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  1. NigelMoore

    Middle levels, New Parliamentary Bill

    My reaction is some satisfaction at having had my every criticism and suggestion addressed to greater or lesser extent – given, of course, that the preferred option of throwing the mess out entirely and beginning again was not on the cards. I am also very pleased for the other petitioners that not only were the greater part of their own representations addressed, but that the Committee itself, from their members' own research, took some of the topics even further than any of us had thought of. The principle underlying 'no taxation without representation', for example, was taken very seriously. It may have ended up a rather clumsy and unsatisfactory patchwork quilt of a Bill, but at least minimal essential protections for the public have been incorporated, with rights of appeal and an oversight body to include only boaters and those with navigation interests of at least some sort; eviction/seizure of boats will have to be demonstrably used only as a last resort, and at least a proportion of the registration income will have to be spent on provision of facilities. As to how the Middle Level folk feel about it (boaters, anyway) I can only answer from what I have been told – that active contributors to influencing the Bill for the benefit of boaters have been severely castigated for not having done better – and that from boaters who had never bothered to lift a finger for themselves or others in the matter. One of the petitioners certainly, was considerably upset and perplexed at this reaction. As can often prove to be the case in such things, those who sit back and do nothing benefit most from the efforts of those who place themselves in the front line – who have done so at their own cost and time (and some of them were badly stretched in sacrificing both), some of them with no personally affected interest in the topics they campaigned for (and I am not talking of myself). As to the provision of facilities - we were assured by the Lord Chairman that any failure to live up to the formal undertakings would render the MLC liable to be brought before the Lords for contempt, the undertakings being legally enforceable. One caveat I should mention, though, with respect to this provision of facilities – the undertaking binds the MLC only to providing these along the main through route between the Ouse and the Nene, not elsewhere. We did not manage to budge them further on that. Not only that, it is effectively (as it seems to me) time limited also, in that once the main route has been brought up the IWA recommended standards, the obligation to provide more elsewhere does not exist. At least we managed to have maintenance of the facilities included as an accompanying obligation that would necessarily be continuing.
  2. NigelMoore

    Middle levels, New Parliamentary Bill

    The Bill as amended does not show what specific amendments were made at the Lords Committee Level. From the Bill progression site that Scholar Gypsy has linked to, the relevant documents are: Amendments agreed - https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/lbill/2017-2019/middlelevel/OBC-Amendments.pdf Undertakings agreed - https://publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/lbill/2017-2019/middlelevel/Middle-Level-Bill-Undertakings-by-the-Promoter.pdf
  3. NigelMoore

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    Hopefully repairs complete this coming weekend, and towpath re-opened. http://www.brentfordtw8.com/default.asp?section=info&page=canal005.htm
  4. NigelMoore

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    I suppose one has to be grateful that it was not worse. This was the garish ISIS (BW’s) vision for Commerce Road, which we thankfully defeated. With useless finger docks dedicated to BW’s favourite ‘business barge’ ideas of the time, the visitor mooring space would have been much reduced, and there was not even a token retention of the warehouse overhangs – And for the nostalgic, the way it was -
  5. NigelMoore

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    The development was always planned to be undertaken in 3 phases; we are now on the last stage, with 400 new flats. This is the latest application for the footbridge, which still shows both warehouses, in skeleton form.
  6. NigelMoore

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    It has been awhile since I took a photo of this end, but this is from early this year.
  7. NigelMoore

