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    I have said this all along. Dunkley is only acting in his own interests and has nothing to lose with yet another showboating excersice at someone else's expense. He isn't acting in the owners interest and the sooner the owner of the boat gets some proper professional legal advice the better. He is being led up the garden path.
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    Probably what people would like to see is for Mr Roberts to be represented by someone who will get the best result for him rather than perhaps someone who showboats then complains of the ineptitude of the Judge, unfair methods of the opposition legal team, and the fact that everyone else is lying if the case goes against him. Sticking it to CRT doesn't achieve anything at all if you lose the case by whatever means.
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    I've got to say that while Tony and I have had our disagreements, when I've spoken to him in the past I have rarely actually dealt with anyone so helpful or knowledgable. I would be pretty sure that any advice he has given to Mr Roberts will have been carefully thought through and wouldn't contain any elements of showboating (what gets put on here may be different for a number of reasons!). I also have no doubts about the ineptitude of a lot of legal bods, and that an awful lot of people lie in court...
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    Mr Roberts SERIOUSLY needs to get legal advice from somebody who can tell him what the law actually is, rather than what they think it should be. Contracts do NOT have to be written, they can be verbal or implied. Where a written agreement comes to an end, but both parties to that agreement continue to act as if it still existed, then a court will recognise an acceptance by both parties that they wish to continue to be bound by the terms of that contract.
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    Any form of boating is a madness. If afflicted, do it. Do it before you get too old. Money is only money. There are no pockets in any shrouds.
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    But did get the case into court and get a Judge's opinion of the rules CRT seek to enforce and expose many, shall we say, 'failings', and abuses, of the legal process. My representatives ignored the facts of my case which I had given them and had strongly argued for. They misled me and went ahead with arguments I had specifically challenged and had written to the barrister (breach of protocol) and called a meeting to get an agreement on what case would be presented. There were about 8 hearings in the two and a half years of my case and I had to fight my own representatives all the way to, firstly, get them to submit a defence and then to determine what that defence was. I had the submissions for the 'trial' delivered to me, and the hundreds of pages of the CRT submissions, two days before it commenced. If the availability of legal aid had not been withdrawn I might have called (again) for an adjournment but I'm sure the Judge wouldn't have allowed it. The usual procedure when a defendant is on legal aid is to offer no defence but say 'my client is very sorry and will agree to anything you say'. That is what you get as representation. It's not the same as being a 'paying customer'. I did well to get as far as I did and did get an undertaking to the court that I could stay on the canal subject to negotiation. The Judge addressed me directly and assured me he would find a way for me to stay on my boat. CRT didn't like this. They ignored it and got a court order, that didn't mention it, by devious means, the execution of which was stayed at the last minute, and I had another hearing, with no representation, where CRT were required to agree to the undertaking again. They subsequently seized my boat in defiance of the undertaking and, it seems, I have to take them to court at my expense rather than just say to the court, 'they breached the undertaking they gave can you sort it out please. They are in contempt of your court'. Or make a complaint to the police as it's a criminal offence. I did that. They tell me (surprise, surprise) 'It's a civil matter'. So, I did get the case into court having been told by the Ombudsman that she couldn't decide on my complaint (regarding rules and enforcement) and I would have to take them to court. I said I, obviously, couldn't take them to court so they will have to take me to court then I can be publicly funded as they are. If they had responded to my complaint in which I was correct, as found by another court and admitted, subsequently, by CRT, then there would have been no need of the costs and consequences (ongoing) of the legal action. More of this on my website which details the dubious, and systemic, practices in the legal process that outweigh and preclude the presentation and consideration of actual legal argument pertaining to the relevant facts.
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    That would be sensible, if an in-depth analysis were required.
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    The OP asked a question about who made the glass. He didn't ask what people thought of it. Rubbishing another's taste when they haven't invited it is rude in my opinion. No wonder so many people leave this forum after giving it a brief go.
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    I agree that it is good if you are travelling in the right direction to benefit from open gates but it causes a lot of extra walking if you are not! However, open gates and leaky gates can cause low pounds which doesn't help anyone, no matter the direction of travel Let's all increase our licence fee so that C&RT have enough money to make all gates leak proof and we can all then leave gates open. I think I'll continue to comply with the request to shut all gates and close all paddles Haggis
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    What exactly is it that you mean by "proper" legal advice and assistance, . . . something along the lines of what Andy Wingfield had in Nottingham County Court last year from a 'legal team' who were about as much use as Lord Lucan's passport ?
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    Phil, if I give you a greeny, will you go away? ;-)
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    This took some finding! http://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=28696&p=527536 Richard
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    Kathy and I did the Leicester Ring with a detour to Lincoln in 12 days, blessed with wonderful weather and lots of highlights. The best bit was probably the early start back up the Trent from Torksey - we were last ones locked down at dusk on Monday and had to moor against the dredging barge as the pontoons were doublemoored full. Tide was supposed to come past between 5.30 and 6 so as soon as the water started to rise, we set off.
