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Bridge down in Northolt - Paddington Arm

Tim Lewis

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I don't think it is treated. Surely It is hardwood.


I've not had the awful misfortune to be in that area for a couple of yars but One does note that it appears to already have been closed off.


Safety for pedestrians passing over was perhaps viewed as more important than those passing under it.




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4 minutes ago, magnetman said:

Jumping up and down? 


I wonder who owns the asset. I don't think it is going to be the CRT. Looks like part of a cycle network from the sat view. 



Original message:


Bridge 17A, a local authority owned footbridge, has collapsed and has blocked the navigation. The towpath remains open via a short local alternative route. The local authority is determining how the bridge can be removed. 

You can view this notice and its map online here:

You can find all notices at the url below:

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The footbridge at Smiths Farm collapsed into the canal last night, several boats already stuck. No notice yet about when CART might attend, problem is that Ealing Council own it so expect arguments about whose problem it is.


Solo woman on boat next to it who nearly got hit by it needs to get her (sold) boat to Uxbridge Boat Centre by Tuesday, then she's flying back to Holland... 😞


Talked to a couple of the stuck boaters about whether direct action with a chainsaw will be needed if nothing happens soon...

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35 minutes ago, Tonka said:

Already a thread about it

Didn't see that -- where is it?


Meanwhile, back at the bridge...


Might be down for some time, it was put up by Ealing Council using Millenium funding but with no maintenance, it's been rotten (and closed) for a couple of years -- so expect an argument about whose problem it is to fix it, then a delay to get equipment in... 😞




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6 hours ago, MtB said:


Quite a feat actually. Did they use a chainsaw? Or how was it done?




It's been rotten and closed off for a couple of years -- but apparently there were some kids playing on it yesterday. Built by Ealing Council using Millenium funding but with no maintenance. Expect an argument about whose problem it is to fix it when CART and Ealing Council wake up on Monday... 😞


Just cycled from there into Paddington and back, warned a couple of boaters going that way who didn't know about it -- they both found somewhere to stop 🙂

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I'm going to attempt to merge the threads. This is something I have never ytied before, so please forgive me if carnage ensues.

Well, fallen at thge first hurdle I'm afraid. I entered the name of the topic ("Small Problem" etc) in the requisite box, but the box then demanded that I enter a URL, which I couldn't find. So, as you were...

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2 minutes ago, magnetman said:

I definitely would not go anywhere near it with a saw.  

I was going to hand the saw to the boater stuck there who told me he used to be a tree surgeon... 😉

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