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  1. No choice really but to leave 2 weeks earlier so as to be able to get to Bugsworth to fulfill bookings 2-3 and keep on track for the rest.... the downside is, the first couple are unable to switch dates as they have prior commitments - ergo, we have to potentially lose the greater amount of money in order to disrupt the least amount of people.. it sucks. We are hoping to be able to create something of interest to them in an (as yet) un booked week in August but as they've already been moved from last year to this year, they may well (quite understandably) want their money back ?
  2. The thing that I'm brassed off about is the fact that "the update" hasn't just suddenly come about due to new information... SOMEONE knew there wasn't a snowballs chance in hell they'd have been able to meet their original plans but didn't have the balls to own up as soon as they suspected it.... had they have done so, we'd have been able to contact the booked guests to try and work around it... for the 2nd time. THE first 3 cruises of THIS year - are ALREADY carried over from last year because of this problem!!! - which we exacerbated by the drought as it meant we couldn't get to where we had paid passengers booked even if we'd abandoned Marple then. This is only the 2nd year of doing this as a business - and yes ... refunding folk IS the difference between breaking even and a loss... now ok - I've got savings and have taken the philosophical view as much as possible about this... after all we're doing it this way to experience semi-retirement early on ... for the most part it's working out quite well and in fact this year, we've got lots booked.... BUT even they will still be vulnerable to another drought/floods etc. "Heritage" is all well and good but what is the point in having something that doesn't work for 2 years but is made from the original stone ffs. Engineering HAS moved on - the only thing that doesn't seem to be able to move these days are boats! I'm not blaming crt per-say, but the contractors and english heritage need to pull their fingers out and use some "on the ground" common sense. Oh - and btw ... being a ginger middle aged backwards dancer means it's practically impossible to offend me. *inferred twinkle*....
  3. The contractors need a swift kick up the Harris - This has just messed up 3 trips (with much needed income) and thats just "us"... never mind all the other boats - I watched 3 men come to "paint a mooring ring" the other week in Foulridge ffs... We're fuming and really disgruntled at having to try and make an 8-10 day detour to get back to where we need to be by the 12th April AND having to move things 2 weeks earlier travelling long days in March.... grrrrr.
  4. The whole battery thing... I have to agree that to start with don't spend a fortune on "good" batteries... We're heading into our 3rd winter and despite me thinking I'd looked after our first set well/had a good charging regime - the reality is that we knackered them within 12 months.. mainly during the fit out over the winter months - (btw timing wise IF you are not feckless, you CAN work a 70hour + week (at work) and STILL fit out a boat in just over 6 months like we did... it takes energy, commitment and down-right stubbornness/borderline obsession but it can be done... after that, it's "tinkering" and enjoying it.... Since then, despite thinking I'm better at it, I bought cheapos (4 x 130ah for £320 all in) and 12 months down the line they are doing ok. When these are due for replacement - IF I'm a little more confident I won't screw up, I'll buy the GTP ones that were recommended to me by someone who's opinion I respect and trust. As far as "just doing it's" concerned - personally I would and did... I rent out the house which covers the mortgage barring the last 35 quid a month... there is a slight tax liability from that however it IS offset from our personal tax allowances now we don't earn anywhere NEAR enough money anyway - ADD to that being able to offset most of the boat's expenses from tax liability, things are much simpler and we can finance our "new way of life - having stopped the world and got off". If you can USE the boat for some kind of business space to offset tax liability that would be a good option. Re blogs/you tubers... I did the former and when I read back from the beginning sometimes I'd like to slap myself - AS would many others I'm sure lol As nike would say "Just do it"....
  5. It had better not be... the "official stance" is/was to open it by 15th March.... which really does need to happen as we had to cancel 2 trips this month due to it - which we've carried forward to April... I'll put on my wellies and go give them a hand!
  6. It's nothing - my canaline 42 is just 2 years old and we've already got 1850 hours on the clock... it's HOW it's been maintained that's important... regular oil/filter changes and they plod on forever.
  7. ah right - thanks Martin ..... note to self, ensure they take the tiller off when in the lock diagonally... Expedition now back on ... whoooohoooo!
  8. We're about to head up to Ripon while the rivers are low and HAD intended travelling with some friends... wer'e 57' and they 60' - usually, in the guides it says the lock length etc and maximum boat length - for example on the calder and hebble we know we can get them in diagonally (carefully)... Has anyone been successful travelling up to Ripon on the same basis?
  9. The Beetles are a smashing boat - I designed our dinette using photos I took at Crick of theirs. SUCH a lot of boat fitted into a small but useable space - the bathroom is brilliant too. You'll have a wonderful time... if we had the money spare, we'd have one to do shorter trips on and play around. Congratulations!
  10. since posting this, we've booked in for this coming saturday morning... moored outside cherry tree just now so have a couple of LONG days ahead!
  11. oh that's ok then... I STILL class myself as ONE of the yobbish local yoofs for the most part lol
  12. clarify "safe" would you please? ...
  13. good luck with "upping the insurance"... I tried that when I'd finished the fit out and the repy I got was "we'll need an independent valuation (chargeable of course) and THEN found out, because I'd decided not do go down the RCD route (planning on keeping it for 5 years plus) that would prove nigh on impossible... ergo, the best I could do was increase the "contents element"... from the original figure I insured it at... hmmf
  14. Having spent a while painting vintage fairground rides (mainly over winter) - get it into primer and undercoat ASAP... don't worry too much about top coat until it warms up a bit... I'm no expert but sand it down early mooring (one side at a time, and keep a wet edge as you work your way down/up the boat (as in left to right or right to left) and do one side at a time -leave a day, turn it round and do the other side... and repeat... rubbing down between DRY coats as necessary...
  15. ah - that'll be the "white wide beam" I presume? we ALL got emails a few weeks ago from the new (teenage) manager at crt for here... "asking people not to run generators/engines or create SMOKE from fires?" ... etc... further back, we comply more easily lol
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