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  1. Well I promised to tell you how it went after the deed was done and being a woman of my word here I am. The news is that we all survived (us and the boat)! The lift was done very professionally and (bonus) the hull survey showed no work needed! So, in glorious sunshine and newly blacked our new best friend was lowered back into the canal and off we went...thank you to everyone for your reassurance (and for the terrifying tales!)
  2. thank you - really interesting! Much appreciated - not only is boating a new hobby but I am sure this will be too!
  3. Thank you Ditchcrawler - looks great - have sent him the link!
  4. thank you Jim - more stuff to keep hubby busy! Much appreciated
  5. good luck with purchasing your guitar but I am happy with my daughters cast off acoustic which she used to teach herself to play!
  6. As someone who is so far keeping their new year's resolution to learn to play some chords/songs on the guitar I found that funnier than I should have done...
  7. ha ha there probably is but children may be reading....
  8. Howardang - thank you so much! Will entice hubby into watching that - knowing him he will be excited at the prospect of having a go! We need to replace our mooring ropes as I think the ones we have are a little too thin so we can use them to make fenders - win/win! Thank you again - will let you know how we get on or if we have any questions!
  9. Thank you all for the great advice! Love the idea of making them - is there a youtube video about it (there usually is about everything)? Would love to get hubby into making them - will keep him busy on the long summer nights we hope to have on the canal! Thank you again everyone
  10. Thank you everyone and thank you for the good wishes Stilllearning!
  11. Thank you both. What do you think about these? https://www.grasshopperleisure.co.uk/fender-side-mc-type-black-poly-10631-p.asp Thank you also Dora and Jen - I had no idea it was such a contentious issue! I mean side fenders to stop the boat rubbing when moored. Thank you for the suggestions so far!
  12. So our newly purchased wee narrowboat is being blacked - has no fenders so we need some. Which types do you experienced narrowboaters use? Any advice appreciated!
  13. No thank you TheBiscuits...it was stressful enough and will be again soon....and rusty69 - must have been awful....just what I was dreading but fortunately the people lifting ours seemed to know what they were doing!
  14. just to update everyone who was kind enough to offer advice. Lift went perfectly yesterday - hull inspected (no problems thank goodness!) and now being wire brushed and blacked....just the lift back in to fret about now! Thank you again to all who replied.
  15. I will look at them next time thank you!
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