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  1. Hi, the cylinder is a day tank.
  2. I've added some youtube vids to the ebay listing https://youtu.be/e0LCRGuzuzk https://youtu.be/s6Ufw1S7Jhk https://youtu.be/Ul-h17LVTQ8 https://youtu.be/hHK7Aw1I50Y
  3. No idea whether it was exposed to sea water but I am led to believe it came from a lighthouse. It was installed in my boat around 2006 and has had very little use since then. I have run it for about 40 hours recently.
  4. I like mine to end on a Sunday when folks are at home with plenty of time
  5. Sorry, I should have said the auction starts thusday at 12:00
  6. Hi, I’ve listed the K2 on ebay with a low starting bid of £2,000. http://ebay.us/OpCo1C?cmpnId=5338273189
  7. Yeah, she's a lovely boat and well built. Don't know what engine yet.
  8. Built by Barry Hawkins 2005
  9. It's a crackin boat which was built around the K2. I bought her from Whilton marina and now taking her to the Macclesfield canal for a refit. The K2 had not run for a few years, now running fine after a lot of aggravation, but just has to go unfortunately.
  10. Hi folks, I just bought a narrow boat with a K2, unfortunately the K2 is totally unsuitable for the boat so it will be removed next month. It's a 1942. Engine No21082. In working order but the carburetor is missing, so running on diesel only. Two bolts securing the rocker cover need replacing. Due to be removed mid March and can be loaded on to a flat-bed truck or trailer.
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