    Brentford Towpath Closure

    A lot of us fought hard to retain at least the 'frontage' of the warehouses as a minimum, for precisely the reason you would like them to stay. As the planning consent for the development specifically includes the retention and alternative use of these structures, any proposal to be rid of them entirely would involve a fresh planning application, which is hopefully unlikely. Only last month the developers filed an application over the 'reserved matters arising from the original consent, as - "Reserved Matters application (relating to Layout, Scale, Access and Appearance of pedestrian/cycle bridge) submitted pursuant to planning permission 00297/R/P11 dated 23 March 2016 for "Amendment to the wording of Conditions 32 and 36 of planning permission 00297/R/P7 dated 08/10/2013 for The repair, restoration, conversion and extension of retained elements of the existing warehouse buildings to provide residential (C3), business (B1); waterside restaurant/cafe (A3/A4) and waterside leisure and community uses (D1/D2) with associated plant, servicing and storage. Retention of 'art deco' frontages to provide business (B1) uses. Redevelopment of bus depot to provide improved facilities. Redevelopment of remaining land to provide residential (C3), business (B1), leisure/community (D1/D2), restaurant/cafe (A3/A4) uses with associated landscaping, access, parking, supporting infrastructure and pedestrian/cycle bridge." Plenty of ambiguity in the application wording unfortunately. This latest application is almost solely concerned with the proposed new cycle/pedestrian bridge linking the warehouses to Robin Grove, but one disturbing element is that, while all the pretty artist's impressions show the retained overhanging framework, a descriptive paragraph on one says: "The new footbridge across the canal and a new public square, retaining one of the dramatic warehouse frames overhanging the water, will restore the waterway as the central focus of the masterplan and establish a new community hub, providing a much needed connection from the site towards Brentford Station." It is that mention of only one of the two warehouses that concerns me - but I have not examined the new application compared to previous tweaks to the original conditions.
  8. Thanks for that link - must surely be the one my quote was talking about. I was taken by the poesy of part of the publicity for it, encouraging landowners to go along with the necessary land purchases - “And here it must be allowed, that to have a lawn terminated by water, with objects passing and repassing upon it, is a finishing, of all others the most desirable. And if we add the amusements of a pleasure-boat, that may entertain us with cheering prospects, and views of unwearied application to agriculture, which is productive of a superabundance not only of the necessities but the luxuries of life; and leads us to the reflexion that the inhabitants are opulent and healthy, and the county populous and pleasant; imagination can scarcely conceive the charming variety of such a landscape.” I have never understood all the nonsense spouted as to how pleasure boating was never envisaged by original canal companies; it was a vital element of their campaigns to persuade the public of the general pleasure benefits, and overcome resistance to what was seen as purely industrial intrusion.
  9. On the other hand the Dutton is still going strong. This was only a few weeks ago -
  10. I have not discovered the plan for this, mentioned by the author of ‘A General History of Inland Navigation, Foreign and Domestic’, but he notes that in 1802 “A canal is in agitation to be formed, by which a complete line of inland navigation between Lynn, in Norfolk, under the direction of Mr R. Dodd; it is to be named The North London Canal, and is expected to be the only means of reducing the price of the principal articles of provision in London markets.” Presumably he refers to King’s Lynn, and the route need not have included access to the Broads, but it is intriguing.
  11. NigelMoore

    Electric driven boat

    Having received the spare part today, I reassembled the outboard and took it for a test run. I only then noticed that in fact my batteries are 125 amp-hour rated.
  12. NigelMoore

    Electric driven boat

    The Earl at Warwick Castle charged his electric boat batteries using the water-wheel generator built in to the castle; that 1896 system has to be one of the most satisfactory methods yet. Riparian houses with solar panel systems could use the daylight to charge theirs with similar low impact on the environment (disregarding the initial panel manufacturing element).
  13. NigelMoore

    Electric driven boat

    The beer was fine; the snide suggestion that I was in no fit state to get my account correct notwithstanding, the 3 hour trip took place. Whatever the dubious accuracy of the motor’s LED % charge remaining display, we arrived back with full power available. The clever mathematicians are overlooking the fact that the maximum output is attained by a maximum 48 amp draw, but that lower speeds draw only a quarter of that or less. One does not have to run at full throttle all the time. A 3 hour trip at maximum power would consume more than the battery capacity, but only half the trip (in distance) was on full power, using at most about 36 amp-hours for the 45 minute return journey. Dawdling along for the 2 and a quarter hour outbound trip consuming 12 amps, would account for 27 amp-hours. Total consumption for the whole journey out and back being less than 65 amp-hours. That would leave a little over 45 amp-hours theoretically remaining available in the battery, rather than the 75% according to the outboard’s LED charge indicator, but I did make that qualification. The make of outboard is still going strong, and is about the best value going for these trolling motors. My only complaint with them is that the water sealing is not too good; mine is currently dismantled awaiting a replacement carbon brush spring that had corroded, and I shall put it back together with sealant this time, rather than relying on little O-rings.
  14. NigelMoore

    Electric driven boat

    My 24v 1150 Watt output electric outboard has taken 4 adults in a small dory on a 3 hour river pub crawl using a 110 amphour battery, with 75% battery capacity left at the end (according to the motor’s built-in % of charge meter). The return trip was at full throttle the whole way.
  15. NigelMoore


    Private ownership of the land is irrelevant; the relevant criteria is "the motor vehicle must be in a place to which the public has access." Any car park will necessarily qualify, though a private driveway behind a gate would not. Plenty of scope for enthusiastic officers to construe situations in between as they see plausible. And anything drivable on the roads will qualify, whether motorhome or not – although if you were tucked up in bed when the officer came knocking, that could be persuasive argument before a judge that your intention to not drive was sufficiently arguable.

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