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  2. I don't see why not at least it won't rot like wood or rust when treated the steel i am using is pretty lightweight so not much weight to it
  3. There is on my post perhaps its pending approval??
  4. Hi All, Its amazing what you can make out of some old angle iron you just have lying around! my cratch frame in its infancy i didn't fancy a wooden one so out came the mig i might get it finished one day if it EVER stops friggin rain/snow/sleet/hailing !!!
  5. Thanks for all the help and advice all taken on board and very much appreciated
  6. Ok thanks anyway i am also wondering if i changed the screws to countersink put sealer in the thread holes and then put a beading over them after sealing the windows back in if all that fails i do think the window are fudged
  7. Here are a few inside gutter pics
  8. LOL my missus seen me post this and said your supposed to be thinking of me today not her i said i am i was There is a little lip i will take some pics later
  9. Thanks for that both don't fancy secondary glazing seems a lot of faffing about when my windows should be watertight as is i am going to use puraflex 40 to re-seal the windows not the foam stuff as i really rate the stuff and good value at 4 quid a tube but i'm still curious to whether i can put drain holes in the windows myself and if so why didn't they have them when made? anyway back to Jenny pmsl
  10. Oh yees Susan George another lovely of the era but can we get back to the gutters please
  11. I see what you mean now no the white around the inside of the window is plastic finisher that the previous fitted to hide a multitude of sins including damp/wet around the frame which i hasten to add i have now removed.
  12. Ah Logans Run i used to watch that yes beautiful in that indeed