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  1. It's river, so I doubt it. Bob
  2. You'll be fine on the Leeds and Liverpool. We took our 61ft (should have been 60 ft. but the builder couldn't measure!) boat all over except for the Huddersfield Broad and the Calder and Hebble, both supposed to be 57' 6". You can get up the Yorkshire Ouse as far as York, but after that the locks are short.
  3. The mild steel will corrode quicker due to the minute currents set up between two dissimilar metals that are close to each other on the periodic table. I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me can come along and either elucidate or correct me. Bob
  4. There is a slight possibility of galvanic corrosion using stainless fixings with mild steel.Bob
  5. I hope you don't put me in the "squeal loudly" category. I may criticise CRT occasionally, but only if they are IMO being unreasonable. Bob
  6. I assume from this that you never deliberately break any laws. I am guilty of many instances of rule/law breaking, I generally am aware of this, and don't consider I'm doing any harm. I'm not talking about seriously antisocial stuff, simply little things, like 75/80 MPH on a dual carriageway. Bob
  7. Good luck finding it. But I did say "guidance" and "wise men".
  8. Law/rules were made for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools. Quoted from someone else, but still germain today. Bob
  9. No boaters were hurt in the making of this video. Maybe some sensibilities. Bob
  10. I doubt that the video was made at that site. I can't see CRT putting up bollards where the locals are so antsy. That location will be a marina or the like. Bob
  11. Another consideration is that you couldn't take it norfff, well not on the L&L which is part of the reason for going. The Calder and Hebble is also out. Bob
  12. The water point at Castleford is adjacent to the lock on the Navigation cut side of the lock,(between the two locks) Facing the lock from this side it is on your left. There is, or was, a sanitary point as well. Bob
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