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  1. Fireworks ...what a waste of money

    Whilst as an adult I DO agree that it's a waste of money that could (but most likely wouldn't be) better spent... HOWEVER, as I was once (some think I still am) a child, the wonderment of seeing a fireworks display is a memory that comes with you through life. I'm from a big catholic family and we always had a fireworks party in my gran's field... everyone brought something to share.... fireworks,food, drinks or whatever and they're lovely childhood memories.
  2. Live aboard Holiday Experience.

    Nothing's set in stone... we've not been there before so we'll have to take a view when we get there.... if places look a bit rough, we'll keep on a bit. Yeah I know.... trouble is, when you read what you wrote yourself, you "read" what you think you wrote don't you. - I suppose it 'proves'' we're not a big business kind of affair... just a middle-aged couple trying to have an adventure and share it with others. As (with the exception of the Wakey/Leeds/Wakey ones) we're on a progressive journey, we hope people will come on the train - all our starting points and ending points are in places with railway stations...
  3. Live aboard Holiday Experience.

    thanks for that - I'll have a think of where to put it in.
  4. End of winter?

    nah - I'm all for Spring is nearly here... I mean, yesterday, the solar panels we putting in 3.8 amps (avoid commenting please pedant police) at 9.30!
  5. Live aboard Holiday Experience.

    We can't wait to set off - lets face it, working mad hours meant up until now, the farthest we've been is to Gargrave and back from Wakefield - or one week hires in the past. We've NO idea if our cruise itineraries will be easy/hard work but who cares? - it's the adventure either way and worse case, we might end up with some long days... NOTHING compared to full time employment draining your soul... I can chug for hours come rain or snow! (not too keen on the wind though - natures NOT mine) as my parking mooring can sugger somewhat :-)
  6. Wine Cellar - Baseplate cold store

    not really room outside the boat though... and it'd be a pain getting in the way although I do like the idea of it...
  7. Wine Cellar - Baseplate cold store

    it'd be a bit bulky/ugly though...
  8. Wine Cellar - Baseplate cold store

    I've got a couple of these from screw fix.
  9. I thought I'd share my attempt last week at making a wine cellar * beer cellar/cider store/veg store*.... I've been putting it off for ages but now that non-private BSS has been done AND the Business license is going through with crt, i thought I'd better pull my finger out and do a few jobs before we get our first guest on board (10th April). STILL not got enough bookings to make us rich but pleased to have 6 lined up so far. Anyway - I remembered a door frame (don't ask) I had left in the garage at home so went to collect some post and loaded it into the car. Not wanting to buy any more wood, I convinced myself that it wouldn't look odd using both 1 and 2 inch sections to make a frame. ... Having gone back into the boat, I rather sensibly (for once) had the idea to number the pieces on the floor before taking it up. I used a bit of masking tape and simple 1-36 system. Once the frame was the size I wanted it, put it on the floor, drew around it and then took it up. Having already removed ballast here, there were cut sections in the sub floor but of course NOT the place I wanted them... to add insult to injury, there was also a bearer in the wrong place meaning the last 6 inches of the store would not be usable. Not the end of the world though as I just moved it up a bit. Moving it up of course meant I needed to cut some MORE floor out... and of course having sold my corded multi-too when we emptied the house/garage out, I was left using the battery version. Luckily I had a few charged up batteries *note to self - rotate the regularly on the charger*. That seemed to take all afternoon so I abandoned it for the day and came back to if fresh yesterday afternoon (having had chores to do in the morning). I began fitting back in the cut out sections down each side (once I'd tested a bottle of Pepsi (other coal flavoured soft drinks are available)) would fit. and then cut the sub floor to fit into the recess. Whilst I'm sure I DID take more photos as I was doing things, my phone seems to have other ideas... as the next one it has stored is the (relatively) finished result It's VERY sturdy and doesn't flex at all when walked on... I still need to find some flush handles to lift it out with and I'm toying with the idea of fitting hinges on one side.... It doesn't look too bad and I'm quite pleased with it. I still need to paint it out inside... I've got some hammertie garage door paint lurking somewhere so that will suffice.
  10. Live aboard Holiday Experience.

    We've got family there (Wolverhampton) so it's made sense to offer the journey there as "holiday weeks" too. We hope we'll appeal to ex / retired boaters that MISS boating but don't want either the hassle of hiring OR the "full on"hotel experience... a hard market to find I suppose but with a bit of luck, a few reading on here might think 'what a good idea - let's do it'
  11. Live aboard Holiday Experience.

    Cheers - I hope the message comes across that we're NOT a proper hotel boat... they are much more refined than us but we DO want to share our travels and give folk (perhaps like you said) who'd otherwise not be able to have adventures such as these.
  12. Hi All, Just thought I'd share our good news today... As some folk already know, we've been planning to run "Ellis" as a 'live-aboard holiday experience' - Hotel boat sort of thing... Well, today, a nice man at CRT phoned me to confirm our business licence has been approved and we're good to go - OK so I had to dish out the money for it but that's unavoidable. AS of 1st April we can operate as a Hotel boat. The Non-private BSS has been done and the Commercial Insurance all sorted out. ALL good news given we've so far got 6 bookings lined up . We expected to spend this first year pottering around the system on our own so we're really chuffed to have some folk joining us along the way. We DO still need some more guests to cover living costs but having (or rather being in the process of) voluntarily registering for VAT, the reclaim on the boat build should be enough to keep us afloat... EVERY pun intended. If anyone feels like sharing the website, we'd be very much appreciative. http://www.narrowboatellis.com/home.html - we sort of set up a facebook page too but it seems to be full of Russian brides somehow! Mark.
  13. Mooring in Leeds

    granary wharf is fine - ie. the start of the leeds liverpool canal. we can always fit in there "somewhere"... only 48 hours mind but to be honest, unless it's chocker, I can't see anyone caring...
  14. Owner fit outs

    I am the equivalent of "Dave" - not only have I detailed plans/notes of what I've done but also blogged about it since day 1 with photos... They are handy for ME too and the BSS man loved them!
  15. Winter Ain't Cheap!

    I think it's "pump" related... and probably not helped by the length of my piping - ie. full circumference of the boat ... not to mention the 8 radiators and 2 fin rads along the way.