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  1. Quaysider

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    ah right - thanks Martin ..... note to self, ensure they take the tiller off when in the lock diagonally... Expedition now back on ... whoooohoooo!
  2. We're about to head up to Ripon while the rivers are low and HAD intended travelling with some friends... wer'e 57' and they 60' - usually, in the guides it says the lock length etc and maximum boat length - for example on the calder and hebble we know we can get them in diagonally (carefully)... Has anyone been successful travelling up to Ripon on the same basis?
  3. Quaysider


    The Beetles are a smashing boat - I designed our dinette using photos I took at Crick of theirs. SUCH a lot of boat fitted into a small but useable space - the bathroom is brilliant too. You'll have a wonderful time... if we had the money spare, we'd have one to do shorter trips on and play around. Congratulations!
  4. Quaysider

    Liverpool Link

    since posting this, we've booked in for this coming saturday morning... moored outside cherry tree just now so have a couple of LONG days ahead!
  5. Quaysider

    Liverpool Link

    oh that's ok then... I STILL class myself as ONE of the yobbish local yoofs for the most part lol
  6. Quaysider

    Liverpool Link

    clarify "safe" would you please? ...
  7. Quaysider

    Boat Prices

    good luck with "upping the insurance"... I tried that when I'd finished the fit out and the repy I got was "we'll need an independent valuation (chargeable of course) and THEN found out, because I'd decided not do go down the RCD route (planning on keeping it for 5 years plus) that would prove nigh on impossible... ergo, the best I could do was increase the "contents element"... from the original figure I insured it at... hmmf
  8. Quaysider

    painting narrowboat

    Having spent a while painting vintage fairground rides (mainly over winter) - get it into primer and undercoat ASAP... don't worry too much about top coat until it warms up a bit... I'm no expert but sand it down early mooring (one side at a time, and keep a wet edge as you work your way down/up the boat (as in left to right or right to left) and do one side at a time -leave a day, turn it round and do the other side... and repeat... rubbing down between DRY coats as necessary...
  9. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    ah - that'll be the "white wide beam" I presume? we ALL got emails a few weeks ago from the new (teenage) manager at crt for here... "asking people not to run generators/engines or create SMOKE from fires?" ... etc... further back, we comply more easily lol
  10. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    It's good to see you escaped today... I was grinding the front doors to stop the (newly fitted) lock from snagging. Probably TOO late to mention, the pub does 2 for 1 burgers on Fridays.... we've had them for tea and then rescued a boat (on our drunken walk back) that suffered a man overboard situation. It appears, I'm better at skippering a wide beam boat AFTER a bottle of wine! *No boaters died during the excitement although a dislocated shoulder is looking likely *
  11. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    Cheers for the wishes and make sure you say hello - better still, stop for a beer!
  12. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    You should be fine now - it's back in the yellow and still falling... good to be "home" now... well, until Tuesday ;-) what ARE you going to do with all that kindling though?
  13. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    It was only a 2 night (3 day) taster and it went Really well - floods a side... very quickly all became comfortable around each other and mucking in - just received a lovely testimonial via face book from them ... shame they weren't staying a while longer . Still, on Tuesday, we set off on our voyage to Liverpool with our next guests. VERY sure now that sharing our adventures IS a good thing to be doing.... can't wait to set off properly now. :-)
  14. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    we're back down at stanley ferry now and safely off the river - it JUST got back into the yellow before we left - still interesting tying up at broad reach though. Time for tea in the pub I thinks
  15. Quaysider

    Calder & Hebble is on one...

    light out of order - has been for a short while now.... btw - we've just had a walk over the bridge and seen in the flesh that "tree" that's come down passed /under you - OUCH!!!

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