have approx 1 1/2 metres of 3/4 wide double flat braid with a ring sewn into one end, braid passed through ring as per choke set up, nicer by far on the dogs neck
  6. X Alan W

    Restoring the Montgomery Canals

    I wasn't blaming any one just that on the restoration setups i'd been on the more the involvement of the board the more chiefs there where
  7. X Alan W

    Marina smoke pollution

    The march of progress has taken place the oil total loss JAPhas been super seeded by the long sttoke Jawa CZ Short stroke Jawa & now laid down Jawa but mostly Laid down GM
  8. X Alan W

    Marina smoke pollution

    I have no doubt Don would have been shaking his head knowingly did you have your rear shocks re valved?made a wold of difference
  9. X Alan W

    Marina smoke pollution

    I"ll settle for any of the brands of "R" or even synth with esters smell without "Goo"
  10. X Alan W

    Marina smoke pollution

    "Yep" if they are blue /green they are treated & toxic when burnt
  11. X Alan W

    Restoring the Montgomery Canals

    In the days back & various volunteer groups restoring sections/canal lengths the "Digs" I was involved in always seemed to proceed better with less in those days BW 's case involvement the waterways set up always seemed to have a lot of chiefs & not many workers & the talkers /organizers always out numbered the doers ,with limited funds this if still the same it possibly is the reason of slow /no progress + the doer's get disillusioned at the lack of progress & being volunteers gradually drift away to possibly not have the place re filled I would guess the present more intense "Elfin /Safety"is a slower /downer with the need for the erection/fitting of more safety devices Before any one picks up on the safety I state I'm not against most of it but it takes a longer time to sort guess the claim society doesn't help in some ways C&rt is a prize example lots of office top end staff very few employed by them boots on the ground most jobs/maintenance /repairs sub contracted & lacck of checking if they are getting best bang for their buck& from following their antics it seems any thing other than boating gets quicker fixed more interest shown problem is it"s being going down hill for a while & I do wonder when the point of no return will be reached that will be a sad day
  12. X Alan W

    Chimney length

    An emoji usually helps if that' s the direction you' heading 28 inches or measure from chimney collar long enough to let smoke pass over your head ,single skin if you want a hand warmer good chimney chain & eye or it's a certainty it will end in the cut red paint between brass bands if you wish to be a #1 depend t on the placement of your chain fixing eye may double up as a tiller string anchor point on that side
  13. X Alan W

    Alternator for JP2M

    A good #of units would be suitable providing the drive pulleys are sufficient to produce the revs in the alternators working range most times it's bigger pulley on engine & smallest on alternator a member on the forum refurbs JP's he could iv"e no doubt advise
  14. X Alan W

    Chimney length

    It was never a case of going to fast it was all about performing each task required in the most efficient manner with the minimum out lay of effort so14/18 hrs later you were still capable & not dead to the world with fatigue knowing tomorrow would be very similar
  15. X Alan W

    Disecting a narrowboat

    Around post 1963 with the demise of BW long distance fleet & other piles of assorted unloved/unwanted ex commercial boats leisure boaters of that time were into ex pontoons, ships life boats & the thought of getting afloat in 70ft of ex working boats was a real scare for other than a few. There were good #'s of wooden "joeys" & buttys along with the all metal or composite examples most boat yards were more into wood for hulls /cabins etc steel was in the future so the money was in cutting in 2 & in the case of a butty have a forward /backward bits with squared off transom sterns in the region of 35 ft 5 ft longer than the usual life boat but able to "do" the narrow canals & not scaring the "whotsit" out of previous life boat owners/boaters at that time that was were the money was for yards that were appearing + diy was possible to tun out a decent looking boat if you were a competent "chippy"as the fore end shape had been formed As time passed steel was seen as better for the hull & finally all steel became the norm of today, as said Mr Braine was viewed as a god like figure as he always seemed to know of available boats but he had no soft spots for heritage unless it was a money making excersize similar to Ernie Thomas if he took a liking to you enough to produce a boat for you .Lenny Walton & his son produced a quality BCN style narrow beam cruiser in wood sturdy good swimming & built like the proverbial

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