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  1. As with all initial posts on this forum it has gone off the topic again anyway just to explain my initial post a little better my interest for moorings on the Ashby which i omitted to mention was for a friend not for me who has recently bought a narrowboat his first!! He wanted a safe mooring nearby and Ashby canal seemed the best bet but after looking at the moorings for him i would not recommend it ok this is only one part of the Ashby so can't vouch for the rest of it but Sutton Cheney is a no no as previous a scrapyard does come to mind one boat was even complete with a coffin on the roof
  2. Thanks all for the replies i went i saw i walked away not for me i thinks with out of order shower toilets stank and quite a walk to the said moorings so not for me
  3. Where abouts did this happen exactly?
  4. Correct i will be landing at bridge 34.
  5. The moorings i refer to are the ones just under bridge 34 down from the Sutton Cheney Canal Cafe if anyone knows these moorings? Sutton Cheney has its own secured parking next to the Cafe.
  6. Canal still open its the towpath that is closed if i have read it correctly?
  7. Hi All, Has anyone got any experience of the Ashby Canal and the moorings ie Sutton Cheney? thanks in advance
  8. Nowt to do with the subject but must say i like your boat Harry our first boat was a 27ft Highbridge Crusader lovely craft indeed
  9. Yet again a comment taken way too serious I wouldn't and couldn't put roofing tacks on the tow path for a start I would need thousands and that would cost a lot of £££ this post is meant to be humorous and does not aim to hurt any people or animals ?
  10. Roof tacks on the toe path but poor animals also cop it so its a case of accepting them me thinks ?
  11. Nice one Rob we will have to meet up for a bevvie or two soon
  12. Good idea Tony i never thought of that i did think if it could just be replaced buy an anti drain back vale of some sort instead of this over complicated set up
  13. It leaked when in situ ie when vertical i never tested it horizontal it was lying on my sink drainer for picture purposes only i have now acquired a nearly new valve so all good no leaks .
  14. No Dr Bob its definitely coming from the top of the valve nothing dismantled the picture was taken after i removed the valve for inspection into the leak its just sitting on my sink drainer thanks for the link Brian
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