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  1. tom_c

    New skin tank or not

    Has the boat been overplated?
  2. tom_c

    Trivia question

    some of the diesels had no provision for mounting the gearchange on the gearbox, this looks like it is just the cover for one of those. Tom
  3. tom_c

    Prop size for 2DM?

    but that would not have been anything to worry about for the GUCCCo as london would not have been full of fat boats tied up for miles with people living on them as an alternative to housing, and any boats would have been tied up properly. I believe the main reason for the slightly smaller blade is that they were always towing. Tom
  4. tom_c

    Prop size for 2DM?

    24 x 17 sounds about right looking at the ex national blade that was fitted to Banstead when we got her, the GU boats were all towing a butty which does affect the size of the blade slightly, they would also have not followed the modern practice of overpropping to make a nice sound for hours of running at low speeds. it would be interesting to see how the original blade works with a loaded pair, if you can find enough water! Tom
  5. tom_c

    Kelvin F4 rebuild

    Progress has been slow over the last couple of months, but the engine is roughly in position in the boat, next step is aligning it with the shaft then I will start on the fuel tanks and plumbing
  6. tom_c

    CAV Dynamo offered

    I am interested, not sure when I'd be able to collect as work is getting in the eway for the next couple of weekends
  7. tom_c

    Anyone ever done a compession test on J series?

    I have done one on an F but that doesn’t really help much. that K was smoking quite a lot, a good thrash on a river might help it Tom
  8. tom_c

    J2 how much crankshaft float?

    That depends on how it is held in gear, is the boat Frodsham? Tom
  9. tom_c

    J2 how much crankshaft float?

    Hi Mike, the bearing arrangement on the diesels is different, they have a bearing housing bolted to the crankcase containing the bearing, it just depends what is fitted to the end of the crank, is it a marine engine or a lighthouse engine? I have a pair of 13/15HP poppet valve cranks, one marine and one land engine the two cranks are significantly different but I'm not sure the K's followed suit Tom
  10. tom_c

    J2 how much crankshaft float?

    The petrol paraffin engines use a ball thrust bearing, the diesels use a large deep groove ball bearing in a housing behind the ahead clutch, this is quite an expensive bearing compared to the rest of the gearbox bearings. the first photo shows the thrust bearing, the second shows the ahead clutch fitted. the diesels use a different bearing. hope this helps Tom
  11. tom_c

    Weston Marsh Lock, Weaver Navigation closed UFN

    How about reopening frodsham lock? that would be a nice alternative route Tom
  12. tom_c

    J2 Exhaust system

    Here are photos of a few Kelvin silencers, early J type Ricardo type from an F4 Globe silencer for 3 1/2" poppet valve from 1915 onwards and the early poppet valve type pre 1915 this one one is also for a 3 1/2" bore engine Tom
  13. tom_c

    Kelvin F4 rebuild

    They are rubber O rings as I have left the correct springs on the boat. They are working for testing though Tom
  14. tom_c

    Kelvin F4 rebuild

    More progress today, hopefully lifting it into the boat over the weekend!
  15. That's the same bore as the F too and the B but I doubt there are any of them left!! The F doesn't have a liner unless the block has been sleeved, the bore doesn't match any of the poppet valve engines either. Tom

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