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  1. As a possible alternative Have a word with Pete Gilbert ay Charity Dock awhile back the was several in the yard could be possible cheaper /easier /way to go
  2. I'm some what confused If you have not done much or any boating what is the pro /cons you seek & how will you know the best possible what suits you is a real pain in reverse as as been said hire a boat but then it will be only one example of what is out there
  3. Around the turn of the Century some Badger boats on the "Maccy" had them Seems as though thy've ceased tradinhg Their boat "Brock"certainly did as I delivered to a different start point for a special one way trip
  4. May the #1 of your faith protect you from "Enthusiastic amateurs"
  5. You are correct on the details they were marketed at the time as a trail able NB the advertising didn't go on for to long so I assumed the take up rate was not high .ISTR the partners went separate ways wondered what had become Mr Sylvester
  6. You get similar events with most "Niche"sports /hobby's etc but historic narrow boats are more limited in purpose /manufacture than most other groups ,steam fairs being the other that springs to mind ,historic boating is unique in that to achieve any movement the system has to be shared at all times with a much greater # of craft who's owners in many cases have no interest in historic units & as they out number the "oldie's their needs differ & the gap will grow as for some one who is a through & through leisure boater requiring all the "Mod Cons " of his /her residence on his/her floating residence & probably views a person buying a 70' boat with only 12/14' of it cabined over with a max of 8/10 ' to "live in"must view the enthusiasts of such " As Nuts"
  7. Always understood they were to do with the Fly boating, but do't know the actual use, also at that time SUC had inspectors( mobile on horse back) to check on the( horses /boats as they belonged to the company for ill treatment /damage) & could have possibly been shelter ,for paper work /food /drink preparation & place to use for meals etc.for the mobile staff
  8. I think it's following the modern trend of anyone/thing more connected with bygone days canal wise is seen as irrelevant to today's requirements so not much reliance/interest
  9. They held Motor Cycle racing there in the 50's the circuit was interesting using part of the main runway /peri track the runway part was used like a 2 way road cones/hay bales down the centre very useful to gauge having taken the "U" turn at the end if the chased were being caught or the chasers were catching you Remember it as a very 'folky/friendly meeting
  10. Sad the passing of another one of the Cottage industry crafts men restricted requirements to a small market but a product that would stand alongside the so called 1st division RIP Bob you left your mark
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. If you know where to get fabric carcass Cross Ply Tyres the Coir/ Rope fender makers would possibly ex change for a few beers or other goodies as they make by far & away the best outer cover for rope type Bow /Stearn fenders It always amazes me that a boat with between 2/5 guard irons needs fenders other than 2/3 of whatever type you choose "twixt"boat /bank Side fenders more so in locks cause problems that can be avoided
  13. They are a disaster waiting to happen on greasy road surfaces more so if you ride over diesel spills /leaks the roads near Entrances/exits to bus stations is a prime example You used to be able to buy a Kevlar band (like a wider rim tape that fitted between the tyre inner casing & the outside of the tube)
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. I think shape wise it compares quite favorably with that awful hotel fat boat on the K&A if it"s still going I often wonder what the owners of these bricks would think of steering /handling a proper shaped hull with decent swims they probably not be able to tell the difference
  16. The Seffle from my ex boat "Lily" is in Jem Bates boa "Severn" Mr owl had a similar motor up to fitting his Scottish lump dont know what other boats if any have the 25HP gearbox model there are several 9HP Seffle's both in bots& on the bank for sale Norbury had a 9for sale
  17. If that was present day you'd possibly get shouted/sworn at for blocking the cut some present day boaters require at least 25 ft of clear cut to squeeze a 7ft boat through one more rant why is it that ex working craft & owners are derided by some modern boat owners with a get that "crap" off the cut attitude be interesting to see how many modern built boats are still going at the time span of the early 20th century builds the othe problem the greater the #of boats sods law dictates a greater #of Richard Craniums
  18. You certainly DON'T blather nonsense From your recollections memories you entered into the canals spirit during your boating time ,as said I have no axe to grind with present day boaters other than if they try to order me to do /not do things that were proven & right in there day & still hold good to be told that I have no idea what I'm doing & a F***** idiot & shouldn't be afloat by a stemmed up boater with all of a months experience & not even getting a thank you for pulling him off which if he had bothered to ask would have received info on how to extract himself I deep down am glad to be awy from it all as I'm sure the cons would outdo the pros now
  19. Brings back memories of helping my mate move his "Star class" from Oxford to Chester Arrive at Tyrley Top & hover by the winding hole as there was a boat in #2 lock & the top lock was in his favor. Shiney boat moored in winding hole fore end towards Drayton female exits cabin to well deck reaches up & takes short shaft from cabin top at the same time inquiring of me with many expletives what I thought I was doing ?"Waiting for a boat to come up the lock I replied" with many more expletives I was told I was breaking canal bye laws if waiting for the lock I was REQUIRED to tie on the lock approach & not f***about in the middle of the cut this was as the water was moving with lock working I was froing & tooing about 1/2 a boats length with gear engagement but not raising the revs above tick over At that time there was a notice board with a selection of bye laws & do's dont's by the top lock & nowhere did it say you had to tie up When this was pointed out I was told I'd be reported to BWAt that moment a BW van with Jack Whalley Norbury foreman & Reg the Norbury chippie arrived she launched into a tirade about /a gainst me, Jack listened without saying a word for what seemed minutes & then said "is that it " she said it was & what was he going to do about it His reply was "Well first you are going to move as you are not allowed to moor in a winding hole " by this time I was going down in the lock so never found out the outcome but in terms of "Master Card "advert the look on her face "Priceless"
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. I find it refreshing to lean there are a few who like to use the cut for it's designed purpose I have no problem with how any one wants to boat but object to being (rollacked /told off for doing things the way it was done for manymany years by some one with possibly a sum total of 2 years worth of a max of 2 weeks holiday I would never dream of telling them how they should boat unless asked, why should they take me to task for doing something perfectly acceptable but they don't agree with or like
  22. As Iv'e been told in reply to posts regarding the way things were in the days of carrying "THe canals have changed now days the way things are done does possibly not require the perfected over the years efficient way of performing tasks & get told off for hand braking the dropping of paddles,usuing the boats weight to push the gate/s open ,strapping the gate/s shut & in fact most of the practices used to get you along, from comments those practices are all now bad & forbidden ((Damage to canal infrastructure/furniture when in fact performed by someone with the required skill cause less damage than a boater with little experience //knowledge I fear the system is now only for use in a manner it was not really designed for
  23. I don't know if you are referring to long distance commercial boats with the brown envelope s? but in my carrying days not that I would have wanted to but with the rates paid no way could I have afforded it Quote
  24. How expectations have changed in the 60's BW had plywood cruiser s of similar size used as hire boats Water Baby? class
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