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  1. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    I had a bit of time this week, new front engine feet are on and it's starting to look more like an engine again next step, vaporisers and carburettors, hopefully next week. Tom
  2. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    I'm not too worried about a tug of war, it's only a J2! Half the capacity of the F4 and a slower throttle response, I can always run on petrol for a bit more power like you did with Joel in Nottingham! Just got to finish it and get it in the boat and run in first. Some of the bits for the electronic ignition system are ordered, looking forward to seeing how well that works. Tom
  3. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    I'm planning on fitting a very large tank, and having a tanker delivery every year, kerosene is a good fuel or the mix of diesel and petrol from people misfueling their cars! Tom
  4. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    Hope to have it running before then, how about a tug of war in may?
  5. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    Now that the panto season is over, I've had chance to continue with the rebuild, this engine is slightly different to the other F4s out there in that it has the optional governor fitted to it. The propeller and shaft are now fitted too, hopefully it won't be too long before the engine is in now Tom
  6. Kelvin stay bar

    Here is a photo of a set of wide feet I have fabricated for a Kelvin, it is an F4 rather than a J but there are some similarities between the engines. The paraffin engines were never fitted with stay bars or wide feet as standard, I do know of an F2 with wide feet from a J fitted. Tom
  7. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    To position the engine in the correct position on the existing engine beds, I have had new engine mountings cut ready to be bolted to the crankcase hopefully more to follow on return from Panto land Tom
  8. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    Here are a few more photos of recent progress, more paint and the crank is back in and a new oil drip bar fitted as the old one was damaged. I hope to have cylinders fitted soon And a photo of a rebuilt E2 with the F4 in the background hopefully more to follow soon. Tom
  9. Limping Home

    If one cylinder isn't firing, is it actually injecting fuel? I saw an sr2 where the injector pipe was loose on the pump and the fuel was going straight into the sump. Tom
  10. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    Starting to go back together now, hoping to get it in the boat later this summer
  11. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    The flywheel is off, a bigger hammer sorted it! hopefully more to follow later today Tom
  12. Incident at Grindley Brook

    last time we went up, the lock keeper asked what the draught was, we told him just over 3', we hit the cill hard, he didn't believe the tug was as deep as we said, his words were "so it is actually 3' draught then" then he ran more water through! a 28 ton boat hitting the cill and stopping dead probably didn't do the cill much good either. Tom
  13. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    I have a bigger hammer!
  14. Kelvin F4 rebuild

    Finally had some time to start looking at the crankcase and start to remove the flywheel. hoping to start on the gearbox soon,also sorted some new bits still in their packaging
  15. Kelvin J Series, What Oil, How Much?

    I may have a flange suitable for this in my collection of poppet valve plumbing bits, can you let me know the distance between bolt holes and I'll have a look at the weekend. Tom