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  1. Hi Peter, if you email me at jj.thompson1466@gmail.com we can sort the order from there. thanks Jordan
  2. Very sorry to hear that. Our gaskets are a based on the originals using an Asbestos replacement material and are being made for us by a 3rd party firm who have over 50 years experience manufacturing head gaskets. That looks like the asbestos inner was made too thick for yours. It’s surprising just how much they can spread out once the heads are torqued down!
  3. Hi all, hope this is in the right area, My name is Jordan Thompson and I’m the Director of J Thompson Engineering Services Ltd and we are developing a range of spare parts and servicing kits for Ruston and Hornsby engines. We currently have available head gaskets for 2/3VSH/VSO engines (The 4VSH uses 2x 2VSH gaskets). The 2VSH/VSO is £59.99 and the 3VSH/VSO is £69.99. We have a limited time offer of 15% off any gaskets ordered before February 28th. These are available by either contacting us through our Facebook page or by emailing me direct at jj.
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