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  1. Chas78

    Stove Paint

    What are black pads??
  2. Chas78

    Cyclists and CRT Code

    Yet again a comment taken way too serious I wouldn't and couldn't put roofing tacks on the tow path for a start I would need thousands and that would cost a lot of £££ this post is meant to be humorous and does not aim to hurt any people or animals ?
  3. Chas78

    Cyclists and CRT Code

    Roof tacks on the toe path but poor animals also cop it so its a case of accepting them me thinks ?
  4. Chas78

    Welding completed

    Nice one Rob we will have to meet up for a bevvie or two soon
  5. Chas78

    Toilet flush valve thingy?

    Good idea Tony i never thought of that i did think if it could just be replaced buy an anti drain back vale of some sort instead of this over complicated set up
  6. Chas78

    Toilet flush valve thingy?

    It leaked when in situ ie when vertical i never tested it horizontal it was lying on my sink drainer for picture purposes only i have now acquired a nearly new valve so all good no leaks .
  7. Chas78

    Toilet flush valve thingy?

    No Dr Bob its definitely coming from the top of the valve nothing dismantled the picture was taken after i removed the valve for inspection into the leak its just sitting on my sink drainer thanks for the link Brian
  8. Hi All, I have just re-positioned my pump out toilet but after disturbing the pipework now find the flush vale thingy is leaking it seems through the bottom outlet pipe whatever that is for??? should there be a pipe coming from the other outlet pipe can you buy or recon this unit any suggestions as always very much appreciated
  9. Chas78

    BMC 1500 smoking on idle

    This is all new to me all i know is Rover V8 engines as P6 Rob will know these olde dervs are a big learning curve for me all i do know is he sonically cleaned them re calibrated them fitted atomiser washers and copper washers as for the top hats i presume the were already in the bores he did say there were no atomisers in two of the bores which he replaced
  10. Chas78

    BMC 1500 smoking on idle

    Sorry i dont know i just know the chap reconditioned and re calibrated them ?? I have taken all the advice which is very much appreciated i think i will get on to the chap that did the work and throw all these questions at him
  11. Chas78

    BMC 1500 smoking on idle

    I have just had my engine serviced oil/fuel air filters new antifreeze new glows reconditioned injectors valves adjusted (cold) my engine is just as bad to start but now i find it misfires slightly with white plumes of smoke on idle it does not do this when under throttle i don't know what else to do any help or advice very much appreciated
  12. Chas78

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    Without incriminating myself and pointing the finger i know for a fact there was a scumbag that sailed and moored around Fazeley that was known for thieving off the local boats and even stole and scuppered a couple of boats but after a good belting from some locals he has not been seen in the Fazeley area but is know very well in these parts the last we heard of him he was mooring up around Atherstone/and Nuneaton areas i say no more sorry
  13. Chas78

    Hancock and Lane

    My Hancock and Lane has the name cast on the tiller bearing collar
  14. Chas78

    Shower Room refurb.

    I have 1.5 burgundy sparkle panels for sale on eblaghttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152944446251?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  15. Chas78

    Aldi "Special Boating Offers" 25th March

    If you look at the Aldi customer reviews for this its says between 3-6 watts output

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