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  1. Thank you all for the advice! looking forward to getting the floor laid so I can crack on with the cosmetic stuff and get it out on the water 😁
  2. That's music to my ears! Thank you for the very informative reply! 😀
  3. Morning all, I've recently taken on this 17ft Mayland as a project. when I ripped the flooring up I found the stringers to be rotten, which is fine I expected it. My question is should I have stringers running the length of the hull as I only have them running across the width and there's no evidence of any running the length in the past. Also when it comes to glassing over the new timbers what would be the best rated GSM matting to use? I've fixed up a couple of boats in the past but not had to do this kind of "structural" work before.
  4. Mud_pirate


  5. I went to see the IWA officer for the chelmer today and reserved a mooring 😁
  6. So I bought the boat! Was in better shape than I was expecting, the floor just needs relaying and a good overall clean up she should be good to go! He even let me have another old seagull 40 plus I spotted in his shed 😁 although it's seized solid I'll soon see to that!
  7. Thank you, I am looking forward to getting stuck in to it I must admit! I am rather fond of the old seagulls, maybe my 40 plus could get a promotion from auxiliary to the big show!
  8. that was my next question, thank you!
  9. looking to get it for £200 with trailer.
  10. Yes, there are plenty of moorings available around where I have my caravan In Suffolk and failing that as someone else stated with it being on a trailer I can still launch from slipways to get some use out of it until a suitable mooring becomes available.
  11. Thank you for the informative replies guys, I'm going to look at the boat at the weekend and will make my decision on whether to go for it or not. If I do you can expect many more "can I" "should I" "OOOP's I shouldn't have done that" posts from me.
  12. That's handy to know thank you! whether my misses will let me get away with removing the bulk head is another story! unless I could make some sort of canvas panel to enclose the cabin when needed. that's exactly why we have decided top put it on the river, I've reached the grand old age of 32 and would like to slow our pace of life down a little, now if someone could make my kids understand that it would fantastic 🤣
  13. not as yet, in truth we are in two minds whether to seek out a mooring on the Chelmer or somewhere in Suffolk close to where we have our caravan.
  14. Hello, I am looking at buying this Mayland hull for renovation and was hoping to moor it somewhere along the River Chelmer. Whilst I have renovated and used similar boats in the past I have only used them for inshore sea angling and have no experience of use on fresh water river/canal systems. would this type of hull be suitable for this use? We are just looking for something we can use for relaxing days on the river, not travelling particularly far from our mooring or overnight stays. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be ok, but like I say I have no experience of canal/river boats and what makes a good one! I look forward to your replies,
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