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  1. These engines have resurfaced, will add them to the queue for rebuilding, they have suffered a bit from standing for 9 years or so since their removal
  2. I have a push pull gear change operating the standard Kelvin gear change through a series of pulleys, wire rope and chains
  3. I was steering my parents tug up Grindley Brook, the keeper asked how deep we were, I replied with 3’3”, when we hit the cill the reply was “oh you actually are that deep” it sounds like a bit of retraining is needed.
  4. The tug has a Ford BSD 332, 3 cylinder tractor engine, The weed can be a bit of a pain, I had to run my Kelvin on all 4 cylinders to chop it up a bit.
  5. Meteor is still unconverted and will hopefully remain that way
  6. it has the wrong carburettor and oil tank too. Tom
  7. The Erewash joins the Cromford end on below the lock at Langley Mill. Tom
  8. Hello Tom, sorry for the late reply! 

    The cylinders I have don’t look too bad, until you start digging. Full of internal corrosion and lots of loose scale, they’re both cracking from the bottom up. I have tried welding, with stainless wire in the MIG and using cast rods with the inverter, but it’s very porous and fragile. I’ve considered chemical metal as a last resort but as I’ve got so many other new parts it would be a shame. 

  9. tom_c

    Kelvin K2

    my experience with seaward is that you can drive up there with a pocket full of cash and still come away with nothing, I have some spares for the K and J but no castings unfortunately, I do have a box of bits to drop off with Phil Robins with a cylinder in it. I have some new piston ring sets for the earlier pistons and .030 U/S Main bearings How bad are your current cylinders? I have welded some Kelvin cylinders for both the poppet valve engines and my F4 in my boat. Tom
  10. I have known a BMC to run away, it had about 8 litres of oil in the sump plus whatever it had burnt and expelled from the engine! unusually, there was no diesel in the oil in this engine. I have seen a few air cooled listers of various types with lots of diesel in the oil. Tom
  11. surely if there are so many spring tides at the moment, why hasn't anyone turned right at sharpness and come back upstream and over the weir? not exactly trapped if the tides are high enough to overtop the weirs. Tom
  12. The exhaust manifold is from a lighthouse engine, there is something odd about the inlet manifold, extra holes in the top of it. Tom
  13. I had a tubeless tyre deflate rapidly on the front of my Orange, I now run an inner tube in the front and tubeless for the rear, with a puncture in an inner tube you at least have a bit of time to stop before it deflates completely, with a tubeless setup you are usually going OTB,
  14. tom_c

    Kelvin F4 rebuild

    a short video of the engine running on two cylinders
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