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  1. Hi, just wondered where the nearest laundromat (self service) to Ancoats area is? I don't drive so near a tram stop would be good... tried Google to no avail so thought a bit of local knowledge was my best bet. Thanks!
  2. Thank you! I popped round to New Islington, it's only a couple of locks up. Such a shame it's closing; I was hoping to moor there. Don't suppose you know why?
  3. I'm stuck on the first bit of the Ashton canal with an empty water tank, so I'm going to have a scout around the Islington area. Can the marina be accessed from both branches of the canal? Also I heard the marina had been closed, anyone know if that's true? If so, I wonder whether the water point is still accessible....
  4. Indeed I did! There's still a fair bit of water up where I was, but I'm going to do a few errands whilst down on the Bridgewater. I love it here so much!! So industrial and steeped in hard work and history.
  5. This travesty is now rectified! ? Once again, I've learned the hard way!! ?
  6. Ohhh I'm all out but now I desperately want some! ? Will stock up at Aldi later... ?
  7. Water tank all filled up, thanks guys! Just nice to have a bit of encouragement & reassurance when on my own and doing all this for the first time. ?
  8. Yup, will get a temp license if I can't get back on the Rochdale ? I'm beginning to think that may be the case!! ? Thanks for being kind to a newbie Learning all these things the hard way!
  9. Will definitely shut them. The amount of times I've arrived at a lock to find them open is ridiculous. Might not matter so much usually but when there's this amount of water it's a bit worrying! Though I doubt anyone will be using them now until the canal is open again. Apart from me, like an idiot ?
  10. I'm pretty sure I can get down; the level keeps rising a little and then going down again from day to day... might have to moor on the Bridgewater for a week once I'm down there. Have to risk it, or no water for me until the works have finished!! My own fault.
  11. Is this a really bad idea? Would it make so much of a difference that I might not be able to get back up again? Yeah I had a scan for it on foot but wasn't sure what I was looking for! I didn't know whether I was literally looking for just a tap, or something a bit fancier. I'm literally learning on the go as and when I face problems! (However small and ridiculous they might seem to experienced boaters...!)
  12. Thank you! I wondered if it was there - walked past in the dark on the opposite side the other night but couldn't quite see. I'll give it a go! Thanks everyone for all your help, as always
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