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  1. Thanks for the sensible answers and advice given by some but again another thread gone silly and off the boil !!
  2. The advice you gave me earlier about sucking water and crud out of the tank i hadn't thought of that only that it ran out of fuel i will be checking the sediment trap tomorrow and what lies at the bottom of the tank
  3. I have never sucked water and crud out of the tank all the filters were replaced last year and the sediment trap was also cleaned out i was that sure it was out of fuel i put 50 ltrs in the other day now i wish i hadn't listening to your advice as i now also suspect crud/water may be the culprit
  4. So if i put the pump between the water trap and pump that will be ok will this push past the mechanical pump as i was thinking of removing and blanking off? it was running great then revs went up slightly then it died i dipped the tank which was showing about 6 inch on the stick. I actually did that but there seems to be very little coming from the gland nut i am suspecting the fuel pump has seen better days?
  5. My thinking is that instead of trying to pump with the farty lever which seems to pump very little the electric one will shove more fuel in at a faster rate
  6. Hi All, Having ran out of fuel and obviously sucked loads of air in the system i am now finding it very difficult to purge the system i think by fitting an electric fuel pump in the system this problem would be much easier to bleed has anyone fitted an electric fuel pump to their BMC 1500? and if so did you remove the mechanical one i seem to remember Tony B mentioning something on this? thanks in advance
  7. Rob just fit a piece of perspex cheap and an easy fix
  8. As with all initial posts on this forum it has gone off the topic again anyway just to explain my initial post a little better my interest for moorings on the Ashby which i omitted to mention was for a friend not for me who has recently bought a narrowboat his first!! He wanted a safe mooring nearby and Ashby canal seemed the best bet but after looking at the moorings for him i would not recommend it ok this is only one part of the Ashby so can't vouch for the rest of it but Sutton Cheney is a no no as previous a scrapyard does come to mind one boat was even complete with a coffin on the roof
  9. Thanks all for the replies i went i saw i walked away not for me i thinks with out of order shower toilets stank and quite a walk to the said moorings so not for me
  10. Where abouts did this happen exactly?
  11. Correct i will be landing at bridge 34.
  12. The moorings i refer to are the ones just under bridge 34 down from the Sutton Cheney Canal Cafe if anyone knows these moorings? Sutton Cheney has its own secured parking next to the Cafe.
  13. Canal still open its the towpath that is closed if i have read it correctly?
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