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    Hi Folks, A video of yesterdays fun and games getting the Danny up a rather shallow bit of the Weaver: Cheers, Mike
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    Just reprising discussion on this aspect, I wonder if the situations are so different? Yes, the 2012 Act makes a point of specifically disallowing consent to the newly prohibited act of impounding a vehicle within freely accessible premises, where prior to the Act there was no prohibition on impounding it [and post the Act, there is still no prohibition on impounding a vehicle that has been delivered into secured premises]. This portion of the Act was a direct response to grotesque abuses of the common law right of lien. The new law addressed nothing respecting the common law right to exercise a lien on goods where they have been delivered into your possession for payable services; it addresses, with a very narrow focus, mere temporary trespass upon your openly accessible land [and provided greater facility for charging for parking such vehicles].. The Torts Act addressed rather the opposite problem – getting rid of goods where the owner had no desire to remove them, where by contrast, the 2012 Act prohibited the prevention of the owner removing them when he wanted to. The constant, however, is the existence of statutory protection for the owners of goods, by way of limiting the powers of those the owners are trespassing against, to act unilaterally according to their own vengeful tastes. It is all so very consistent with Marlborough. The question remains, then, whether one can voluntarily disown the hard-won rights of centuries? Perhaps the 2012 express prohibition against that, rather than being ‘the exception that proves the rule’, reflects rather, a recognised need in modern times, to reinforce what was once taken for granted? Just a thought.
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    OFFS!!! Please remove the chip!! You know exactly what he meant; a properly qualified barrister who understands the legal system and how it can be argued about.
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    I did exactly this, I got Goodwin Plastics to make a bespoke tank, they fit baffles and will make them with whatever pipe fittings you want. There is a minimum drop for the fuel ie a minimum head. I also fitted an inline filter just in case of crap in the fuel.Goodwins were very reasonable on price and very helpful. Phil
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    Lost rivers of Northants - called the neen. I canne resist it Gazza. There is a pub on the Wandle called the William Morris <next to ex Libertys outsouced dye and print works>. Been there a few times and yes around that whole area Time Team did an investigation and there were a few leats backfilled and demolished side channel/wharves. More accurate to suggest it was a printing works rather than textile. Peter X - excellent book re History of the Wandle - remarkable because I ordered it from Amazon and within an hour the author hand delivered it to me - turns out he is a Carshalton-ite. I walked most of it searching out little tit bits from the book.
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    Shall we write a first draught of it before publishing?
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  22. 1 point
    I thought they used Twitter?
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    Swim shape does make all the difference. My boat is a Pickwell and Arnold - same underwater shape as "Hawthorn" pictured below. It really does handle well but oh how she rolls cruising on the Thames Tideway !!
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    Your comment was better targeted at my previous post was it not? My emphasis with the one you quoted was on the continuing right, even post 2012, to remove a vehicle from your property. I have to agree that a judge might rule either way on your point though – whether legitimately arguable or not!
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    A pretty negative bunch of responses so far - and that's good, because it removes your rose coloured spectacles and let's you see the potential warts! However, let me offer you a few counterpoints to help keep you on an even keel. It matters very little what the original purchaser paid for the boat, other than in relative terms against new boats at that time as an indication of where it sat in the market perhaps. Who knows, it may have been the deal of the century! Recessed side panels are an unusual feature in budget builds. What's important with the purchase price now is whether it represents good value for the boat as she is today and whether any 'extra' you pay gets you your ideal boat. Ideal boats are few and far between - as I expect you're learning! Sometimes its worth paying a little more to get what you want than getting a bargain on something else that won't be so pleasant to live with. Don't be put off by personal spec preferences as opposed to genuine design or layout issues. For example: a cross bed has advantages and disadvantages, as do other bed layouts, but would be many people's first choice; an extra wide slide brings ease of access and they all let rain in when they're open! To me, both are personal preferences. The inverter may 'only' be 2kw, but it appears to have coped with such extras as a washing machine and is a Victron, one of the best. The lack of a bow thruster will be seen as a positive by many! The Nanni engine is based on a Kubota unit, and is therefore much the same as the Beta 43 which is a well respected unit. Research further before accepting that its not up to stuff. Similarly the Centraflex coupling: the Beta units are often supplied with an R&D coupling with the Centraflex offered as an upgrade. I'm not convinced that it is a poor choice or should put you off. There's no denying that it does appear to be a high end price for its age but, if the photos and (respected broker) ABNB's description are anything to go by, she's been well looked after and that is a definite plus. It's easy to buy a cheaper boat that's been used with little sympathy and has none of the provenance this one clearly has. You've seen 20 boats in 2 days and this one stood out. That says quite a lot and I suspect that you'd buy it if you thought you were getting the right deal. This is where you have to decide what premium you are prepared to pay for whatever added value you think this boat has. Best wishes and good luck!
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    lovely photo, but the dog seems to be frozen in time - are you sure he isn't a sculpture?
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    What are you going to do to the artist if you find him/her? I think they should have their privacy protected, it is a free country and they should not be punished for that sort of thing.
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    With you there, Phil..... Do you REALLY want to find the artist mross?!
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    Oh dear, with respect, that is a rubbish piece of artwork, my wife who is partially sighted and has had to stop painting dabbled a bit in painting glass and even with her failing sight was able to produce much better work than that item.Soz, Phil
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  31. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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    Just saying a post is tosh without offering what you think is correct information, reflects more on you than on the post you are condemning.
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    Burnley's pretty hot. In Macclesfield I've got fifteen people sitting round the laptop waiting for the next post...
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    It was. Lovely pic. Looks like NB the ENTERPRISE to me.
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    Google earth live innit The boat is "Enterprise" by the way Someone on the forum will know how to contact the owner. Possibly Mykaskin ?
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    Feeling smug, I got the picture. Bob
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    Depending on the gradient of the slipway and design of boat there is a risk of water entering fuel tank via tank vent as the boat lifts at the front end. Same goes for any other holes such as exhaust. Solution is to tape up any holes or slip the boat stern first
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    I just cut a 15 inch hole in the roof (5mm steel) and put a nice aluminium opening porthole in there to get more light into the bathroom on my barge. Finished off with pieces of parquet flooring sikaflexed to the porthole spigot. Seems to be OK Pic
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